Sunday, May 24, 2009

For G-Clique

Day # 16 of Project 365

We are all here :)
We are all here
Jiayan, Fern & Hui Ting

G-Clique mini reunion, like finally.

My bestest high school mates till now.

One came back for 'study' break, one back for semester break.

Mini because the other 3 person are still hanging around some corner of the world, don't want to come back to Penang yet. =P

Oi, G-Clique sekalian:
Did you see the reflection on the marble table? If you change our faces into your faces, it made it like 6 of us are 'spiritually' together. Hoho. I'm very lame, but then nice and wen xin right? Hence the title of the photo anyway . =D

*more updates in this post soon. Gotta hit the hay. It's nearly 3am. Crazy.


I decided to change the title instead, so that it sounds more personal, because some of you kept complaining I never really talk about G-Clique in my blog. So here it is. =D

For those that are not G-Clique and is reading this: We are a group of 6 hot chics that produce the biggest and noisiest sound if we gather together. (But most of the time they pinpoint at me as the cause to noise volume).

The clique was founded in year 2006, when I
so-happen to be in the same class as the intelligent 5 others. Whenever I'm with them, I would never admit or boost that I'm smart (Haha, like I never did. *roll eyes*).

Let me tell you what power they have to make me
(sometimes) humble:
Miss Oh Su Lin, the Top 1 girl for 3 consecutive years, that it is a tedious task to try to beat her and now she's working hard to get a place in Cambridge Uni in England. Siao bo siao. And mind you, she doesn't look nerdy at all.

Miss Ooi Jiayan aka Jelly, the only person in the 6 who got herself a JPA scholarship to study in New Zealand; She has rosy cheeks and I always laugh at her joke. =D

Liow Ying Tian, the Top 10s or not Top 15s in school, now on the way to becoming a doctor. And the first and only person to have a boyfriend among us all.

Oh! the three above are also gifted with the talent in music, besides that fact that I'm a better singer than them though. Hoho.

Lee Phey Chien, also the Top 10s or not Top 15s in school, also a beautiful doctor in-the-making. I reckon next time she would have a lot of repeated patients, just so that they can take a look at her. Oh! And she's super good in making certain sounds. If you GET what I mean. =)

Lew Hui Ting and I like to totally change her name and call her Lau Hui Theng because when I first got to know her and when we started to become closer friends, I totally thought that her name is spelled as that and even proudly wrote it for her in msn. =S This one is an accountant in the making. And she's like the mum in our clique because she has the mother-style when she talks to us and maybe also because she was the monitor when we were in the same class.

Oh, now is no. Six, which is me! Woot.
Tan Chin Fern. I don't know, she's just beyond describable by words.I think she's just so cool la, don't know how to say. So to know her better, read her blog -

Oh wait. you are actually here. Woot. And I realise I'm being super lame. =DD

Oh back to G-clique, now that studies and our future visions did us apart, and that I'm the only one left in Penang, every gathering means a lot. Because we can see each other like 3 months once? Or less? The one that studies in England even worst, like once a year? -.- We used to see each other everyday until sien.

So on Sunday, Jiayan, Hui Theng and I met up at OXO Cafelab. They both talked so much until they partially ignore my presence. Haha.

So while they were BUSY TALKING to EACH OTHER, I saw two black plastic bags on the other untaken chair. So I interrupted them: 'eh, you went to Queensbay just now?' And then I look into the bag to see they have purchased.

I saw a plus-sized magazine featuring Jay Chou. woot. Jay Chou. So I was kinda estatic.

Three of us love Jay Chou super a lot, so I assume the saw some Jay Chou magazine, bought for themselves and did not tell me. =( What a friend.

I proceeded to ask for the price of the magazine so just in case it's afforable I want to go get it.

Hui Theng was kinda hesitant to answer. "Don't ask la," she said.

"Why?" I wondered.

"Because this is for you. Your belated birthday present!"

And I omg like don't know how many times. They are so thoughtful to give me the surprise. =))

Besides that, they bought me a lot of other things: big black tote, smiley face badge, musical note earrings, roll-on glitter for make-up, yellow duckie cellophone tape (weird right, but they think of me when they saw it just because I blog about it long time ago, once), and two printed photos of three of us. =)

I had fun talking and gossiping. All of you were in our minds that night, so don't worry you've missed out this gathering. Like I said, virtually together. =)

Wei! All of you, come back soon. I can't wait to be the noisest and the most irritating group of people when 6 of us hang out again next time!



liow yingtian said...

my god i miss u all so much!!! wait for me la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chin Fern said...

Wahahah. We all miss everybody too! =DD Haha. You faster come back la. Haiyo.

Oh! Su Lin said...

wahh i didnt know u used to see us till 'sien'!!!! hahahaa
loving tis post superly duperly lots! and i'm *pink* heheee thank u pumpkin! :)
i ♥ u and u and u and u and u
cant wait to see everyone. less than one month to go. MWAH MWAH!

Jy said...

oh so fern used to be sien with us la. thts why she got so many other friends. hmmmm. anyway OH! sulin i really do miss you. i think starting to talk to you guys will get me excited and then i will talk non stop, haha. ♥ puckpuck!

Chin Fern said...

Susu pekat and Jelly yum yum:
Haha. The sien part, just to make the post a bit more funny. It didn't work?

i ♥ u and u and u and u and u too!

And jelly, no matter macam mana pun, you will talk alot alot la okay. Cakap banyak sugguh sekali. LOL.

P.S I don't know why i suddenly so malay. Woot. Maybe because deprive of the language when I was in Singapore. Haha.

Hui Ting said...

I am so tired of being called as the mum of the group, it makes me look and sound sooo old. But that's me right? ahaha. ♥