Monday, May 11, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Exactly a month ago, I signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009.

They had a whole big scaled roadshow over at Queensbay Mall. While two of my friends and I, were at their 'territory' playing the Foosball game they had over there, a guy came over and asked for our names. I didn't know what was coming so I just said my name proudly and then... he asked us to go and play a game.


One of my tasks is to run to the first floor of Queensbay, and shout 'I LOVE STANDARD CHARTERED KL MARATHON 2009' out loud. And they made me said that TWICE because the emcee said I was too fast the first time. Gees.

After the game, the sort of endorser of the Marathon, came and told me: 'From the way you ran just now, I can see that you are quite a runner. Do you always run?' I didn't know what to answer cos if I said yes, he will definitely ask me to sign up for the marathon. But that Ms Oh Su Lin happily helped me answered, 'Yeah yeah, she runs/she's an athlete.' or something like that.

Er...ya, athlete but that was longgggggg time ago. Haha. I'm just a ordinary runner now! Hoho.

Anyway, the guy somehow had his ways to hit right on my ego, awaken my slacking running enthusiasm and talked me through to sign up for the run.

I think I lost my senses when I signed up, Penang pun belum conquer now want to go KL to run. Gees.

I registered for the half marathon category, which is a 21.1km journey.

My route is the one in Grin. Oh! I mean green. =D Hoho. Lame.

Day # 3 of 365

Ready, Get set, Go!
Ready, Get Set, Go!

Run not to win the race, but to win yourself. :)

I'm gonna use this picture to constantly remind myself to train diligently. Remember: it's a 21.1km line that I'm meeting.


Alina said...

Way to go! All the best in the half marathon - log on to the official Facebook page to check out latest updates pertaiing to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

Chin Fern said...

Thanks thanks thanks! :)

Peiying said...

Hey, good luck in the run!
I dare not join any marathons. The only one I did was the Penang bridge one during form 5. and i was way slower than you.
and now that i stopped jogging, i'm uber unfit. =(

khor jiexun said...

woohooo fern i joined the run as well =D

but you are fitter, i never dared to challenge 21km, i participate in 10 km run haha

xoxo from kl said...

Why am i missing from the post. Sigh!

Chin Fern said...

Peiying - Hello! Thankie you! You weren't way slower la, just a bit. Maybe with training then I'll then have to buck up alrdy. Haha.
I always treat you as my discreet challenger, I'm not lying, just that you didnt know. Haha. Cos I never tell XD

Khor jiexun - Yea yea! We'll meet in the run! Hohohoh! I doubt that I'm fitter than you, is just that I'm more of a risk taker that's why.

xoxo from kl - Who are you? :P Why am I supposed to blog about you?! Muahahahhaha.