Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Run is back!

I'm just done with my run! Munching on my wholesome healthy dinner, green veg salad and 'Happy Fruits Platter' topped with honey while typing this! So me and my table are both very messy right now. Haha.

I'm enjoying my 'fruits platter' very much. Haha. So I'm gonna share my shallow 'secret' here. Haha. It's simple as hell and even those who doesn't know how a frying pan works would know who to do it.

Cut 1 big fuji apple and 1 jumbo size banana (no suggestive ideas intended :P), sprinkle on as many raisins to your liking and top it off with 2 happy tablespoon of honey...

...WALA you are done!

Go try I'm lovin it! ;)

Plus it's healthy, supplies you with necessary energy and you don't have to worry about putting on weight, that's why I named it 'Happy' Fruits Platter in the first place! It replaces whatever energy I've lost during my run and it doesn't gain me extra weight, woohoo!

That was a tiring an hour and 15 mins run.


But this kind of training would never be enough for a half marathon that is gonna take place this Sunday.

I'm joining the half marathon category of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon again this year! ;)

'Again', not because I ran for it last year, but because I paid for it and then I had to go for one of my 'Singapore seminars' and I had to sadly forgo the race. So this time, especially when I'm staying in the kinda-same state where the race is gonna be held, why should I even miss such a big event!

But I've been slacking off a lot in my trainings compared to when I'm in Penang! Shit, no wonder I put on weight. But beside that fact, I'm not sure whether am I prepared for the run, haha, it's a bloody half marathon okay, 21 km; or to be more precised 21.097km. Huhu. Moreover, it's only my 2nd time doing a 21km run! My first was back in 2007 at Penang Bridge Marathon. The rest of the other race that I join is usually within 10km, the other longer one would be the 14km Genting Trail Blazer, that's about it.

Most of time is because I'm too sleepy after coming back from work or I just lack the motivation to do the training, sometimes it is because it rained when I'm so motivated to do my run, hoho, this one not my fault already! HAHA. But yesterday, it was because of the Durian Feast my company had, I was overjoyed with the sight and taste of such awesome fruit that I ate tooooo much than what I've limited myself too. Everybody went wild during the feast anyway, I shouldn't be the outcast. Hehe.

LIKE HELLO IT'S DURIAN! TRY CONTROLLING YOURSELF AND SEE. IT'S A YEARLY SEASONED FRUIT! Not like any Fuji Apple or jumbo banana, IT'S RARE. WHAT MORE WHEN I'M A DURIAN LOVER? Wooohooo. Durian is a bloody Malaysian pride, and my homeland is the place where big truckloads of the fruit come from, I SEE DURIAN MEANS I CANNOT TAHAN. Hoho.

So yes, I am very excited to see how would I perform for this run actually though unprepared. Don't know how many days my muscles will ache. Haha.

Apart from that, my knee has been throwing tantrum for quite a while. I would have this slight pain at the patellar of my knee after my runs, or sometimes even half way through and the pain would really affect my mood to do the run. It hurts also when I dance! Why!

I reckon if I were to left this problem unattended, one day I would not be able to run as crazily, or at least would not be able to perform my best anymore. Woah, I will cry everyday maybe. Haha.

So knee guard is my new best friend now! Although this best friend kinda took away my extra jingles for new pair of shoes, more earrings or new dresses, actually more like my DSLR FUND. T_T BUT I KNOW IT'S FOR GOOD! I try to keep smiling after I pay the bill. Hahaha.

(Haha. What funny photo is this!)


So with all the (lack) of training, a brand new friend to come along for every other my run from now onwards, an exploration to a new running place and a lot of excitement,

I think


I am ready for my Standard Chartered KL Marathon run. ;)

P.S The knee guard really works because of the Aqua Titan element that it has with it. My pain during or after my runs significant reduced to an undistracting level. I'm all happy now! Hehe. If so happy you need a knee guard, check this out. Hope it helps you and make you a happier athlete too! ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Over a Cup of Teh Tarik

Met up with Estee on my last trip back in Penang 2 weeks ago.

We had a wonderful catching up session, over a cup of teh tarik.

I always marvel at how the ability of this cup of milk tea that is pulled over two metal vessels back and forth for several times can simply freeze the time out of the world and make the conversation of a whole table of teh-tarik kakis last for the longest time ever.

Sometimes reminiscing old times.

Sometimes gossip updates.

Sometimes verbal sketch of the future.

Me and Estee, were talking about our next step after graduation.

We talked and talked and took some bites on this roti tissue.


We talked about past, about now, and what's next.

We promised each other to hit and catch our dream and flaunt it over teh tarik again one day.

It was some motivating and enlightening conversation that we had.

So much, just over a simple cup of tea. =)

over a cup of tea

Love You Esteee! ;)

P.S Veen Dee if you are reading this, we kept missing you when we were talking. =D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Compounded facebook status

Just a short 25 mins walk from 1 Utama to my home, so many just ran through my mind. One after another like train containers dashing by my vision.

I was at so much irritation.

If I were to have a device with my to tweet or to update my fb status, your news feed wall would have been spammed with all my rubbish.

Now I compile all my thoughts here, so then I won't flood your news feed wall. hehe.

Update: (this one was when I was still in 1 Utama)
Why was I (kinda) waiting for that DJ to walk by? HAHAHAHAH. No, I am actually concentrating in reading this book. Hmmm. Concentrate.

I get very ultra irritated when I have to wait, yet I am always late. How ironic.

8/10 times when I say 'I wanna run today', it will definitely rain. Like today. T_T

I used to be cash-rich. I want to be like that again. very very much. I really hate how I am right now. =(

I wonder what job should I be in to make me feel very happy because now I get irritated and grumpy often because of my job. -.- Luckily I am leaving alone, no one I can complain to nor hear me complain.

Bloody hell. Wolf-whistling is not a form of compliment. So please STFU, if not I POTONG you.

The security guards that I meet everyday, besides saying hi or hello to me, sometimes they like tell me to: Beli kereta la. Seeing that I can only walk everyday to wherever I want to go. Even the guards from office, who watches the traffic for me, sometimes ask me to drive to work, cos usually, by the time I reach office, my shirt would be already wet and I'll be busy wiping my sweat off. I mean they are asking out of kindness, but WHY ARE THEY MAKING OWNING A CAR LIKE SUCH AN EASY THING? u mean no need money one is it. T_T Why don't they own a car then?

Okay, enough rubbish in 25mins I think.

I update some happy thing soon! ;)