Saturday, February 28, 2009

Work done, Rant Comes.

(Hello I am back updating this blog! =D)

After all the sleepless nights.

Keeping myself wide awake.

72 hours deprivation of sleep. (Ok, fine. Minus the 2hrs of sleep per day.)

To do whatever it takes;

To finish my newspaper project for college assignment.

and 'Screen: Simplest Reflection Defined' was officially launched. (Woot. That was the name for our newspaper. =D)

It wasn't an easy task at all. Not at all, especially when I am the editor of the project. Asking for articles, thinking of creative titles, putting in suitable photos, doing uncompleted job team members, inserting whatever information that is needed, meet up deadlines, the worst of all, the most that I hate to do was: to edit all the articles handed up to me.

It may sound like a 'WOW', getting to edit people's work, correcting people's wrong. How many people would enjoy doing that: you get to show your supremacy, your intelligence, your ability, your command of the language. But as much as I like to show-off my so-called heightened skills compared to the others, I would rather write more articles than to edit any articles.

I don't like the editing task.

I knew I was a bit too late to kick off my work to meet the deadlines, but I did all I could to amend my mistakes. But sometimes it just doesn't sound to me when you alone are working like a bull and the others, just waiting to reap the fruits, making themselves sound so right that they can't do their work because of some absurd excuses.

I was doing my best to save the worsen situation when I found out so many mistakes when the work has been handed up. I poured in as much effort to mend the portholes, but no one seemed to see my goodwill. Of course, I was doing for my own sake, it is my marks for my subject, HELLO, but the rest are also in my team, if I get added marks for the amendment, naturally all of you benefit from it.

It was a great moment of perturbation. And then everything was fine. I insisted things now HAS to go MY WAY. I don't care. You have to just do it. You might hate me as much being the editor/leader for the group, but you get the marks. I don't care you will thank me or not, because as long as I have my marks. Judge me however you want. Thank you. And I bet I am always beyond your judgements and expectation. Woot.

It was a good piece of newspaper. It was good work of presentation. With such short amount of time, with such intensity presented. (Hoho, to me it was intense.) And Of course I thank every of my team mates to have let me learnt what makes a team a good one. Not that this time, I led the team well, but I know what I can do for my next future team.

Ok. Done with my ranting. Yeay. I love my newspaper project. As in the outcome, not the process.

Since I'm now allowed more time, I'm gonna put my expertise into practice again: backdated post. =DD

So stay tune for more outdated post updates.

Woot. So irony.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

I know I should be back updating new stuff in this Sunshine blog.

But time just does not permits.

I'm racing with the ticking clock to combat my final project newspaper producing assignment.

However, there's one very inspirational video that I would rather share than to do my work.

He is Nick Vujicic.

You have probably heard of him, a truly inspirational man, with no limbs; but led his life more magically than many of us probably could.

He has many other very uplifting videos, widely available in youtube; But I find this most heart-wrenching.

A very short and simple clip, with a straightforward hit line: Are you going to finish strong?

Are you?

Watch this clip.

I hope it touches your heart as much as it has awakened me. =)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Live. Love. Laugh Valentine's Eve Concert

The last post of mine got me questioned by readers/friends:

Are you already in love? Is it that you have a boyfriend already? and things like that. Hoho.

The answer is...hmmm...You see what I do for Valentine's then maybe than you would know. Hoho.

On Valentine's eve, I was over at Dewan Sri Pinang for a concert.

To sing in the concert. (Yeay!)

The 'Live. Love. Laugh Valentine's Eve Concert' was organised by jazzada and My Path for charity purposes. So in other words, it's a charity concert. LOL.

I was invited to sing in the concert a month ago and of course gladly I accepted that invitation!
(Woot. The KDU Idol title comes in handy in this case, if it is not for that, why would they invite me leh. aiyo.)

I think the concert was a success. It is actually the brainchild of two of my friends, Jazz and Ada, and being two 19-year-old amateur event organisers, they have brought everything together, laid things out, make arrangements and did whatever that is essential for a concert to take place. Nevermind about all the minor mistakes and bloopers, it was all a good show. =)

Now back to my performance. I sang three songs: two solos and one duet.

First song: My Valentine's by Martina Mcbride

This time I had a different hairdo, I went to the hairstylist and he said want to make temporary curls on my hair, then I was thinking OK, why not, I've never tried having curls, so I shall give it a shot.

2nd song: L.O.V.E by Natalie Cole

I like this song! It is so lively and cute. Hoho.

And then after it has been done, I decided that, OK maybe curls don't really suit me after all. I would probably give a 2nd thought next time another hairstylist suggests to curl my hair for me.

I still prepare my straight hair. Curls make me look more mature. I don't like. Hehe.

3rd Song: Quando Quando Quando by Michael Buble and Nelly Furtado.

I invited Joe to sing the duet together.

One of the best part of the concert (besides my singing, haha), they had a turn-tablist for a hip hop couple dance performance and for the fashion show.

Kek Khoon calls one of his equipments his wife.

Imagine if he were to turntable for my song.

Die la. I don't know how to sing. =S

So far, no signs of me being in love or having boyfriend. So let's see what do I have in my Valentine's post. =D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Honey, Honey how he thrills me. Ah-ha. Honey Honey
Honey, Honey, nearly kills me. Ah-ha. Honey Honey!"

I tried to suppress the excitement. But I couldn't.

I want to say I'm at cloud nine. But I think I'm beyond.

I was so excited about going to gurney today. I dressed up properly because who knows we could bump! Afterall, that's my very main reason for suggesting to go to Gurney.

And yes, there is a reason why I was so nicely dressed, not just because I'm going to Gurney and I didn't want to look like a trash, and also not just because I feel like it or just for the fun of it.

To the friends that were together with me this afternoon, you've got it right why I was so nicely dressed. I was just lying about the reason I said. ;P

I would not have expected things will turn out so super duper smoothly; from the ancient one-stop to Gurney Plaza. Not that I have planned it but the events just unfold themselves joyfully one by one.

Dumbfounded with the magnificence;

I'm just exhilarated today! =DDDD

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy CNY: Estrogen-overdose Day

First of all, so that someone you can save the need to search what is 'estrogen': it's female hormones.

Not that I despise your knowledge, I forgot myself too!

No. This post is not to talk about a pondan or an overly sissy man I encountered over CNY.

It's just because it is a very girly day out with my girlfriends that maybe if you are with us, you may become a girl at an instant, due to the female hormonal struck.

Because at the instant we met each other at our meeting place:

Firstly, we gossip. About people around us.

Secondly, we went into a clothes shop although it's Chinese New Year and we have already gotten enough NEW year clothes.

Thirdly, we gossip again. Now about celebrities.

Fourthly, we watched a movie. A movie that would only mostly, in my opinion, attract the attention of the females.

Oh yes. Bride Wars.

Subsequently we went into a flip-flop wars.

All were debating which flip-flop suits Hui Theng best.

They even reached an extent where they were laughing at each other sense of taste towards a pair of flip-flop.

(For heaven's sake, IT'S JUST A BLOODY PAIR FLIP-FLOP. You won't wear this to a ball or something.)

Sixthly, we went to eat our long-longed for Mee Juta (Million dolar Noodles!!!!) only located at Goodall Cafe.

Ok, this is maybe not so much of a girly food. But heck, just pretend that it is la. Aiyo.

But this dish is yummiliciously delicious. Whenever I go to Goodall Cafe, I'll never miss to order this plate of Mee Juta. Its noodles is purely made of eggs and the shallow amount of clear soup that tops this delicacy, leaves you wanting for more. I don't know why, but the meat that comes it, taste sweet. It that makes you wonder why you are eating more pork than you should be.

Seventhly, we ordered pink drinks, or rather I. Pink, a stereotypical labelled girl colour.

Eightly, we went to Kek Lok Si temple after our dinner.

How gorgeous can she anymore be. I like to just stare at Kek Lok Si temple when the lights are on.

But that's beside the the point.

The highlight is from the police station of Air Itam, we walked towards, up to and down from Kek Lok Si, through stairways, slopes, and stones, with a pair of 2-inch wedges.


Ok, it's just me being that silly.

Only females can bare the torture being pressured on both your feet and walk through hills and mountains and over the seas. Only females are that crazy and unwise; the reason being just to look very good and so that the attire she is wearing would also be flattered by the pair of shoes. And I think I nearly sprained my ankles a couple of times, when I was walking downhill.

My buddies were so nice, they wanted to swap shoes with me. But that means they have to bare with the pain that I have brought to myself. No. I wouldn't want them to sprain their ankles, especially when they are people that wears high heels often! But I love how caring they have been. Thank you. <3

A conclusion I made was: walking in high heels is better than walking in wedges. At least with the heels, you can feel the floor; for wedges, all you can sense is the thick wedges, that makes you feel funny when you walk.

Ninthly, go to Coffee Island to minum kopi.

Ok, also nothing so estrogenic about this.

But then Jelly Ooi was so excited over our table number, "19"

because is her birth date. Lalalalala.

And Lee Phey Chien was excited because we were under a green umbrella;

Because green is her favourite colour. Aiyoyoyo. -.-

Do you want to sigh: "Oh..well...girls..!!" now?

I know. Hehe.

Tenthly, everybody crashed in at my place. My house has been a place for G-Clique to sleep-over in case we will go somewhere till late night and didn't want parents to worry or angry. I don't know why my parents give leeway when they are sleeping over. I can reach home a bit later and make a bit more noise.

And with Money at home, the house just won't get any quieter. Everybody just wants to take picture with her, play with her, sayang her, cuddle her..

put her in my handbag. -.-

Poor her.

Luckily she is also a estrogen-ed dog. (I don't know whether we name for female dog's hormones. Hehe.) If not, I think if she is a he, he will turn gay. Hoho.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dancing oh Dancing

Why do
I have to be so self-conscious when I dance?

Slap the restrictions it has brought and caused.

Not like I dance any better with this consciousness.

Argh. I hate it.

Is it because of what I wear?

Or how I look

Or could it be because of the instructor?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy CNY: Kiddy-overdose

I see a lot of bloggers blog about how sad and boring their Chinese New Year is. Hello, where did all the fun go? Nevermind, let me spread the happiness. =)

As Chinese New Year is always the season for get-togethers, I spent quite some time with my nieces and nephews this year.

I never really like kids before. I think they are unreasonable and noisy. Annoys the hell out of me. But there's one lil' kid that changes my whole perspective towards these innocent ever-happy-go-lucky beings.

She is my niece, Queenie. A real sweetheart.

She has grown to be a 9-year-old primary school kid now. But still a darling. ;)

A week before CNY, I was shopping in Gurney Plaza with Lee Phey Chien, and coincidentally there were a bunch of kids from a kindergarten performing on the stage at the main atrium. I couldn't help screaming looking at the adorable and pinchable kids, like I'm seeing Jay Chou. They way the sing and sway like they own the world, made me smile and laugh from eye to eye. I realise a few parents kept turning round, and giving me that stare with each excitement I made.

Lee Phey Chien couldn't help laughing at my behaviour. She told me I've changed.

I frantically clarify my fancy towards kids and lalalalala. She kept me mouth-shut with a simple sentence: It's a good change, ok?

Hehe. Ok.
The expression of the blue shirt boy! If he's a grown up guy, I might faint of charm overdose.

My youngest niece. I helped name her!

Her hobby is sucking. Sucking thumb. Sucking her own thumb. Sucking her own left thumb.

While everybody else is so into the CNY gambling, the beautiful aunty didn't want to play so their parents assigned her to bring them to the playground.

See? I told you can faint of the charm overdose.

(I hope he stays this way forever because usually beautiful kids won't stay beautiful after they reach teenage and subsequently adulthood; and is the other way round for not-so-good-looking kids. This is proven fact because I am so very the super duper ugly that people tell it straight to my mum when I was a little kid. She asked me my mum: 'Why your daughter so ugly one?' Walao.)

See? I told you is the other way round for not-so-good-looking kid, or for my case, ugly kid.

Charm overdosage Kid No. 1

This photo totally melts me down. Hello, how can you resist such a stare? Put the age aside first. If someone gives me that stare, I would probably die.
Charm overdose ma.

Sweetheart Kid No.2

My favourite darling niece

She probably hasn't possessed the C-factor (charm-factor) yet. But beware: It is this type of kid that could kill and melt you down, with just that simple smile. =)

Charm overdosage Kid No. 3

The charm-overdose's younger brother. Charm Overdose Junior.

He's too reserve. It's hard to capture the best moments of him. He hardly open his mouth to talk. It's sad that he keeps his smile down most of the time. I want him to be as happy as his brother. =(

Being with them is fun. They kept giving me good poses and ASK me to take their photos. They are vainer than me, I swear. I can see their future as some big-time model.

No joke. It's seriously in their blood.

Oh yeah..!