Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I can't believe I will be leaving in 2days time.

Like seriously.

Ever since I came back from close-to-2-weeks holiday my darling doggie has been really close to me; following me wherever I go just even if it's just around the house, wanting to sit on my lap when I'm busy in fron t of my laptop, cuddly by my side when I sit on the floor, waiting by the car door after I drive into the compound; Anything just so that she can spend as much time with me and get my full attention.


The first few times she behaved like this, I thought it was just because she has missed me too much. After the continous clinging, I realise it was because she is sensing I would be away from home for some time!

Some time never that long!

For the past 3 weeks, I have been waiting for the call from my applied company regarding my internship status. Even when I was in Singapore, I actually brought an extra phone, top up extra, so that I can take overseas call if they so happen to call me when I was Singapore. If not, usually, I will change to a local Singapore mobile number.

But no news.

Then I continued my trip from Singapore to PULAU REDANG (Thumbs up-ly breathtaking!), and I was still waiting for the call.

For 2 and a half days, there were no news. Not even updates from my lecturer.

Then my worries started arising.

Die la. That means I will not be able do my internship in a broadcasting company that I always wanted to and that means my internship will be delayed cos I need to reapply for other companies and a lot of other gigigaga thoughts.

By then, I have already reached Kuala Terengganu's jetty where my ferry from Redang stopped me and my mum at.

So we went vising around Kuala Terengganu (T_T and regretted a bit), then I received a call from my lecturer! I happily picked up the call and he asked me some question and then asked me to crossed my fingers.

So I did what he said. I was trying to cross my fingers in several patterns and then realised I suck at crossing fingers.


Back to the story.

I was so happy to receive the call and was smiling all the while even when I was waving for taxi! But then, I remember one question that my lecturer asked me in the phone that made me want to hide myself in a hole by what I answered him when I recalled back.

He asked me: "How do you rate your Mandrin proficiency from 1 to 10?"

Without giving too much thought, I confidently answered: "8/10"

Then now that I think back, haha, what shit, since when is my Mandrin is at such excellence! Even if I thick-skinnly rate myself a 7/10 is quite considered as overrated! Haha.

But then again, 我的华语的确没有差到那里!=D

So fast forward all other grandmotherly stories, I GOT MY INTERNSHIP!

On a hot sunny day, I went to eat hokkien mee at Gurney Drive with a new hair styling (show you later!) I discovered, I received THE CALL.

Like the super longggggggggggggggggggggg awaited call! ;D

From NTV 7! ;)

Who asked me to report myself 9am on 5th of April at HR Department in NTV 7, without even an interview!

Woopeewaapa. (Newly invented exclamation!) (Lame rightt)

So, yes, NTV 7,


Here I come! ;)

Can't wait, looking forward!

Oh yes, the new hair styling


I tell you how i discovered this!

Usually I never really style my hair, even for dinners or performances. I would usually let loose my hair, or not, a pony tail, or not, a messy bun; 3 types, that's it!

So, on a hot sunny day (Penang's weather is getting so unbearable), I was done with bathing, dressing up and make-up and wanting to put on my contact lenses.

My hair was still messy and uncombed, so I decided to clip them up so that it won't get on my way when I wear my contact lenses. I wore on my contact lenses and looked myself into the mirror, and poooooooof, EH WHY GOT THIS PRETTY GIRL IN FRONT OF ME.

Hahaha. So, I decided I should wear this newly discovered hairstyle out on that day!


Easy-peasy-messy-hair-turned-pretty Messy Look.

I only use ONE hair clip for the entire hair!



I had a haircut today for internship. It looks neat and STILL VERY PRETTY now and I actually look quite the same


the fact that it is neat,

this hair style has became N/A. =(

Friday, March 26, 2010


Soooooooooooo many things happened.

I finished my diploma, I pulled-my-hair about issues concerning my studies, I worried about my internship, I decided to not think about it anymore, then I went to Singapore, I attended seminar (again), I went to Redang, I was terrified by the fishes, I become Miss Tan (as in dark skin that kind of tan, not my surname Tan), I very sien in Kuala Terengganu, and I finally came back.

Back to this lovely island of mine. ;)

I am so gonna update my blog later tonight! (Hopefully)

See uu.

Thanks so so so so much for still coming back here! This goes specifically to Manson, 感激不尽!;)

You didn't expect this, did you?

Monday, March 8, 2010


Short update.

I was at education fair last weekend, helping my college with their broadcasting booth. Had to stand long hours for it, didn't know why I agreed to help initially. Yugen and Christopher, who were also there on-duty, also couldn't figured why they said yes to this task.

Aching legs aside, we get to keep grabbing food and drinks from every other Culinary Arts department from different colleges. There's just one right in front of the place where I'm in charged that served cakes and hot chocolate drinks. My college's had different food from time to time, we went self-indulging every time when they had new menu! The best one was Salmon Bruschetta; there was one oyster inside too. yums!

Anyway, there's a free portrait drawing service by the art and design department from my college. So I went to ask for one!



Since when my hair becomes short? He even drew my eyebags for me. T_T

Oh well, it's free and I don't think the college paid them to come here. Shouldn't expect much!

Okay, till here. Supposed to be short update. Haha. I don't know what post will come up next, just visit then you will know.