Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Happy 52th Merdeka!


Thanks for being my country. I love you, Malaysia. =D

But I wish to see you progress and bring the nation a better tomorrow! Let's work hard together.


I'm secretly a patriotic person at heart. I love my own country, really do and I am proud to be a Malaysian despite what people might think or say. :)

I even went for a Merdeka countdown yesterday and I invited so many of my other friends and no one is free for me loh. Argh. Stupid shit. hahahha. Anyway I had a new friend to go together with me. So it's okay!

Anyway, from KL last week, I'm now in Singapore! I reached Penang from KL early Saturday morning, busily stayed at home for two days and departed to Singapore early in the morning today.

I'm here for a Options Trading SEMINAR. Yeah. you hear me right. Seminar again. Hoho.It is held at a beautiful 5-star hotel and we are served some pretty food for tea time. :)


Our tea-time were arranged in the way that is just one and a half hour after our late lunch. So when i was walking out from our seminar room, I told myself I must not eat anymore. But then when I walked passed that food tray, I couldn't resist those the tiny chocolate cakes topped with mini mashmallows.

So I ate. Again. Gees. So much of deciding to lose some weight to improve my running. Gees.

I'm now in my small hostel room blogging about this, on my double decker bed. It's my first time in this town hostel, not the best hostel I have ever stayed, but this nice little cosy room is enough to make me feel comfortable. :)

Show you.

I like the chandelier-like lamp. :)

I have to go to bed now. Laptop battery running super low. Eyelids weighing super heavy. Tomorrow have to wake up kinda early. GEES. Goodnight. Byebye.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please don't

I thought I made my stands rather clear. I really thought I did.

Please don't be so nice. not really appreciate it. Really. I am grateful for what you have done, but really I won't repay your generosity. I am not as simple a person as you may perceive me as.

No matter how hard you try, I know I am really mean to say this, but really, no matter how hard you try, you are not gonna be at par and please don't ask me why.

You really don't want to know the reason why.

I dislike to be the person who has to say 'No' to this kind of situation like this.


Please don't be so nice.

In fact,

Stop being so nice.

But, really,

Thank You. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow is a Race Day

Yes, I'm going to a Race @ Chung Ling High School tomorrow!

It's a 7.5km team race and our team is aiming for the best!

Dear Power Gel,


Please pray that we win the race. I will definitely grant you your wish of eating you up if you grant me my wish, okay?

Thank you very much.

Fern :)

Haha. I'm a lame ass.

Btw, I went to an awesome facial spa this morning.


It's too awesome I'm gonna blog about it so that you can go and experience this wonderful treat too! :)

My mum is bugging me to sleep now. She said: "If you want to go to the race tomorrow, go and sleep NOW, if not I'll lock you room door and will not let you out!"

Yes, mum. Okay. Bye.

(Power gel, don't forget our promise okay!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of Sunrays, Seaside and Sea

I knew my holiday was ending soon, and I knew I had to do something fun and relaxing before I go back to the routine of attending college. So one sunny day, I decided to ask my mum and my favourite niece to have a play day by the beach! :)

Oh oh! not forgetting my cutest dog ever, Money, too! hehe.

There's nothing I can say about beach except for its beauty and tranquility, even for that, it's self-explanatory. Going to the beach is always relaxing, recharging and happy.

So, I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking okay? :D

On the way there:
That ever awesome driver.
Seriously, I'm not bragging. I love to drive and I am really a good driver. HAH. :)

(But that's unless I am not sleepy)

Say HELLO to Money!


Crazily cute.

My dog kissing me

Money trying to kiss me!

At the beach:


Aiya, take two! My Money looked away. Gees.


(except for my pimply forehead. GEES.)

And the sand play beyond generation.

Sand play

Happy Trio under the Sun


I love the happiness in this photo. Especially my niece's, she's such a darling!

My favourite kid on earth.


And my favourite person on earth, EVER.


♥♥♥ Mum

We brought yummy yums there!


Potato salad made by me (and is really the bestttttttt on earth, I am not lying) and my mum's Tuna sandwich. :)


That silly dog just can't give us a break. She either barking for food or barking for cuddling and accompanyment.



Innocence's happiness

Innocence's happiness.
My niece was enthusiastically building a sand mermaid tail for me. :)

Kiss Goodbye:

Scrotching Passion

Scorching Passion

It was definitely a wonderful beach day, that brought me happiness and fun: to find myself playing under sun; to run on the sandy beach; and to splash on some salty sea water. Nature can never be anymore perfect than ever.

Btw, Beside the first 3 photos, the rest are just taken by my handphone. My camera die on me when I was using it, I had no choice towards that alternative. Anyway it still turned out good, I had a very happy day though it was short and I didn't really get the tan I wanted. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello again KDU!

So yes, my holiday has ended (deep sigh) and getting back to college means I will not have enough to spend if the day still stays only 24 hours per day.

Just for those who like to know, I'm taking these subjects this semester:
i. Multimedia and Web Development (means html codes and CSS kinda thing, I have learnt a bit and I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes headache-ing, but it's really fun and challenging.)

ii. Consumer Behaviour (just as the name says, we study on the why-s and how-s you make your initiative of purchase)

iii. News Writing for Electronic Media (means making and producing TV & Radio Commercials, filming, recording and editting stuff.)

iv. Desktop Publishing (designing brochures, pamphlets. My head goes round and round everytime it comes to designing @.@)

(besides the designing part)
Mass Comm in KDU is so much fun!

However, I reckon my schedule will get even tighter and packed because 3 of the subjects are heavily coursework based.

Plus every other things I have in hand, my college friends will hate me more for always turning them down when they asked me out. Hmmmm. I'm too busy.

Anyway, I kept seeing a nuffnang advertisement of Lux Masquerade Queen Search appearing in blogs, so I went to check out that event on Sunday @ Queensbay Mall, which also happened to be the last day of the event.

To be eligible for the search, you will need to spend RM30 on their product, get free makeover on the spot and a free self portrait. Pretty good deal, eh?

Anyway, makeover time!


I personally think make-up was done quite half-heartedly. The colour was too pale for my skin and it looked too 'pastel-like' for my eyes without any mascara or eyeliner applied. The make-up artist spent more time on my lips than on my one eye. *roll eyes*

And hair.

sigh. My hair.

I know I'm never 'fit' for strong curls, either it makes me look too mature in a bad way or I will just look weird. But the hairstylist made my hair curly. Bah. Whatever shit. So the whole photo shoot didn't turn out too well anyway. I'm just not a 'curls' person.

Or maybe she's not good at doing it. hah.


And that two flops of fringe of mine. Gees. The rest of the hair was styled fluffy and she left out that two flops of fringe. Not very good job done loh.

Very not good actually. The photo outcome was bad. I had to choose the best out from the worst. Damm it. My photogenic element losing out its shine. Haha. No thanks to the makeover: pale makeup, unsuitable hairdo.


Hoho. You think I am gonna show you? Wait long long, it's too ugly to be out in the streets.

Anyway it's just 30 bucks, so, whatever it is. :)

Oh, ask me what happen to my photo quality! Gees.

My Samsung camera spoiled! For the umpteenth times already! I had to use my camera phone under dim light condition, that's why the noise in the photo and the poor quality.

And of all times, it chose to spoil on the day I go to the beach (I will blog about this!), under no condition. I was trying to turn it on and it just hanged there.

Ya, so seriously, never get Samsung camera. I don't know why I buy in that salesman's sales pitch at that time anyway, although I was in PC Fair with so many other good camera choices.

No, it wasn't a handsome young man who was selling to me. I just don't know why.

Anyway, since you have been good readers of my blog, Ok lah, fine. Here it is, the Masquesrade photo.


If you think I am complaining too much like some girls who will scream to delete every other shots you took with her in your digital camera or handphone, or complain how fat she looks in every other photo when she owns the best body many other girls would kill for, or untag themselves in your facebook album because they smiled half an inch too wide..

I am NOT this kind of irritable freak. I am actually one often praise myself too much and if I don't, probably I fall a sick or something, my friends would not get used to it if I don't.

But seriously, I think this is a bad photo and I have taken many other random shots of me which look a lot better.

Hah, whatever it is, Lux body shampoo still smells nice and fragant. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

can you update please. gees.

*Update: FINALLY UPDATE PEEPS. SCROLL DOWN. :) I'm so glad I have updated. Took me soooo long. Plus one beautiful Project 365 photo below after it too!

Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. I just feel a bit kinda lazy to update. :((((((

I stopped at my yet-to-be published entry like 2 hours and didnt manage to form the sentence and typed out a proper story about my hiking trip last week. ARGH.

now i know why i takes me one and half year to reach 10,000 plus views in my blog.


There's goes my holiday.


*I'll try my best to update in college tomorrow. Heh. See youuuu!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Deadly Hike

I decided to follow my hiking friends for waterfall lookout on a beautiful Sunday.

" I was happily making that leap to that space which was seemingly stable and was able to accommodate me, at the same time, both hands were left free as there weren't any strong rooted thin branch for me to hold on.

But as soon as I put my weight on my leaped left foot, it only dawned on me that I was relying on just loose soil. It cascaded at an instant. I lost balance and slipped and tumbled down the steep trail.

At this point of time, all support I had was on my two hands grabbing on to a root or something I couldn't remember exactly what it is that is entrenched within the soil; If I were to lose my strength on any hands.......

I still have my other hand to support lah. (Hee, yes, thank you, I know I am lame)

A lady that was behind was dumbfounded, didn't know what to say, couldn't decide what to do. I tried my level best to pushed myself up but the soil kept sagging once I stepped on it. One of my friend, who is an avid offroad hiker, immediately hopped down the steep track and helped pushed me up from behind. I pulled myself up and placed myself back on a stable land.

So, there I was, picking my life back up and laughing silly-ly at my clumsiness, at the same time, scared the hell out of my friends. "

That happened on my 2nd level of trail hiking. Adventurous life-challenging piece of shit. Haha. Not really that deadly also lah, I'm just exaggerating at my entry's title. Haha.

The first portion offroad trail up was very very fun indeed although most of the time we have to bend down to walk so that we won't knock our heads on some overgrown branches. Also because my friend led us the to the 'trail less taken' and the natural setting is quite untouched therefore, we would have some crooked sticks, ungroomed and thorny plants brushing through and left marks on our legs to make us..hmmm..extra sexy.

(That's unless you agree that scratch-ish legs are sexy, that I don't and won't understand why)

scratch 1

Scritch-Scratch-Scrotch and a bruise on my right knee cap that I don't know how I got it. Poor leg.

However, when we reached the waterfall lookout, what we endured from our journey was all worth-while.

It was sooooo beautiful and breath-taking and you would suddenly forget you are actually still in Penang. The white bold water rushed down from the very top, emitting the freshest scent of natural water. The sprinkles of the infinite tiny water droplets on the skin liven up every single tired cells. Such undiscovered treasure at a hidden corner of your humble island.

I don't have any photos with me because I think if I were to take it with my camera phone, I will have done injustice to its beauty. (Then later I realised, my camera phone isn't that bad. Damm. I shouldn't have underestimate it's [or anybody's] ability. Life lesson learnt.=) )


A picture taken from the internet to give you a hint of its beauty. I promise to make a second trip to take more beautiful photos of her. :)

The entire hiking trip, to compress into a sentence: It made my 3-week holiday whole. It was like a planned hiking trip to a new place to discover nature's beauty and I got it all here, in this wonderful island of my own very Penang. I could be ranting how I only spend my holiday in Penang, which is really not something I expected, but this hike successfully satisfied my 'holiday' desire.

However, no thanks to that hiking trip, my shoes were unsightly dirty.

dirty shoes 1

Mainly due to the near-to-death slipped and rain in the morning that made the soil slightly saggy and loose.

Oh, Life lesson # 2: If you don't want to heighten your possibility of losing your life during a offroad hiking trip (I could be exaggerating though), DON'T hike after a rain.

torn bit

See that torn bit? Thanks to the hike too! :)

Now I get to buy new shoes!


(Bracketed Yeay in case my parents decided that I have to pay for my own new sports shoes, then it won't be so much of a happy yeay.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catch that Dream

Day # (Still unorganised T_T Soreee) of Project 365

Catch that Dream
Catch that Dream

It may be seemed very far and unrealistic now, but if you persist long and hard enough,
one day, you will own that extraordinarily colourful dream.

Monday, August 10, 2009

flikr flikr flikr flikr flikr flikr

I really want to update my blog. Really really want to. But flikr isn't working. I don't understand why. I can't upload my photos onto the site. =(((

Sorry. I really want to. I know you might be sien with the Happy Koi photo already. =( Argh. Blame flikr la, can?

flikr, I love you, PLEASE WORK okay?

I used the basic uploader and it worked! Scroll down for updates! You will be very happy to see the update. :)))

(it's about my Money dog)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Dog @ Bath

Being readers of my blog, I decided to reward you all something very nice for the eyes to see this time.

Thank You for all the support that you have given to this blog and I'm so happy I have (FINALLY) reached over 10, 000 views (in one and a half year's time -.- very slow and lame lo actually) and this is the gift that I'm gonna splurge you all on.

I will show you the photos of someone bathing. (did i just see your eyes sparkle?GEES.)

Wait. not someone, should be somedog.

My dog.

My Money Dog.

More stories about my dog, click here.

I have not been blogging anything about her, since she first came to our family. She has all the while been the princess and gem at our home, everybody loves her like crazy. Everyone that comes to our house loves her, anyone that sees her loves her, if anytime I bring her out, she'll grab all the attention that I am supposed to get.


When she's at bath, she's even cuter than ever.

Bath 1

Bath 2

Bath 3

She's tooooooo cute right?

There's more! =D

Bath 4

Dad and mum bathing her. (so romantic for what. haha.)

Bath 4

The pail she is in now...used to be...

my house rubbish bin. =S

but i swear it's already super duper clean now! No traces of rubbish or the smell anymore. You can come and check.

Day # of Project 365 (I have yet to organise my Project 365 =S)


She wonders what's coming up next. :)

Bath 5

Last wash on your small lil butt and you are done! Just stay there okay! Haiyo.

Next, Blow-dry time!

Hair dry 1

That black thing that emits strong constant hot air is her biggest enemy.

She dislikes that hair dryer.

Hair dryer 2

See what I mean? She really hates it.

I think inside her heart she always prayed that she's botak (bald) then we don't have to use hair dryer to dry her up!

Her coat is long and thick. We need to blow it for a while, comb it a little to separate the cluttered hair, blow again and comb again and blow.

It always takes around an hour just to make her clean and dry. Gees. Expensive dog. I don't even take 5 mins to bathe.

Nola, siao. i'm just lying. I don't know how long I take but definitely more than 5 mins okaay. haha.

Fluff 1

Oh, she's done bathing!

I hate that expression of her. Makes my parents pity her and give her food that she's not supposed to take. She's no.1 actress okay. Gees. Can go and try her luck at some Hollywood Award already. Aiyoyo.

Fluff 2

My Money dog. =D

Her name is really MONEY if you don't know yet. Hehee.

I love love love you Money.

Thank you very much for the joy you have bring to our family.

(By that I mean both literally, the dog and the $$)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Koi

I'm an unhappy kid right this very moment.

Ten fingers-clinched, making the wish to be a very happy kid tomorrow.

This photo does not reflect my current feeling but this really is the photo of the day.

Project 365


Happy Koi

Dear Koi,

Please sprinkle me some magic powder and hope that I won't fall back to the same unhappiness again tomorrow.

Thank You.