Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She's the Pom. She's Money.

Phone display flashing: "Daddie calling".


"Eh Fern ah, where are you? What time will you be back?"

My heart was thinking: O-Ok, my dad's gonna ask me to go back home earlier again. But not like it's even 10pm!

"Oh, I'm e-gate. I'm eating dinner with my friends, G-Clique, I'll be back probably 10 smthg lah."

"OOou, 10smthg ok, then later when you go back, you come to the kopitiam to bring the dog back."

"Har? Dog? What dog?'

"You said you wanted dog. So I brought it for you!"

The last time I said I wanted a dog was probably half a year ago, and after that I didn't even mention it anymore. I think I even 'de-wished' it already, considering how much poop job I have to do.

Phey Chien followed me in my car to pick up the dog.

When she first saw it, she said in a great thrill to name her 'cute-cute'.

Walao. The stupidest name I have ever heard.

Everybody else decided to leave the cafe and off to my house when they heard about my call from my dad.

Only to see this cute-lil'-thing..

..hopping and twirling around like a lost deer in the jungle.

Then my mum enthusiastically started the Name Hunt.

What should we name this cute-lil'-thing??

Ok, DEFINITELY NOT cute-cute.

Jelly came up with nen-nen. Wah. Why my friends give stupid names.

Then after the private body parts all come out: kuku, boobies, etc etc.

Now I'm worried for their future kids.

I think Honey or Lemon or Berry is nice! But I can't decide. And I don't know why the name I came up with are fruity-fruits. Haha.

The rest kept coming out with names like: Mini, Sushi, Piggy (oh wait, this is from me. Oh, how stupid. Haha.).

I'm left under a very indecisive situation. What should we name her??!

At the end I decided Berry.

So happily we called her: 'Hello Berry!' 'Berry Come!' 'Berry Sit!' 'Berry eat!'

She slowly, gradually accustom to it.

Until my dad, came home.

And right away called out to her: MONEY! MONEY! Come Come!

"Walao Master, What actually is my name?!"

(For those of you, who still can't get her name, GET THE TITLE OF THE POST FIRST!)

Hehe. Yes. $$. =D


EsTee ~~ said...

wohoo !!! super duper CUte la your dog !
call her ASSholE ok
EST future child name !

Chin Fern said...

EWWW..! Even stupider! What a bad suggestion Esther Tee. Shoo.

Ann said...

hey ur money/berry is soooo cute!!!

Andrea said...

why not combine the names and call him Morrey instead? LMAO

it's just a suggestion, fern... XP

Chin Fern said...

Ann: Yes, I totally agree with you. She is super duper cute! Haha.

Andrea: Erm..Morrey, the best suggestion so far Andrea!

leongchiahow said...

Cute wei.. haha...Btw, wish u happy new year.. Send my regards to Jack Ho too.. Wish u all have a prosperous 2009

Trinie said...

omg your dog so cuteeeeee! XD how old is it?

Chin Fern said...

Trinie, It's about 2 or so. We couldn't make sure since Money is given by someone who also don't know her age. Haha. But it's around 1 plus to 2. Hehe.

3unhps said...

Hahhahahhahhahahah!!!!! So that's how she got her name.
And may I say, ur dad is a freaking genius!!!
Though others might think otherwise if he said "money come! Come money!!" in public. "Siao eh."

And I am really worried about ur friends future kids too, what if in the future their kids got a bad grade for their exam, they'd have to go like "I'm really dissapointed in you, cute-cute."

Hahhahahah!!! This post made me literally laughed for a really long time!! U got a new blog stalker!!!!!! Muahahha!!