Sunday, December 14, 2008

ByeBye My Flight

It's 0220hours now.

My flight to Philipines is scheduled 14th Dec 2008, 0120hours.

And I'm still in Penang.


My flight departs from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur and I'm still Penang.

Double Wow-s.


I have all the while mistaken it as 14th Dec, 1am midnight (as in 15th Dec 0120hours), but the correct timing never come across my mind not even when I'm booking my ticket. I actually have a transit flight over to Bacolod, which is the actual place I'm going, but I don't even doubt my initial interpretation of the time.

Damm it. So stupid.

Now my holiday is gone. All gone.

I ruined my friends' plans and activities over at Philippines for me. I dampened excitement and enthusiasm. I wasted my dad's money for air ticket.

How Foolish. You can laugh at me now. =(


Gallivanter said...

OMG, that is bad...really sorry to hear that....don't worry, it'll make you wiser in the future...

liow yingtian said...

next time be more careful la, haha, dun always be "FERN"

Chin Fern said...

Gallivater: Yes, oh yes, There'll be no more next time.

Liow Ying Tian: Why cannot be FERN? FERN very cham one meh? Boo. Haha.

Andrea said...

i tend to make mistakes with the dates when it comes to FIFA world cup years back! i've missed games and hot footballers in action! lol

anyway, you'll still enjoy yourself here in penang right?
=D *here's your million dollar smile*