Thursday, July 31, 2008

They know who I am!

I'm getting nearer to stardom having so many big-time stars know me!

Next time I might be even saying your name!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Prom Spotlights Wannabe

And nope, nothing wrong with being a Wannabe. XD

Ever heard of the Ultimate Prom Nite? A project by 8tv whereby they hold roadshow tours to major colleges in search of some eligible Prom Kings and Queens and the chosen ones, each from each gender, ultimately will be the glamorous Prom King and Prom Queen of the nite.

In the recent weeks, the 2008 search is under the limelight again.

The entire crew of Ultimate Prom Nite dropped their footsteps in my college.

The mass commers are all having sweet sweet holiday but I had to get back to college to do another 'all-black' photo shoot for KDU Idol and for some briefing, therefore I so happened to be in college.

I saw them when I reached and I decided, nah, I don't want to join. In case I get too occupied with additional things again, my routine gets haywire again. (and in case I get too glamorous) XD

After the briefing, the finalists waited for the photographer while I went for a change into my same black outfit. I took quite some time, I do realise (Oops..!) and when I was out from the washroom, every other finalists were gone from their waiting place.

Then I thought: Oh-ou! I took tooooooo long. They must have already gone up to the photo shooting room! Gosh! And..I turned around to see, and amazingly, most of them had already signed up to go for a shot in the Ultimate Prom Nite and waiting for their turn for make-up.

Alamak. Haha!

And...And...Peiying made a such a right assumption about me 'so gonna' join this competiton. Despite my decision of not wanting to participate, I finally still....signed up. XD

First, I had to wait for my turn for some make-up.



This make-up artist took a very long time to do my make-up for me. I sat there until I'm in the brink of rotting. Hah!


Oh wait.

Warning: The photo below might be potentially disturbing to you as much as it disturbed me. So scroll down more if you want to escape the sight of it.

Too rare a case for me to take such photos. I pondered for a while before I decided to post this photo up publicly. Hahah.

I wanted to see my makeup done by the girl that took her ages to do it, so just allow me to be vain once in a while lah. (, but I thought I'm vain every single time?)

She darken my eyebrow a lot when And that was my first time wearing black shades of eyeshadow.

Before & After.
Vain & Vainer.

Next, head to photo shoot booth.

I had to .Pose.Pose.Pose. again.

And I really don't know how.

My body kept slanting to one side.

10 degress slant

25 degrees slant

28 degress body slant with a total a head slant


From front, they all make me look like I'm gonna fall when taking pictures.
Bad photos, bad photos.

Until I finally got it right.

Choosing the best shot.
"This one or this one?"
"No..No..That one"

The final stop, video shooting.

Before that,

Jazz quickly grabbed me for a photo. She said I was too gorgeous to miss out a shoot. (Nope, this isn't the exact she words she said. I added spicies. A lot.)

I were to introduce myself..ya da da da da.

Why do you think you should win the title of the Ultimate Prom Queen?
Because I am 'this' and 'that' and..............(I don't know what to say)..and and I can sing!
Alamak. Unrelated.
This is not a singing competition ok!

What qualities do you think an Ultimate Prom King should possess?
(I like this question! Is like asking me to say the qualities of my dream guy...and *starts dreaming*)
I think he should be.....*Whee..!*

Why do you think people should vote for you?
Because....I am Soooo good!

And for the last part, I'm supposed to strongly promote my stand and to get votes from audiences, some continuous self-praise for a minute. I thought: Ookay, no sweat. This requires the thickskinness in a person, and I've got it all~! No worries.

On my cue, 3..2..1..go.

"Hi, I'm Fern. I'm 18 this year and I'm now studying Diploma in Mass Comm at KDU College Penang. I think I'm most eligible to be the Ultimate Prom Queen, because first of all, I'm a confident person and........I can sing! " (Tak ada kaitan again)


"I not only can sing, besides that, I'm good in sports, I can play music and I think I'm quite good in my studies too.."


"I....(shit i'm stuck!)...have a very nice smile..."


"So vote for me!"


Experiment prove. I'm not a machine gun. I can't shoot my bullets like there's no tomorrow. I can't talk like a magpie.

But who cares la..Because according to the main sponsor of this event, Nivea:

Beauty is a smile. Not a talk.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


塞翁失马,焉知非福? The title goes like this, let me be a Chinese teacher for once:

"sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3, yan1 zhi1 fei1 fu2"

Literal Translation: The old man of the frontier lost his horse, how do you know this isn't a blessing?

Meaning: Blessing in Disguise.

Indeed. Last Saturday, I was actually supposed to join a race in Ipoh, but ended up having to stay in Penang and had a good time as well. Not to the exaggerating extent of "Blessing in Disguise", but it was something similar: I lost something and got back something else as a replacement.

In this case, I went to Bon Odori and had some good time with my good old buddies.

Before that, let us know something that I'm supposed to go but had to forgo.

It was a race called Trailblazer, organised by R.AGE, a project by The Star. Something similar to the TV Reality Series "Amazing Race", where they race and travel throughout the world to fight for the 1 million US Dolar up for grabs.

For Trailblazer's case, the race is constrained in Ipoh & Papan, Perak with RM 2000 as the winning prize.

I excitedly find a race partner and registered for the race without checking my schedule carefully. And I ended up finding myself occupied with an exam, an absurd Moral examination ON THE SAME DAY! Of course I fight my way through to have the best of both worlds: to be able to sit for the exam at the same time can still go for my Trailblazer race. But eventhough for the trouble, the sweat or the hassle that I don't mind going through to get my "mission" accomplished, I still failed.

I had to forgo the Trailblazer that me and my partner highly anticipated, and sit for my Moral exam. =(

Worst of all, my team already had some kind of a small publicity when my team was chosen to have some write-up in the R.AGE newspaper. 11 July 08, Friday issue.

And we didn't turn up.

As sad and as disappointed as we could be, X-Cruisers (that was our team name) had to find other entertainment to fill up our supposedly fun weekend Saturday.

And THANK GOD we had the Bon Odori celebration, the Japanese Ghost Festival. =)

There were already some substantial amount of crowd over there when I reached at 6pm.As this is a Japanese festival, of course, people will grab the chance to dress like a Japanese.

Some look sweet and demure, but other Wannabes look as horrible as they can be. XD

Such an interesting trio.

Me and my sister met up with my Trailblazer partner, Hsien Ming there. Togother with Jastin, Michael, Stanley and his friend.

Jastin, Me Me, Michael, My je je, Hsien Ming and Stanley


Going to Bon Odori isn't really my ritual every year, but somehow I went this year and last year too, although knowing that I can't really do anything there besides "Sardin-ing" with the crowd and listening to Japanese traditional music. Too bad I don't really enjoy the latter one.

My buddies were having a great time taking photos, capturing moments of joy while I realised a mistake a blogger should never make: Leaving their camera at home!!!

I do realise there are bloggers who never post up any photos in their blogs, but at least not for my case. Luckily I still have my Nokia 6300 2.0 Megapixels camera with me. Photo quality may not be good, but is always better than nothing!

As the name of the festival says, this celebration is never complete without ghost. And so Stanley tried to be one..(with his undersize mask)

And obviously he failed to scare anybody..

Not until I got a hand of it..

And I realised I was also too lovely to be a ghost.

After food, we went 'sight-seeing' around the field area. We passed a crowded booth, and I squeezed through the crowd to kaypo-kaypo for a while.

And I saw some sweet-looking miniature Japanese Dollys on sale.

There were more like display items for photo shoots than on-sale-take-me-home dollys.

Pink Hair?

We continued to walk around and I met quite a number of my friends over there.

While strolling, I saw a man holding on to a small plastic bag, the one where you bungkus teh-tarik from mamak stall, containing some goldfish. His young little son was looking at him hopefully while he tried his best to save the soon-to-die goldfish.

It has been a tradition of the Bon Odori celebration in Penang to have the goldfish game which I have never tried before nor tried to understand the game or even to have a look at the booth as it is always super-crowded.

After that, they will bulldoze themselves out from the crown holding packets of goldfish in plastic bags without having oxygen pumped into the bag to keep the fishes alive. So just like any other being, they can't live without proper oxygen supplied therefore the cute goldfishes stranggled and.....die.

Goodness! Why do mature adults still want to take them home knowing this fact? I reckon there were lots of goldfish killed on that night itself.

So any goldfishes being sent to the Bon Odori festival means: their day has arrived. So long, fishey!

We wanted to wait for the finale fireworks, so we stayed on till the end whilst dancing along with the music and taking some photos.

When our neck nearly elongated, the fireworks Wheesh...Whoosh...Whaash...

Emerging into flowery sparks of burning flames..Filling up the space with light and hopes. =)

One amazing happening this 2008: It did not rain at all during Bon Odori! Wee...!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

KDU Idol Craze #3.1

Realise the '.1' in the title? This post is a sequel for KDU Idol Craze #3, therefore it shall be named so.

Sorry for the late one, was having my final exam. Need to my brain juices onto my books first.

Back to the more-than-one-week-ago-story: KDU Idol Semi-final.

I was the last participant to go for the competition, no.12. ( more 10 this time, but oh well, still a good number to go with)

As the saying goes: Save the best for the last. So I guess that's the reason why I got the last to go. XD muahahaha..

The crowd.

Without further ado and long-grandmother-story, let me show you my performance that day.

Fellow semi-finalists.

The judges.

And please take note of their name..

.Jet. Jimmy. Joey. Jessie.

So can I make a conclusion that all with 'J' initial are musically talented, like.....

Jay Chou..?

So.. should I change my name also to J-something so that I can be more musically talented?

Instead of Fern, how about Jern? or Jhin Jern?

No no no, I like Fern better. Haha.

Then it was time for results...

Finalists: 1. Jeffrey 2. Kwang Lin 3. Benignus 4. Kid 5. Joyce 6. MC 7. Iris & 8. Fern.

From a semi-finalist,


A KDU Idol finalist =)

Yo! People Watch OUT!

Cos..Fern's in the house!

23rd of August, next battling Stage.