Wednesday, July 9, 2008

KDU Idol Craze #2

This is the stage where I am going to shine later.

Later, 12pm-3pm. The KDU Idol semifinal.

The time now is 5:49am and I am here updating my blog. ALAMAK!

For heaven's sake, I was too excited to get into my dreamland. This wasn't my first time ever being in a singing competition, but my brain is getting its adrenalin's rushing high, too high in fact. ALAMAK! Too excited to fall into sleep!

I remembered the last time this was happening was the day before I went to watch Jay Chou's debut film as a director, "不能说的秘密 Secret". Crazy, am not I? And that was even before I idolised him. ALAMAK! It was just because people told how good and how amazingly awesome this movie, I couldn't sleep for the whole night.

Tomorrow is KDU Idol semi-final. Oh, I mean later. And my brain is not letting me sleep. WHY??

This is already the 'dunno-how-many' time I will be on stage. Why is my brain still so so so excited like this is its first time?

I lied on my bed at 1.30am. And I tried to listen to some music before I go to sleep and listen...and listen...and listen....and listen...HOI! why am I am not sleeping yet. Tomorrow competition, I need my voice to be perfect. So sleep la, bay-beh!

And rolled here and rolled there on my bed. And still I am not sound asleep. I shut my eyes, but they collaborate with my mind to just shut too. GO to sleep I mean!

And there I am thinking, why would I want to waste my mind lying on the bed, forcing myself to sleep when my adrenalin is rushing so high, so I decided to do something, to update my blog.

For an in-college singing competiton, I can't sleep. Imagine if I am getting married next time? Three days before my day, I am already so wide awake and can't wait to push my wedding earlier so that me and my future husband can get married earlier -.-

"Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat isn't working. I mean this was the initial song that i chose so that I can sing with my guitar but I realise this song isn't working on my side. So that explains my sudden change of song to "咕叽咕叽" (kuci kuci) by Stefani Sun, 孙燕姿, where I only have 2-3 days to memorise the lyrics and to cheoreograph some simple dance steps. But I am the superduperFern, why not? XD

For your info, I used to think this song is annoying! Haha.

I did mentioned this round of competition is 50% judges, 40% voting and 10% disiplinary and attitudes. But I turn out to be wrong, it would be a 100% judges round of competition. The former one applies only to the Final. So no matter how popular I could be, the only thing is to strut my stuff on stage.

I appreciate everyone else's greeting and support shown to me. I shall do my best and perform the best of me to You. Thank you very very very much.

(P.S Lee Phey Chien, this is the one thing that I'm up to today, this is what I mean in the sms I sent you, don't you get it? Still waiting for your greeting leh. )

People, here comes Fern! Be sure to be there to see, see me perform. =)

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