Friday, July 18, 2008

Can't Bangkok with Kenny..='(

Still remember the Kenny Sia's "Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia" Contest that I joined?

I still remember how enthusiastic I was to join the contest and how badly I wanted to win. All my zest onto winning the prize for the contest:

[ all expense paid Bangkok trip? For 2! Chatuchak Market? And the main main main attraction : Going with, non-other than, Kenny Sia! Him, being the personal tour guide. ]

I sent as many entries of photos as I could. Displaying some quirkiness in my photos...alas, none of them took the hearts of the panel judges from Mister Potato and most importantly Mr Kenny Sia himself.

So it proves that I actually couldnt eat a chip like Kenny Sia when I thought I could.

-- This is how he eats --

-- These are how I eat --

I can't make my chip fly high and munch it. Maybe this is the factor. Too bad.

But suprisingly, the winner shot of the contest is this..

Mister Potato, according to them, is a good motivation for sit-ups?

Cincai la.

I don't see why this is creative, but congrats to the winner though.

I still like mine better. =)

Sorry Kenny, you can't go Bangkok with me. Too bad. =P

Let you fall also don't want to let you eat Mister Potato!

P.S. Lee Phey Chien, I still remember you wished me Luck and hope to see me put up a post on my trip to Bangkok with Kenny Sia...Hmmmm...will not happen for now, YET though. But I reckon, one day will. Let's see...=)


Sharpwave said...

hey hey~!!
its alright la
there still a next chance right?
just working harder and more creative lo~!!
GAMBATEH, I support u~!! XD

Chin Fern said...

Hahaha..Thanks a lot! =)
Yea...squeeze more of my brain juice next time. Hahaha.
Thanks thanks!