Tuesday, July 22, 2008

KDU Idol Craze #3.1

Realise the '.1' in the title? This post is a sequel for KDU Idol Craze #3, therefore it shall be named so.

Sorry for the late one, was having my final exam. Need to my brain juices onto my books first.

Back to the more-than-one-week-ago-story: KDU Idol Semi-final.

I was the last participant to go for the competition, no.12. (Hmm..no more 10 this time, but oh well, still a good number to go with)

As the saying goes: Save the best for the last. So I guess that's the reason why I got the last to go. XD muahahaha..

The crowd.

Without further ado and long-grandmother-story, let me show you my performance that day.

Fellow semi-finalists.

The judges.

And please take note of their name..

.Jet. Jimmy. Joey. Jessie.

So can I make a conclusion that all with 'J' initial are musically talented, like.....

Jay Chou..?

So.. should I change my name also to J-something so that I can be more musically talented?

Instead of Fern, how about Jern? or Jhin Jern?

No no no, I like Fern better. Haha.

Then it was time for results...

Finalists: 1. Jeffrey 2. Kwang Lin 3. Benignus 4. Kid 5. Joyce 6. MC 7. Iris & 8. Fern.

From a semi-finalist,


A KDU Idol finalist =)

Yo! People Watch OUT!

Cos..Fern's in the house!

23rd of August, next battling Stage.


chrishuang said...

Hey! Congrats! All the best in the finals! Paaannddaaa...!

Ying Tian Liow said...

lol da dan haha good job. good luck! keep up the good work. u go girl =D

btw finals singing this song too?
or change song?

jan jhin jern!!!

Chin Fern said...

Chris: Thanks!

Liow Ying Tian: Of course changing songs. I don't want to be singing the same song over and over again. Can't decided the song yet..But I reckon would be smthg more spectacular? Haha.