Monday, July 28, 2008

Prom Spotlights Wannabe

And nope, nothing wrong with being a Wannabe. XD

Ever heard of the Ultimate Prom Nite? A project by 8tv whereby they hold roadshow tours to major colleges in search of some eligible Prom Kings and Queens and the chosen ones, each from each gender, ultimately will be the glamorous Prom King and Prom Queen of the nite.

In the recent weeks, the 2008 search is under the limelight again.

The entire crew of Ultimate Prom Nite dropped their footsteps in my college.

The mass commers are all having sweet sweet holiday but I had to get back to college to do another 'all-black' photo shoot for KDU Idol and for some briefing, therefore I so happened to be in college.

I saw them when I reached and I decided, nah, I don't want to join. In case I get too occupied with additional things again, my routine gets haywire again. (and in case I get too glamorous) XD

After the briefing, the finalists waited for the photographer while I went for a change into my same black outfit. I took quite some time, I do realise (Oops..!) and when I was out from the washroom, every other finalists were gone from their waiting place.

Then I thought: Oh-ou! I took tooooooo long. They must have already gone up to the photo shooting room! Gosh! And..I turned around to see, and amazingly, most of them had already signed up to go for a shot in the Ultimate Prom Nite and waiting for their turn for make-up.

Alamak. Haha!

And...And...Peiying made a such a right assumption about me 'so gonna' join this competiton. Despite my decision of not wanting to participate, I finally still....signed up. XD

First, I had to wait for my turn for some make-up.



This make-up artist took a very long time to do my make-up for me. I sat there until I'm in the brink of rotting. Hah!


Oh wait.

Warning: The photo below might be potentially disturbing to you as much as it disturbed me. So scroll down more if you want to escape the sight of it.

Too rare a case for me to take such photos. I pondered for a while before I decided to post this photo up publicly. Hahah.

I wanted to see my makeup done by the girl that took her ages to do it, so just allow me to be vain once in a while lah. (, but I thought I'm vain every single time?)

She darken my eyebrow a lot when And that was my first time wearing black shades of eyeshadow.

Before & After.
Vain & Vainer.

Next, head to photo shoot booth.

I had to .Pose.Pose.Pose. again.

And I really don't know how.

My body kept slanting to one side.

10 degress slant

25 degrees slant

28 degress body slant with a total a head slant


From front, they all make me look like I'm gonna fall when taking pictures.
Bad photos, bad photos.

Until I finally got it right.

Choosing the best shot.
"This one or this one?"
"No..No..That one"

The final stop, video shooting.

Before that,

Jazz quickly grabbed me for a photo. She said I was too gorgeous to miss out a shoot. (Nope, this isn't the exact she words she said. I added spicies. A lot.)

I were to introduce myself..ya da da da da.

Why do you think you should win the title of the Ultimate Prom Queen?
Because I am 'this' and 'that' and..............(I don't know what to say)..and and I can sing!
Alamak. Unrelated.
This is not a singing competition ok!

What qualities do you think an Ultimate Prom King should possess?
(I like this question! Is like asking me to say the qualities of my dream guy...and *starts dreaming*)
I think he should be.....*Whee..!*

Why do you think people should vote for you?
Because....I am Soooo good!

And for the last part, I'm supposed to strongly promote my stand and to get votes from audiences, some continuous self-praise for a minute. I thought: Ookay, no sweat. This requires the thickskinness in a person, and I've got it all~! No worries.

On my cue, 3..2..1..go.

"Hi, I'm Fern. I'm 18 this year and I'm now studying Diploma in Mass Comm at KDU College Penang. I think I'm most eligible to be the Ultimate Prom Queen, because first of all, I'm a confident person and........I can sing! " (Tak ada kaitan again)


"I not only can sing, besides that, I'm good in sports, I can play music and I think I'm quite good in my studies too.."


"I....(shit i'm stuck!)...have a very nice smile..."


"So vote for me!"


Experiment prove. I'm not a machine gun. I can't shoot my bullets like there's no tomorrow. I can't talk like a magpie.

But who cares la..Because according to the main sponsor of this event, Nivea:

Beauty is a smile. Not a talk.


chrishuang said...

all the best 2 u! another route 2 well,wen u said u werent gonna join.i was thinkin how could u resist not joining?lol...anyway,all the best aite! paaannddaaa...!

Chin Fern said...

My friend asked me to, so I just join la. Aiyo. Thanks anyway!

chrishuang said...

lol...oh ok.u're most welcome! am sure u can do it! FERN all the way! lol....

Joan said...

wah..chin fern..all the best for does the voting goes..tell me ya.i will vote for you..

oh.and the photo shoot part..senget here, tilt ur head there. normal one la that. it always feel very awkward at first. but when you are used to it..ok d lo..:))

saix_ysy said...

waaa pop star chin pianggg!!!