Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!

Happy New Year!

It's the arrival of a brand new year, filled with

+joy, aspirations, abundance, new mission, and wonderful undertakings+


It's the time for us to move forward, to outdo ourselves, to breakthrough, to form new chapters in life.

2008 had been amazing for me. I've gone through things that I've never gone through.

It was a year where:

1. I first stepped in to a new studying environment in college, and experienced some kind of a culture shock listening to so much 'F***' from people everyday, everywhere.

2. I attended a lot of seminars, upgrading myself step from step, day by day. Thanks my mum for funding me all the way through.

3. I had my favourite pair of earrings as my surprise birthday gift.

4. Went for a model search photo shoot and obviously didn't get through.

5. G-clique farewell-cum-reunion altogether.

6. Hopped on to join 8TV's ultimate Prom Nite contest, and made it till the online voting round.

6. And found another person with the same name as I DO!!! OMG. Just different surname.

And in the SAME COLLEGE. IT'S UNDER ONE ROOF. Alamak. I thought my name was unique. But heck, it still is.

7. Became a one-minute-Siamese-Royalty as I sat on two elephant trunks being carried around! Hoho.

7. Join college's talent search competition, passed the audition round, went into semi-finals, fought through finals and won the title of KDU Idol.

7. Receiving harsh comments from people about my winning in my blog and I realised I was able to handle and accept the situation whole-heartedly. And I have more supporters and lovers then the stupid haters. And I don't give a damm about what they think about me. Lalala. Man, I'm tough! Haha.

8. Being spotted in Lost World of Tambun during a field trip down there to be model for some photographers for a photography competition.

9. Found wonderful mates in college.

Esther Tee dan Veen Dee Tan Veen Dee

10. Found another wonderful friend.

11. For the very 1st time in my entire life, I dare to disguise myself into an Evil Nurse during the Halloween party.

12. My sister got married and I was her bridesmaid. Wore pretty pretty. Hohoho.

13. Last but not least, one of the most wonderful things that happened is that I attended the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been to this life-transforming camp and all the friendship bonds formed, they worth a fortune.

Thank You Mum for sending me there!

14. Wait one more. Just found the Love of my life recently.

Sorry I'm already already taken...! By a dog. A super duper cute dog named Money.

2008 can never be as interesting as it would be and 2009 will be another adventure of my life.

I've made my new year resolution even before 2009 kicks in:

1. Sing more
2. Dance more
3. Learn more
4. Cashflow more
5. Excel more
6. Love more
7. More, more, MORE...!!!

I'm not greedy. I'm just upgrading. =)

Let's see how many ticks can I have by the end of the year.

For now,

HELLO 2009! Welcome to my life!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Singapore Getaway # Day 1

My trip to Singapore was a magnificent getaway right after my final exam. It was as if I never had any exam the day before.

My bus trip from Penang to S'pore actually took a long 14 hours. As all direct buses were fully taken, I had to transit at KL, and in the fear of not being able to get a bus ticket over to there. All in all, it was a havoc journey. I even thought I left my handphone at home, and had to borrow a phone from a stranger in the bus to contact my mum and my friend at S'pore, how foolish. But at the end, when I opened my luggage when I'm in S'pore, I realised...

"EIII, my handphone is actually inside my lugagge!"

Haha. You can slap me.

The whole world was so worried about me. (Ok, I'm exaggerating.) I received 34 missed calls and 10 msges. Buahahaha.

The next morning, I headed down to East Coast Park for a day of "Roller-blading, Cycling, Eating, Hearts-connecting and Yapping" with my fellow warrior mates.

First stop was to McDonald's for breakfast.

And they made me sing 'Sway' in the restaurant and I did. Not like we didn't have enough stares from the people in there because of our uniformity and noise. They are mad people. Hohoho.

I was doubtful to do it at first. Not like I never sing or dance or do stupid things in front of public, but not with everybody giving me full stares and attention when I do it. But I did it anyway. AHO!

After the hearty breakfast from McD (plus some 'mild' sultry dance moves from Sway), it's time for some Roller Blading!

It's about 10years since I last roller blade. I have a pair of this equipment at home, but I never use it after the craze was over 9 years ago.

When I wore it, I felt funny. I have a pair of roller legs and I suddenly don't know how to walk! The path from the rent shop towards the blading lane was kinda steep, it was even harder for me recall my knowledge and skill in making my first 'roll' in roller blading.

After some 'turn & roll', I managed to get back the hang of it and bladed like there's no tomorrow..

At the same time, roll and tumble and topple..

And fall myself on my knee!

It doesn't look as disgusting here. But this wound won't dry up until a week later.

I bladed for 3 hours straight. It's crazily tiring going almost-almost the whole stretch of East Coast Park to and fro.

So we decided to give each other a massage.

Because it rained all of a sudden, we continued our day at the bowling ring.

And some of my crazy friends decided to give it a try playing bowling with roller blades, they never die before ma.

Then I realised I seriously suck in bowling.

Look out for the least score, that have to be my game.

After such a long day, we went to Bugis to have steamboat for dinner. The shop is a very compact place. You have to squeeze through every slight space possible to get to your seat, but you have every food for steamboat under one roof.

Shan-shan, despite being the tiniest size among us, had the greatest gut. She stood up on the chair, all of a sudden, to get a standing ovation from us. Siao eh. But of course we gave her the most thunderous applause that could ever fit into a small shop like that.

The night wrapped up with the decision of going to one of the clubs over at Clark Quay. Hoho. You'd probably guess we give each other goodbye hugs and then head back home and sleep. It's only 11pm at that time and the night is still very young!

It's my just my 2nd time to a club and 1st time on the dance floor. And I had bad experience because I was too inexperience. And argh, I don't even want to think about it. Haha.

Anyhow, take a look at the photo of the day!

The legendary bedtime story's character: Jack and the Beanstalk.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She's the Pom. She's Money.

Phone display flashing: "Daddie calling".


"Eh Fern ah, where are you? What time will you be back?"

My heart was thinking: O-Ok, my dad's gonna ask me to go back home earlier again. But not like it's even 10pm!

"Oh, I'm e-gate. I'm eating dinner with my friends, G-Clique, I'll be back probably 10 smthg lah."

"OOou, 10smthg ok, then later when you go back, you come to the kopitiam to bring the dog back."

"Har? Dog? What dog?'

"You said you wanted dog. So I brought it for you!"

The last time I said I wanted a dog was probably half a year ago, and after that I didn't even mention it anymore. I think I even 'de-wished' it already, considering how much poop job I have to do.

Phey Chien followed me in my car to pick up the dog.

When she first saw it, she said in a great thrill to name her 'cute-cute'.

Walao. The stupidest name I have ever heard.

Everybody else decided to leave the cafe and off to my house when they heard about my call from my dad.

Only to see this cute-lil'-thing..

..hopping and twirling around like a lost deer in the jungle.

Then my mum enthusiastically started the Name Hunt.

What should we name this cute-lil'-thing??

Ok, DEFINITELY NOT cute-cute.

Jelly came up with nen-nen. Wah. Why my friends give stupid names.

Then after the private body parts all come out: kuku, boobies, etc etc.

Now I'm worried for their future kids.

I think Honey or Lemon or Berry is nice! But I can't decide. And I don't know why the name I came up with are fruity-fruits. Haha.

The rest kept coming out with names like: Mini, Sushi, Piggy (oh wait, this is from me. Oh, how stupid. Haha.).

I'm left under a very indecisive situation. What should we name her??!

At the end I decided Berry.

So happily we called her: 'Hello Berry!' 'Berry Come!' 'Berry Sit!' 'Berry eat!'

She slowly, gradually accustom to it.

Until my dad, came home.

And right away called out to her: MONEY! MONEY! Come Come!

"Walao Master, What actually is my name?!"

(For those of you, who still can't get her name, GET THE TITLE OF THE POST FIRST!)

Hehe. Yes. $$. =D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ByeBye My Flight

It's 0220hours now.

My flight to Philipines is scheduled 14th Dec 2008, 0120hours.

And I'm still in Penang.


My flight departs from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur and I'm still Penang.

Double Wow-s.


I have all the while mistaken it as 14th Dec, 1am midnight (as in 15th Dec 0120hours), but the correct timing never come across my mind not even when I'm booking my ticket. I actually have a transit flight over to Bacolod, which is the actual place I'm going, but I don't even doubt my initial interpretation of the time.

Damm it. So stupid.

Now my holiday is gone. All gone.

I ruined my friends' plans and activities over at Philippines for me. I dampened excitement and enthusiasm. I wasted my dad's money for air ticket.

How Foolish. You can laugh at me now. =(

Friday, December 12, 2008


While I went to run some task for my mum this morning, I took a break over at the mall to window shop for shoes.

I went back to the same shop that I always frequent and remembered they once have a pair of flats that I so loveeeee but at the end didn't buy cos it didn't match my shoe-purpose at that point of time and my mum would only buy ONE pair for me. So I got to forgo.

I excitedly asked the sales person about the flats and he brought me the largest size available.

Only a stupid size too small.

Ok, make it two.

Two sizes smaller!!! Grrr.

I want the flats!! Especially the fury fury balls balls! And it's so much cheaper than last time that I will not even think twice to buy it.

The sales person is helpless. I felt helpless. No one can help me, because my feet are too bloody big. Hehe.

Why are my feet so long??

P.S I'm working on the wedding post. Don't hate me.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'll be Off to S'pore again!

Oh yeah...uh-huh, uh-huh. Yee~HA!

Hmm..That sounds something like the exam is over??! Oh bloody hell yeah!

I don't know. This time it seems that my performance is deteriorating. For every paper that I come out from the exam hall, I have the feeling of: "May God Just Bless Me. I wrote all I could."

Today is Thursday and I am so glad with Thursday because it is my last day for my exam and entire 3rd semester in college. Time really flies.

And right after exams, I'm running off to S'pore already. Shh..This is my secret plan that I have been planning before my exam. Don't tell my parents.

OMG. Lame.

Anyway, yes, I'm going off to S'pore again! To meet my friends, just like a month ago. I sound like a spoiled child, spending the bus fare, the lost in exchange rates, just to meet my friends in another country just across the sea.

But they are no ordinary friends, they are my Warrior mates from the camp. It's a treasure to have such bond in 5 days. We went through life and death together and tomorrow we are reuniting our spirits again.

I think as times go, it won't be unusual for me to say that I'm going S'pore AGAIN.

(Don't worry, I'll updating my blog when I'm there still. Don't forget to scroll down to check out the post about my sister's wedding. Apologies for the late one. =D)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Announcing the arrival of...

*I forgot his name* (But I'm sure he's a male. =D)

This, mind you, is not JUST another white plushy smiling-to-you bear.

You will be shocked when you hear the story behind.

It did not just blow my mind away, it blew my brain away.

Now let's have a short interview with the owner of this *I forgot his name*,
Tan Veen Dee.

Dee: (Talking to her Mr. Bear, playing and fooling)

Fern: You sleep with 'him' every night?

Dee: Yes, is my favourite bear. But you should see how my sister talks and plays with him. She makes him as if he's real.

Fern: come your sister plays with your favourite bear?

Dee: Actually is my sister's bear. Hehe. And I tell you, there's once we went travelling by plane, and my sister specially booked a seat for him.

Fern: *Jaw-dropped, eyes expanded.* HAR????!!! You mean, like a seat under a name and no one is sitting?

Dee: Yala, just one seat for him.

Fern: OMG. Like your sister booked a seat for a bear? I mean for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??! And you have to pay for the seat for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??!

Dee: Ya.....

Fern: And your parents are ok with it??

Dee: Uhm..Ya.a. My mum loves her too much.

My jaw-dropped and dropped and dropped throughout the conversation and I was instantly stunned and speechless. Love? You call this LOVE HER TOO MUCH? You pay for your ******* bear to have a individual seat on plan. And it's out of LOVING HER TOOO MUCH.

Wow. I'm impressed.

It's ok to be obsessed with a plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear. But to the extent of letting him an individual seat and PAY FOR IT, like what we as humans do, I don't want to say what I think about it. But....argh. I can't help it, IT'S FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS.

Why don't you buy the seat for a human that might not even have the chance to be on a plane for his/her entire life, instead?

Sometimes the love of parents is hard to decipher. But the rational way to raise up a child, I'm so sure, this time, her move is not correct.

Let her sulk and cry or doesn't want to eat, but no plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear is gonna deserve a paid flight seat.

Thank You.

Oh yes, however, the bear is still innocent and cute. Don't blame him. He does not even have a life.

*I forgot his name*, probably the most privileged bear on earth.

Update: All of a sudden, I recalled his name!!!! It's 胖胖, as in fat-fat. Haha. Cute or insulting? Bahaha. I think it's cute. =D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Wedding!! -- Day 2

I tugged into bed late the night after dinner and even before I'm all up ready I heard chattering noises coming from my living hall. Still half awake, eyelids only a quarter open, I wondered where do those interruption come from.


Everybody else is busy for the preparation ceremony, but me and Leah are busy for ourselves. Heck. We need to be dressed best and put on our make-up, at the least right?

Then the other sister bridesmaids came up with a brilliant idea to the door test of the groom.

They make me put my very precious smooches on a piece of tissue paper and let that poor groom guess which is my sister's lipstick mark.

Hoho. I guess that really test on how well and how often they work each other out when they have their 'lip exercise' now and then. HAH!

But the toughest part is...

None of it is my sister's lipstick mark. Ah-hah, this game is gonna be superbly fun!


With such massive honking signal, who wouldn't know you are getting married and can't wait to see your wife?

But wait, before you even think of seeing a slice of her, please pass through US.

The witty Bridesmaid Sisters sekalian. Tough, demanding and unyielding.

Let's see how well you can play the game. Let's see how far you can go. And Let's see how much is my sister worth in your heart.

Wow. That's quite a big thing to say.

"Eh, eh, shit. Seems pretty (pun intended) tough leh. Bestman, tell me how should we counter this. I WANT MY BRIDE FAST! NOW!"

"OK, right away your Majesty!"

" 冲啊!"
(chong ah) (as in 'ATTACK..!', not literally though)

"Shit. The attackers are too strong! Give me more strength my men! "

Of their strength and sweat, do they realise behind the door are just some armed-less ladies?

"Sisters, D-E-F-E-N-D! "

After much battling, the groom finally stood up as a man.

"Ok, ok. 君子动口,不动手. Let's talk it out. Tell me how much you want."

What an offer! Of course we would ask as much as we can. Erm.. not much, 99, 999, 999 USD only, please.

One angpow slipped in from outside.

RM1. Wow. So this is how much my sisterworth. Damm you.

"Okok, mistake, mistake. Here, here."

Second angpow slided in through the door slit.

Another RM1. WOW. Now we know who you are.

If this is just how much you can offer, thank you for coming, you can go fly back home now. We can find our sister a better, rich guy. Who, is willing to go all out for her.

Luckily the last chance given was cherished. Don't play play next time, ok?

"Yay. Let's go in! LET'S GO IN!"

Mr, the game isn't THAT easy.

2nd stage: Express your love in three different languages, not including those that are spoken locally in M'sia or in other words, not the language that we usually know or speak.


3rd stage: Sing a song by Winnie's favourite singer/band.

Half Pass.

(Damm him. We even need to give him clue who's my sister's favourite singer/band and he attempted to use his handphone to play the song in place of his voice. FAIL. But at the end he did sing, so ok-lah, Half Pass. )

'Cccccclick'. The door knob is slowly, gradually turned and. Opened.

A hard force pushed through the fellow bridesmaids way with thunderring exclamation and excitement.


The groom and his Bestman sekalian dashed in through the small opening of the door but, the bride is nowhere to be seen!!

(My room happens to have a room-in-room structure. The other room is my study room, so my sister hid in there and we closed the door so....)

THE GAME ISN'T OVER, my dear brother-in-law.

"You mean you want me to drink it? Drink THIS? "

Yeah Yeah. Just this cup and your bride would be yours and only yours.

"Oh, ok. WAIT. WHAT IS THIS? Why does it have weird colour and weird smell?!"

"OMG. Brother, they want me to drink this. Can you help me ah?"

Unfortunately, no. No helping unless you want to give your 'brother' your bride too! =D

Mission accomplished.

Now, you may kiss your bride.

And that was after the hand-over of bride to the groom when he passed the 'Sisters' agonizing test' and after some prayer rituals.

You might wonder how did the 'Guess My Lips' game went.

It was terrible.

It was terrible because despite our effort and excitement in putting that game out, when we wanted to put up the test, the lady-in-charge cut us off due to insufficient time. What the hell. And there goes our fun. Stupid.

Anyway, after the newly wed couple's kissing and prayer rituals, it is also a tradition that the bestman and the maid of honour do something for each other.

No. Not like what you think it is.

I'll have to pin up the corsage for him.

And he'll have to tie it up to my wrist. Obviously you know why the difference.

And I don't know why I look so amused. I'm not interested in him and he's taken.

Then there's the tea ceremony! Yum-cha Session.

My mother so happy that she laughs until the eye cannot see.

After getting my share of angpow, the ceremony concluded. :)

And off my sister went to her new family-in-law.

Happy Happy Wedding.

And to my brother-in-law, Welcome to our Family.

We are now no more this,

Thanks for expanding our family. Haha.

It's such a bliss to see two person finally found someone of their dreams and tied their knot of Love together, especially when she's my dearest sister. May streams of love, trust and understanding overflow both of your lives and building stout standing poles to your relationship, so that obstacles that come by will be flushed away by strong currents and the poles too strong too topple. Once again, Happy Wedding. <3