Thursday, November 27, 2008


Announcing the arrival of...

*I forgot his name* (But I'm sure he's a male. =D)

This, mind you, is not JUST another white plushy smiling-to-you bear.

You will be shocked when you hear the story behind.

It did not just blow my mind away, it blew my brain away.

Now let's have a short interview with the owner of this *I forgot his name*,
Tan Veen Dee.

Dee: (Talking to her Mr. Bear, playing and fooling)

Fern: You sleep with 'him' every night?

Dee: Yes, is my favourite bear. But you should see how my sister talks and plays with him. She makes him as if he's real.

Fern: come your sister plays with your favourite bear?

Dee: Actually is my sister's bear. Hehe. And I tell you, there's once we went travelling by plane, and my sister specially booked a seat for him.

Fern: *Jaw-dropped, eyes expanded.* HAR????!!! You mean, like a seat under a name and no one is sitting?

Dee: Yala, just one seat for him.

Fern: OMG. Like your sister booked a seat for a bear? I mean for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??! And you have to pay for the seat for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??!

Dee: Ya.....

Fern: And your parents are ok with it??

Dee: Uhm..Ya.a. My mum loves her too much.

My jaw-dropped and dropped and dropped throughout the conversation and I was instantly stunned and speechless. Love? You call this LOVE HER TOO MUCH? You pay for your ******* bear to have a individual seat on plan. And it's out of LOVING HER TOOO MUCH.

Wow. I'm impressed.

It's ok to be obsessed with a plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear. But to the extent of letting him an individual seat and PAY FOR IT, like what we as humans do, I don't want to say what I think about it. But....argh. I can't help it, IT'S FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS.

Why don't you buy the seat for a human that might not even have the chance to be on a plane for his/her entire life, instead?

Sometimes the love of parents is hard to decipher. But the rational way to raise up a child, I'm so sure, this time, her move is not correct.

Let her sulk and cry or doesn't want to eat, but no plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear is gonna deserve a paid flight seat.

Thank You.

Oh yes, however, the bear is still innocent and cute. Don't blame him. He does not even have a life.

*I forgot his name*, probably the most privileged bear on earth.

Update: All of a sudden, I recalled his name!!!! It's 胖胖, as in fat-fat. Haha. Cute or insulting? Bahaha. I think it's cute. =D


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T A N said...

such glamour given to that fat bear? HAHAAHAH aactually, it does look cute. very cuddly =D

royalty huh LOL

Chin Fern said...

Yes. yes. Haha. And the stupid looking face, so CUTEE.
more than just royalty, i think. HAH!