Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soooooooo near!

This is Bond. James Bond.

No, I didn't go and watch the 'hit film in town', Quantum of Solace 007.

I was watching The Spy Who Loved Me produced in year 1977 and the 'Bond, James Bond' character was starred by Roger Moore.

That's what for my assignment and presentation. Argh. Whatever. James Bond always appears to have sex in the movie at some point of time. I think that's the most significant thing of all in the movie. Haha.

Ok, non-related. Because my sister's wedding is so so so so so so damm near and it's actually this Saturday. OMG.

Being the ever-busy-body little sister, the tasks and work load I have to deal with, is indescribable with words. It's just crazy.

I have to work out the stage layout. (Thank God with the great help of few of my friends)

Handmade rosie heart is coming on the way!

I insisted to plan the programmes for the night.

And follow the practices!

I want to look the best of very best on the night. So I searched high and low..

This is my favourite of all I have tried. Plus its RED. But too big. damm it.

..low and high..

For the perfect dress and the perfect heels.

It took me like two to three months for that.

After the dress scouting, I have to worry about my accessories. Gees.

One day before the wedding I have my final presentation in the morning, then a piano practical exam in the noon.

Hectic hectic hectic. I hope things will just go well..=)


dabizi said...


that red roses 密密麻麻。。n mama mia~ haha

Chin Fern said...

Wah. Dabizi. 你实在是好笑。 密密麻麻 mama mia. -.-