Tuesday, September 29, 2009

太恐怖了Terrifying shit

I have to put the Chinese words at my title cos that was what immediately came to my mind when my dad asked me out from the house to see what has happened to our car.

My humble black Kenari, which is parked JUST outside my house was broken into.

You say 恐怖 or not 恐怖? (Terrifying)

Hello, it's bloody in front of my front gate, with the lights of my living hall and gate compound switched on and that petty prowler decided to try his devil's dare on my small car hoping to get some small fortune from it.


You might ask me how did the thief manage to break open my car or is my window smashed into pieces or things like that. Let me explain.

So, after we came back from dinner, my dad just slip the car key into his pocket cos he's gonna go out soon after anyway. While we were chit chatting, my dad accidentally sit on the car key and the car went unlocked. We didn't care much cos it does usually happens: He will sit on it and unlock the car.

After some 5 minutes, he was moving around while talking, unnoticingly sat on it again, and locked the car back. By that time, he realised he would have to go out already. When he was wearing his shoes, he heard a noise of motorbike engine starting. He wouldn't care much though, cos it's nothing peculiar about that.

But when he walked towards the car, he found out the co-driver's car door was opened. With things from the dashboard all messily thrown onto the seat. The coinbox was forced out from its compartment and you know well that it was all, taken away. Those tiny amount of cents were not even given chance to stay.

Nothing valueable was stolen cos we all should know very well nothing valueable should be left in the car. The society is getting more terrifying, more than you could ever imagine, more than how you would not want to admit it.

Within that short period of 5 mins, my car was hastily being broken into. 5 mins. Who would expect that 5 mins of accidental unlocking of your car will lead you to someone breaking into it? Mind you, is only 5 mins.

I kept saying: 太恐怖了 to my dad. Simlutaneously reflecting back how many careless times I have had forgetting to lock my car, not for minutes but hours; and thinking how many times have I escaped from the misfortunes. Everytime when it happened, I silently convinced myself: aiya, no one will know my car is unlocked one la, plus nothing happen also what, nevermind, as long as I really remember to lock my car the next time. And the same incident would repeat.

This time I reckon, is a not a coincidence. Maybe it's purposely making a point for me to really double check everytime before I leave my car.

I silently feel very blessed for this very minor incident and the protection that I have always been under. ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomorrow! :)

I'm back updating this blog. :D

Please tell me you are happy and glad I FINALLY do so.

A lot of past events happen that I will try to blog about soon.

Soon. Haha. I think you roughly know how to gauge my definition of 'Soon' by now, right? :P

Anyway, other things aside, G-Clique is having a longed for all-6 reunion after like nearly a year and a half of separation. Previously, we met in fours or threes or most of the time twos.

Tomorrow marks a big day for us! Cos it could be the only all-6 reunion in 3 to 4 years time, cos everybody will be at other parts of the world for their studies, and not all will come back at the same time.

So I really look forward to it and I can't wait! :D

I excitedly coloured my nails red for the big day tomorrow.


Not diggin' what I am talking about? Click here. :) They are my lovely matesssss from high school.

I love them like shit.

I mean not like shit, but like flower, aiya whatever la, shit is what i always us for 'excessive-ness'. So when I say you are beautiful like shit means you are really really beautiful; handsome like shit means you are really handsome, geddit? :DD

Now I am thinking what should I wearrrr. Hmmmmm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking that breath

It's so good to get back to the running track after 1 and a 1/2 weeks busying off else where in the world.

Veen Dee tagged along to Botanical Gardens today. Of course she can't follow my routine, so both of us went on doing our own thing.

She left earlier and clipped a lovely note on my windscreen. :)


Thanks Veen Dee. That note made me happy. :)

She called me a 'hawt stuff' because she complained nobody is looking at her when we were taking a walk together.

Today I did a bit better for my speed training. But then everybody attributes the improvement towards my newly bought running shoes. Geeeeees. Can't even give me the compliment when I am actually the one doing the run.

I don't have time to take a photo to show u now cos I need to get to bed soon. (I will tell you why at the next paragraph)

I am actually...erm...going...

...to Singapore again early tomorrow morning till Monday.

I'm not lying.

It's so crazily hectic that it's not even funny.

From last week's trip to KL - Penang - Singapore - Penang - Singapore in exactly two week's time. From one seminar after another, I find it really hard to take a breath. I had to take a big gasp sometimes, so that I don't have to waste time breathing in twice. For the recent trip back from Singapore, I even had to go straight to college after touching down, had two classes, one extended, right after that, head to Gurney to do some consumer research assignment, made powerpoint slides during dinner and only get home at 10pm.

Really. As much as I want to excel in life using the shortest time available, as much as I want to be that outstanding teenager people have ever met, as much as I want to be on the top where my peers would have to lift up their head to just look at me.....


it's so much better to be that ordinary teenager who leads and lives an ordinary life, who would catch up for a movie so very often, who would spend time doing nothing and feel bored sometimes, who never thinks about how successful and outstanding they want to be in future, who just want to really be an ordinary person.

Ironically, tomorrow I will be going for a motivational seminar by Anthony Robbins if you know who, one of the World's most successful motivational speaker that holds the fire-walking seminar.

I am not complaining cos I know what huge bucks a ticket of that seminar costs. I just want a place to release the stress and I know you will be there to read.

Thanks for being my faithful readers. :D I feel a lot better typing that out now.

I'm back, Up and Rolling for life!


Upon ending this post, I just realise I havn't completed something my lecture had specially assigned me to. SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.