Friday, March 28, 2008

Internet Marketing Bootcamp, Graduated.

Lesson learnt: Nothing without an effort pays off. =)
Certainly not in the "simple" world of internet.

Since I finished high school just last year, I was looking for a source of income I could pursue, while still keeping "intact" with my college studies and some sufficient time to spend with my good old buddies. I have not any lack of funds just yet (cos i havnt started to spend unwisely??), haha, but I certainly want to have some pretty amount of pocket money to jingle in my pocket, for my own pleasure. I want to get rich, YOUNG, with my OWN effort.

So I went on to start my first job as a part time primary school tutor. I had 2 students who pay me a pretty substantial fee as a starter, which I should be satisfied of. Somehow, I felt that my pay didnt equalise my effort. I start to realise: this isnt the way to get rich, definitely not with my limited amount of time and the pleasures I want to enjoy as a teenager-going-to-be-young-adult. XD

So I started to give thoughts on what I divert to. I insist I want to start making money. Making money in a way that I still able to enjoy life as a teenager-going-to-be-young-adult,or in the other simpler term, student. I started to see the opportunities in Internet Marketing (IM). There were life-examples of Internet Marketing Millionaire that I have read before, making it real big in the industry. So I thought, why not a try? and Nature set its pace.I was fortunate to found out a Internet Marketing Bootcamp that would be held.........

This 3-day Internet Marketing Bootcamp that I went during the last weekend really was an eye-opener to the insights of the world of internet marketing. Woohoo...! We were revealed to programmes like: FileZilla FTP, NVU, Amazon Affiliate, Google Adwords, Web Hostings, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization...etc etc

It is indeed an interesting world in there. The bootcamp basically has covered the crucial knowledge to be known in Internet Marketing. It was really informative and effective. Aiming its motto as: ".....take you from complete internet 'newbie' to an internet entrepreneur armed with the correct knowledge and skills to succeed online. ", they spelled it right. This hands-on programme had now made me an internet entrepreneur armed with the correct and competent internet marketing tools in hand.

Before it starts, we were given a humongously large thick book as the course material. Inside it were all the golds to internet marketing success. It made it easy for us in the future to use as a reference in case we forget anything. This is the size.

Doesnt seem very huge?

How about comparing it with another Internet Marketing book that I have bought?

P.S I have another book isn't becos the seminar wasn't good enough. I bought the book before I went to the seminar, even before I found out about the seminar. SO....ya. haha.

This book walks hand-in-hand with the beginners just joining into the internet galaxy. So now I am on my journey to my "millionaire-nary". =) I shall make it!

To many, what I am doing now sounds really tempting. By doing the internet business, I got the best of both worlds. I still enjoy life as a regular college student, living up my dreams, able to spend some precious valueable time with buddies and family, doing what I love, breathing with my passions. At the same time, earning a "sensational" amount of income without the '24-hour clock' constrain!

So since that's case, I've something to make it up for the opportunists or anyone wanting to make a change in their life. Check it out from this informative link. Learn from the World Internet Academy, who has taught me wonders. People have the wrong perception of internet business involves selling physical product online or having your own product and sell it online, BUT it works more than just that. You can have a lot more possibilities than just selling a physical product or owning a product.

So start your own internet business today too, just like me. Have a great journey in the world of internet. =)

Speaking in the postion of a Internet Marketer. =)
Proud XD. (Amateur though)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

-The Debut-

Am I proud to say, my "blog debut" has been released!

Never have I made a decision to write one because of one BIG word Laziness. Now I have to, obliging the Internet Marketing Bootcamp procedures that I am currently in now, currently as in At this very moment. But I guess that's a obligation that's quite beneficial cos hey, friends, now you have one more "interesting" blog to add to your reading pleasures. (I hope XD)

This Bootcamp I am in is by, organised by SuccessResources. Happening in J.W Marriot Hotel, Bukit Bintang KL. Futher details will not be revealed yet. Unless you want go to sleep with my monotonous-content blog. Let me experience it more first..things are going rather s...l...o...w....But I'm "patiently" waiting for things to roll on with a speedier pace. (ya, right, imagine how patient I would be...)

Everybody here is with a laptop. (Duh...this is an INTERNET Marketing Bootcamp, we need computers to get things right!) Initially i expected to see bunch of Sony Vaio users..alas, I dont thk anyone here owns one, except for the speaker himself. In fact, Compaq tops the market, with me being one of the supporter. =)

My Compaq =)

So, now the ball is rolling faster now. FINALLY. The seminar getting till I gain my MIGHTY internet marketing skills. =)