Thursday, March 27, 2008

-The Debut-

Am I proud to say, my "blog debut" has been released!

Never have I made a decision to write one because of one BIG word Laziness. Now I have to, obliging the Internet Marketing Bootcamp procedures that I am currently in now, currently as in At this very moment. But I guess that's a obligation that's quite beneficial cos hey, friends, now you have one more "interesting" blog to add to your reading pleasures. (I hope XD)

This Bootcamp I am in is by, organised by SuccessResources. Happening in J.W Marriot Hotel, Bukit Bintang KL. Futher details will not be revealed yet. Unless you want go to sleep with my monotonous-content blog. Let me experience it more first..things are going rather s...l...o...w....But I'm "patiently" waiting for things to roll on with a speedier pace. (ya, right, imagine how patient I would be...)

Everybody here is with a laptop. (Duh...this is an INTERNET Marketing Bootcamp, we need computers to get things right!) Initially i expected to see bunch of Sony Vaio users..alas, I dont thk anyone here owns one, except for the speaker himself. In fact, Compaq tops the market, with me being one of the supporter. =)

My Compaq =)

So, now the ball is rolling faster now. FINALLY. The seminar getting till I gain my MIGHTY internet marketing skills. =)

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g.e.n.i.e said...


happy belated bday!!! =)

i linked u le. hope u wun mind ya..

take care xoxo.. ^^