Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to Singapore again!

Hoho. Yesh. I'm going to Singapore again. =DD

And mid-sem break has officially started.

Huuuu. I finally can take a breather off my hectic schedule every other day and get some holiday.

But then actually, I'm going to Singapore to attend a seminar on vocal training, not exactly for a holiday. Gees. However, I'm looking very forward to it. Woot.

I won't be able to update Project 365 as timely but I'll definitely continue it in Singapore and post the photos up when I'm back on Monday. =D

Btw, I went to Veen Dee's house today and saw her violin. I requested her to play for me a simple tune or whatsoever as long as she plays, but she rejected me very cold-heartedly. I even threatened to post up her nose pimple's photo if she doesn't want to play for me. She still doesn't hell care.

Gees. So this is her nose pimple if you can see it.

Stupid orang yang sangat degil. Ish.

Oh! That's just in case you miss me. =)

Routined Endless Buziness

Day # 20 of Project 365

Routined Endless Buziness

When can I take a rest? When I can I take a breath?
The ties are colourful and happy; but do you know the stress and tension once it's smartly put over the shirt collar?
Monday, Red; Tuesday, Blue; Wednesday, Striped; Thursday, Green; Friday, Orange and Saturday, Black; Sunday, (finally) tie-less.
The work never stops, the routine never ends.
Tell me: when can I really feel as colourful and as happy as the ties can be?

These are my lecture's tie, hung at the back of his office door. If you look at the colour, you'll know that he definitely has a thing with ties. All the luminous and bright colours.

I think it's so cute, therefore I couldn't help to snap this shot to make it the photo of the day. =D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Standing Out

Day # 19 of Project 365

Standing out
Standing Out

When I realise my life has just been like the rest of the leaves and grass that are monotonously green,
I tell myself I want to be the odd Red leaf that stands out in the crowd: Outwit, outdo and outlast.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Light of Hope

Day # 18 of Project 365

Hope of Light
Light of Hope

I don't want you to share just my sadness, I want share my laughter too.
So, in times of trouble or happiness, will you just stand by me and be my light of hope?

Shaheen Jafargholi

Britain's Got Talent 2009's Shaheen Jafargholi has a super duper awesome voice.

The embedding is disabled so I can't put the video here. But here's the awesome link, to listen to the awesome voice:

Britain's Got Talent 2009's Shaheen Jafargholi

I've listened to it like hundred times. And everytime I listen, there's some tremendous reaction of goosebumps due to his awesome voice and his cute face and cute smile and cute dimples!

I don't know why but I think Susan Boyle has been so overrated. This young boy here belted a way more impressive performance.

Even the notorious Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation. So how can you miss this merely 12-year-old fantabulous awesome talent?

Watch now!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Day # 17 of Project 365

-No title-

Sometimes when I feel like merely living in my own world and not accommodating people's sight, I like to put on an over-sized shirt, my nerdy spectacles, bun up my hair and wear the simplest pearly white ear stud.

Blunt and discreet: so people would choose to just walk pass me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For G-Clique

Day # 16 of Project 365

We are all here :)
We are all here
Jiayan, Fern & Hui Ting

G-Clique mini reunion, like finally.

My bestest high school mates till now.

One came back for 'study' break, one back for semester break.

Mini because the other 3 person are still hanging around some corner of the world, don't want to come back to Penang yet. =P

Oi, G-Clique sekalian:
Did you see the reflection on the marble table? If you change our faces into your faces, it made it like 6 of us are 'spiritually' together. Hoho. I'm very lame, but then nice and wen xin right? Hence the title of the photo anyway . =D

*more updates in this post soon. Gotta hit the hay. It's nearly 3am. Crazy.


I decided to change the title instead, so that it sounds more personal, because some of you kept complaining I never really talk about G-Clique in my blog. So here it is. =D

For those that are not G-Clique and is reading this: We are a group of 6 hot chics that produce the biggest and noisiest sound if we gather together. (But most of the time they pinpoint at me as the cause to noise volume).

The clique was founded in year 2006, when I
so-happen to be in the same class as the intelligent 5 others. Whenever I'm with them, I would never admit or boost that I'm smart (Haha, like I never did. *roll eyes*).

Let me tell you what power they have to make me
(sometimes) humble:
Miss Oh Su Lin, the Top 1 girl for 3 consecutive years, that it is a tedious task to try to beat her and now she's working hard to get a place in Cambridge Uni in England. Siao bo siao. And mind you, she doesn't look nerdy at all.

Miss Ooi Jiayan aka Jelly, the only person in the 6 who got herself a JPA scholarship to study in New Zealand; She has rosy cheeks and I always laugh at her joke. =D

Liow Ying Tian, the Top 10s or not Top 15s in school, now on the way to becoming a doctor. And the first and only person to have a boyfriend among us all.

Oh! the three above are also gifted with the talent in music, besides that fact that I'm a better singer than them though. Hoho.

Lee Phey Chien, also the Top 10s or not Top 15s in school, also a beautiful doctor in-the-making. I reckon next time she would have a lot of repeated patients, just so that they can take a look at her. Oh! And she's super good in making certain sounds. If you GET what I mean. =)

Lew Hui Ting and I like to totally change her name and call her Lau Hui Theng because when I first got to know her and when we started to become closer friends, I totally thought that her name is spelled as that and even proudly wrote it for her in msn. =S This one is an accountant in the making. And she's like the mum in our clique because she has the mother-style when she talks to us and maybe also because she was the monitor when we were in the same class.

Oh, now is no. Six, which is me! Woot.
Tan Chin Fern. I don't know, she's just beyond describable by words.I think she's just so cool la, don't know how to say. So to know her better, read her blog -

Oh wait. you are actually here. Woot. And I realise I'm being super lame. =DD

Oh back to G-clique, now that studies and our future visions did us apart, and that I'm the only one left in Penang, every gathering means a lot. Because we can see each other like 3 months once? Or less? The one that studies in England even worst, like once a year? -.- We used to see each other everyday until sien.

So on Sunday, Jiayan, Hui Theng and I met up at OXO Cafelab. They both talked so much until they partially ignore my presence. Haha.

So while they were BUSY TALKING to EACH OTHER, I saw two black plastic bags on the other untaken chair. So I interrupted them: 'eh, you went to Queensbay just now?' And then I look into the bag to see they have purchased.

I saw a plus-sized magazine featuring Jay Chou. woot. Jay Chou. So I was kinda estatic.

Three of us love Jay Chou super a lot, so I assume the saw some Jay Chou magazine, bought for themselves and did not tell me. =( What a friend.

I proceeded to ask for the price of the magazine so just in case it's afforable I want to go get it.

Hui Theng was kinda hesitant to answer. "Don't ask la," she said.

"Why?" I wondered.

"Because this is for you. Your belated birthday present!"

And I omg like don't know how many times. They are so thoughtful to give me the surprise. =))

Besides that, they bought me a lot of other things: big black tote, smiley face badge, musical note earrings, roll-on glitter for make-up, yellow duckie cellophone tape (weird right, but they think of me when they saw it just because I blog about it long time ago, once), and two printed photos of three of us. =)

I had fun talking and gossiping. All of you were in our minds that night, so don't worry you've missed out this gathering. Like I said, virtually together. =)

Wei! All of you, come back soon. I can't wait to be the noisest and the most irritating group of people when 6 of us hang out again next time!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catwoman and Hello Kitty

I went to a friend's house for a musical play practice today. Her place is a home full of cats and if my counting is right, it is around about 20 cats.

Yes. 20 Cats, together with 6 human beings in a house.

As a comparison, I only have 1 dog at home, with 4 human beings.

Anyway, our practice did not work out as well because the main actor and actresses couldn't make it, choreographer wasn't well, crews did not turn up, musicians team wasn't complete and the rest of what-nots.

So, we only manage to practise part of the script for once during the entire 3 hours and the rest of the time....

....I cat-camwhore. Like REALLY camwhore.

The mummy cat just gave birth to 4 cute lil' kittens. They are too cute and I couldn't help it.


I'm never really a fan of cats. Never. I think their purrs are scary. But the kitten's are toooooo cute and I just have to give them the limelight.

Let's do some Yoga?
Let's do some Yoga?

Suddenly, the odd-one-out-orange-fur-coat little kitten demonstrated some Yoga moves and expected me to follow. I foolishly followed and that's why this photo is upside down. =S


The rest just sat down quietly, posing for my camera.

Then somehow, they encounter conflicts because one wants to outdo and 'outpose' one another in front of me.


Argument and Intolerance

There was really some major Cat-Fight.

And then they got really tired.

I don't wanna know


I'll always be my your side

Super duper uber adorable. =)

Sorry, I'm using a lot of flickr images recently that makes the photos load slower, but be patient. It's a good payoff for nicer images.

Out of all these that I've taken, I've chosen my favourite one as my photo of the day. =D

Day # 14 of Project 365

Tender Loving Care
Nolstalgic Touch

"Do you still remember how your mother showered you her love and care and sit right beside you throughout the nights when you were having your nightmares?"

The nostalgic gentle pat on the head reminds how you encouraged and supported me when I failed that short-distance race and the singing competition.

I tugged into your hug and teared even more. You softly whispered into my ear and said: "You made me so proud my dear child."

Without you, I won't turn out to be me. I love you, Mum.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Where are you?

Today, when I was up and ready to go out from home, I realise my hair was a bit messy and I wanted to tie it up before I go out.

But I COULDN'T FIND MY FRIGGIN' SMILEY HAIR BAND that I just bought not long ago!

High and low and still no show! =(

I last remember I put it in my beach bag. But it's nowhere to be seen.

Day # 14 of Project 365

Double Smiley Hairband

Double Smiley Hairband

A simple hairband that simply brightens up your gloomy day.

Please tell me where are you? I can't afford to lose you.
(I have a fetish on yellow smiley faces, can't blame me.)

And all day long I've been pausing in between my thoughts, recalling where have I misplace this little thing.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Realisation of Beauty

I always admire the beauty of Esther. She has a pair of stunning eyes.

But she hardly can suck in my compliment.

Today, I decided to snap something for her to see.

And she immediately forced me to put it up as the Photo of the Day in my blog after seeing it.

She kept saying: 'Put this in your blog as the photo of the day man!'

Day 13 # of Project 365

Realisation of Beauty

The Long lashes of Esther Tee.

(I don't bother photoshop-ing the flaws out, because it's the eyelashes that counts. Haha!)

*Update: I wanted to put the photo below in, but forgot. Hehe.

So, after seeing Esther's beautiful, long and voluminous eyelashes, I was eager to see my own eyelashes too (besides the fact that I might feel inferior over it).

So, I asked Esther to take for me.

She took my camera...

and she totally give me her cold-shoulder!

Thank-you-very-much Esther -.-

And when I squeaked about the photo, she immediately clarify: "I don't know how to take portrait one, I don't know how to take portrait one."

Ya right. Whatever, Shut up.

Portraiture Photoshoot

I love my Photo Communication classes.

Almost every other week, we would go out on photo shooting field trips around Penang with our very own lecturer cum great photographer Mr Aaron. :)

I quietly took Mr Aaron's photo when we had our trip over at Botanical Gardens. Super cute.

This week we had our portraiture themed photo shoot over at Youth Park. Every field trips would have us experiment and explore on a different theme by the way.

I always love taking portraits photography. I love to see the smile, the excitement and happiness on people's face when they realise how beautiful they actually look.

Sometimes their rants and grumps on how 'fat and ugly' they look makes me giggle.

Taken all with my one and only black camera,

Photo credits to Tan Veen Dee @ Botanical Gardens

..Let me show you them. =D

The Beautiful People

Dasha Logan

Dasha Logan

Dasha Logan

Dasha Logan

Photogenic Classic Beauty



Soft side of the Feminist

Esther Tee

Esther Tee

Esther Tee

Esther Tee
Suprises & Curiousity

Veen Dee


Yoan Fergie

Yoan Fergie
Super cute.

And wait, one last one. =)

Chin Fern
Photo Credits to Dasha Logan

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Imperfect's Perfect Match

When I went to Singapore around a month or more ago, I bought this pair of flats because my other pair was spoiled due to 'over-work'.

And I that pair of flats.

It did give me trouble like blisters and sores during the first few wears; just like what any other newbie in any area would encounter. It even faced criticism and discrimination from people around me; the few close friends of mine just don't like the slight of it. Everytime I wear it, everytime they will remind how not nice my shoes are.

But now I can flaunt it, dance it and run with it, comfortably and beautifully. And never care what people think about it.

I my flats, my Imperfect Perfect's Match.

Day # 12 of Project 365

Perfect Match
Imperfect's Perfect Match

No one ever thinks the ballet flats complemented the dress.They were criticised, back-talked, and received strange stares and objections.

But nothing could stop them.

No matter how the whole world think of them, when they look into each other's eyes, they just know that they are meant for each other, just like the legendary Butterfly Lovers. =)

I saw an amazing video in facebook about family love.

It says: "Look at relationships from a different light through the eulogy of a woman who's recently lost her husband."

The video is called 'Beautifully Imperfect'.

Before this, the title of my photo of the day was: Perfect Match. After watching the video, I realised it is all the imperfections that make the perfections in life, don't you think? Hence, the title. =D

Looking back, have you really appreciated and cherished your beautifully imperfect family? :)

If not, start! This very moment. Nothing's too late. =D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Day # 11 of Project 365


You may not be the tallest, strongest or the straightest,
nor the one that cooks me up with your sweetest words,
the only thing I know is that,
I can just rely on you.

Fully and comfortably. =)

Of Rage, Anger & Frustration

Day # 10 of Project 365

Of Rage, Anger and Frustration
Of Rage, Anger & Frustration

The red thorny leaves among the green peace reminded me how I felt that day.

I was vexed and I just couldn't understand why.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New-Age Tranquility

Day # 9 of 365

New-Age Tranquility
New-Age Tranquility

Instead of natural beaches or lakes, people now choose to just indulge themselves at their nearest 'massive' water source available - the swimming pool.

Lying on the wooden platform, looking up to the starry skies; listening to the sound of the idle pool water, playing with some splashes: you soon find yourself right beside Peace & Tranquility.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

100th (and one-th) post

I always see a lot of bloggers being very excited and happy having their blogs achieving the number 100th post. And they will usually announce and make a special post about it.

Tell me if it rings your bell. HAH!

This is my 101th post. And I used more than a year achieving that number.

Laziness and procrastination. Don't give me that look. =DD


Day # 8 of Project 365


'Passion' never forgets to pull his friend, 'Practice', on his hands, wherever he goes.

Doing what my Passion asked me to do. =)

'Piano, musical score and hand'?I know it's cliche, very cliche, but I still want to take it, because it's MY passion that you are seeing. =D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Exam's done!

Exam is done! Oooyeah oooyeah. I'm kinda ecstatic. Just kinda cos it's just mid-term, I have my finals more to go on July.

the kinda-Ecstatic smile

Right after the exam, Esther Tee, Veen Dee and I went to Times Square to, according to Esther, destress. But then actually she's the only one who was stressing and maybe she expected us to have stress like she does. Aduhai.

such a happy smile, how do you expect me to have stress?

Btw, Times Square only have a few kiosks and shops in there yet, 13% filled only. We went there just for a meal at Gasoline, a concept restaurant. The price is actually rather affordable, but I think food was just okay.

Oh yeah! If you notice, my hair, it's different! Hoho. I actually did something to my hair before my birthday and I never blog about it and I never had any of my newly dyed hair photo since, in my blog. I'll try to make a post on it. =)

And omigod. I left my Project 365 out for two long days cos my house's internet connection was faulty for two whole days. I can't go online doing what I do everyday, so I had to delay the update.

I'll put them up one by one now. =)

Day # 7 of 365

Nature's Pink

Nature's Pink
As pretty as it can be.


Copywriting class was as usual despite the fact that we are having our mid-term test.

Esther and I are in the same team and our first draft of thumbnail artwork was due on that day itself. We quickly squeezed out every of our brain juice and came out with this wonderful piece of artwork.

Day # 6 of 365


The paper, the pencil and the eraser really mean it when they say 'Friends Forever'.

A print ad idea-generating artwork for Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate by Tan Chin Fern and Esther Tee.

I super like it. =)

Esther did most of the drawing obviously because I suck at it. My drawing is actually just the bar of chocolate, lying on the sands under the sun by the beach; with the classic rounded sunglasses and the earphone attached to a tiny mp3 player.

The thorough explanation, just in case you couldn't understand what I drew. Haha! =DD

We handed in the piece of paper with a very satisfactory smile on our face.


My smile always stays.

Someone told me something about my upper lip today.

A comment that I first heard from anybody. A comment that I would disregard as a compliment.

I look at him, startled and speechless, at the same time, impressed with his straightforwardness and boldness.

Anyhow, I don't think I'm gonna do anything about it or give it any extra attention, whether or not it will effect my million-dolar smile.


Day # 5 of 365

My smile stays

My smile always stay.

Now save your energy scrutinizing the photo.

You won't see my teeny-weeny-meeny moustache that I kinda have that my friend was trying to tell me.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Night Sky

Day #4 of 365

White dot that paints the night

The white dot that paints the night beautiful.

The night is delighted, and so am I. =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Exactly a month ago, I signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009.

They had a whole big scaled roadshow over at Queensbay Mall. While two of my friends and I, were at their 'territory' playing the Foosball game they had over there, a guy came over and asked for our names. I didn't know what was coming so I just said my name proudly and then... he asked us to go and play a game.


One of my tasks is to run to the first floor of Queensbay, and shout 'I LOVE STANDARD CHARTERED KL MARATHON 2009' out loud. And they made me said that TWICE because the emcee said I was too fast the first time. Gees.

After the game, the sort of endorser of the Marathon, came and told me: 'From the way you ran just now, I can see that you are quite a runner. Do you always run?' I didn't know what to answer cos if I said yes, he will definitely ask me to sign up for the marathon. But that Ms Oh Su Lin happily helped me answered, 'Yeah yeah, she runs/she's an athlete.' or something like that.

Er...ya, athlete but that was longgggggg time ago. Haha. I'm just a ordinary runner now! Hoho.

Anyway, the guy somehow had his ways to hit right on my ego, awaken my slacking running enthusiasm and talked me through to sign up for the run.

I think I lost my senses when I signed up, Penang pun belum conquer now want to go KL to run. Gees.

I registered for the half marathon category, which is a 21.1km journey.

My route is the one in Grin. Oh! I mean green. =D Hoho. Lame.

Day # 3 of 365

Ready, Get set, Go!
Ready, Get Set, Go!

Run not to win the race, but to win yourself. :)

I'm gonna use this picture to constantly remind myself to train diligently. Remember: it's a 21.1km line that I'm meeting.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Penang Pride

Day # 2 of 365

Penang Pride

Penang Pride: Not merely about the bridge, it's also about the beautiful skies. =D

Such breath-taking scenery in my own land is something I never really take time to treasure. The moon is never rounder on the other side, we just never really take a look at our sides. See how beautiful Penang really is? I like. =D

My Happy Mother's Day post should be up only end of the week. Cos it's all about exam this week. Study study study! Ahhhh!

However, Project 365, never stops. :)

Oh oh oh, btw, something really interesting here!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project 365

Veen Dee and I, both are taking on this very Project 365.

A no theme, no limits, no restrictions, yet simple photography project. =D

We are gonna snap a photo each and every day for the next 365 days, starting from today, 9th of May till the next 8th of May 2010, which concludes the project by then.

(*update [8th June]: I decided to not make it like an 'each and everyday' a photo project. Because as long as I've followed it now, I realise sometimes I have to force myself to take a photo without an apparent reason or meaning, JUST to fulfill the project. I find it a bit purposeless and unmeaningful, if the flow of the photo taking doesnt come in naturally and with feelings. Therefore, I'll just try to take a photo when I feel like it until I take 365 photos! =D And then i'll update it here. =))

She actually had a 2-day head start before me, and I very don't like, haha, so she decided to hold it on until my day 2 and then we'll continue together.

There's really no particular reason why I want to do this. I bring my camera with me everywhere I go, but I don't use it everyday, so I guess this project would make my effort of bringing the camera out, to the fullest!
(maybe this is just one of the very way to keep my blog more alive. =DD)

Project 365: photo that tells a story a day.

Day # 1 of 365


Favourite-Favourite. =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Not just Money for Coffee

Yesterday, I was having a chat with someone over a governmental issue. She was going through some billing matters of a government-owned company when I was asking her.

The first thing she told me was: You know what, next time when you really have to deal governmental issues, just bribe them, and then you'll definitely get your shit done.

My heart immediately sank.

This is the kind of country that I'm leaving in? Settling things in a discreet way, the rich will get their way out by the snap of their fingers and the deprives being discriminated and treated unfairly? Is this how the way the country serve their people?

This is not my first time hearing this kind of comment. There are too many incidents where I can count that uses the power of money to put some unlawful things into the black hidden cave. No one knows what has happened, no one knows the truth. It's been talked about and spread around, but the truth? Tell me why.

I'm an anti-bribery. I really don't like the idea of using money to cover up the wrong things you have done. If so, then tell me, when are you going to stop doing the unlawful, and learn your lesson and make our own country a peaceful place to live, where things will take its pace through the lawful way, and no poor fellows will be left behind?

I have my reasoning by saying I'm an anti-bribery. I remembered there's once where I was caught talking on the phone while I was driving. I actually just answered the phone call to tell the person: Hey, I'm now driving, I'll call you back later. And who knows, in that split seconds, a police car passed by me and signaled to stop by the side.

A young policeman in his early 20s walked towards my car. As usual, the police will first ask for my Identity card and my driving license, and then the very first thing he told me, in Malay was: So how you want to settle?

I immediately fall into an utter disappointment. My country's policeman? Aspiring young man? The country's future? Bribery?

I didn't give in. I'm certain I'm not going to give any 'duit kopi' to the young policeman. I was trying as hard to ask for a first-time grant from him. He ignored what I say and asked me for 'settlement' and I went straightforward, "I definitely won't give you 'duit kopi', is either you issue me a ticket or you please give me a chance, and really can you please give me a chance?" And he kept telling me: You are still holding your 'Probation' tag, if you are fined for this your marks will be deducted and it's RM 300 you know. And all his might to persuade me for some coffee money.

I was still asking for forgiveness. Until at a point of time, I was really disappointed. All that filled his eyes was $ from me. In the end, I gave up, I said: I won't give you duit kopi, is either you give me a ticket or please give me a chance.

When he as deciding between the two options, he saw some shimmering in my eyes. He told me: "Don't cry la, aiyo, don't cry. Okla, I give you a chance, don't cry la, aiyo. Next time don't do it again ok." I thank him and we went off.

I did not cry. In actual fact, it was my eye makeup. I was wearing a glittery eyeliner that night and thank god, it managed to deceive the policeman and save me from forking out RM 300 for a pointless talk on the phone. =))

Haha. Actually it diverted too far from the serious point I'm trying to make here. Hahah. The country now stands in hand with bribery. The rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer - poorer of fairness and unbiasness.

I really want our country to change one day, really change - a fair, even, equal advantage, honest, upright and honourable Malaysia. A country that I can treasure, love and respect from the bottom of my heart.

My single effort contributes, but if you, you and you do your part, imagine the outcome that it brings - unmeasurably resultful. =)

OMG. I don't know why I suddenly become so patriotic.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Itsy-Winsy Joke

Shit. I want to go to pee.
~quoted from Oh Su Lin ~

I think it's funny.

What? You think the humour is too dry?

I get amused and tickled by itsy-winsy jokes (whatever itsy-winsy would mean), I think that's why I laugh so often.

Or maybe I'm just getting lamer and lamer day by day. Hoho.

But i like! =)

Let's just laugh and rejoice, life's FUN-nnnnnny!