Friday, May 15, 2009


Copywriting class was as usual despite the fact that we are having our mid-term test.

Esther and I are in the same team and our first draft of thumbnail artwork was due on that day itself. We quickly squeezed out every of our brain juice and came out with this wonderful piece of artwork.

Day # 6 of 365


The paper, the pencil and the eraser really mean it when they say 'Friends Forever'.

A print ad idea-generating artwork for Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate by Tan Chin Fern and Esther Tee.

I super like it. =)

Esther did most of the drawing obviously because I suck at it. My drawing is actually just the bar of chocolate, lying on the sands under the sun by the beach; with the classic rounded sunglasses and the earphone attached to a tiny mp3 player.

The thorough explanation, just in case you couldn't understand what I drew. Haha! =DD

We handed in the piece of paper with a very satisfactory smile on our face.


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