Friday, May 15, 2009

Exam's done!

Exam is done! Oooyeah oooyeah. I'm kinda ecstatic. Just kinda cos it's just mid-term, I have my finals more to go on July.

the kinda-Ecstatic smile

Right after the exam, Esther Tee, Veen Dee and I went to Times Square to, according to Esther, destress. But then actually she's the only one who was stressing and maybe she expected us to have stress like she does. Aduhai.

such a happy smile, how do you expect me to have stress?

Btw, Times Square only have a few kiosks and shops in there yet, 13% filled only. We went there just for a meal at Gasoline, a concept restaurant. The price is actually rather affordable, but I think food was just okay.

Oh yeah! If you notice, my hair, it's different! Hoho. I actually did something to my hair before my birthday and I never blog about it and I never had any of my newly dyed hair photo since, in my blog. I'll try to make a post on it. =)

And omigod. I left my Project 365 out for two long days cos my house's internet connection was faulty for two whole days. I can't go online doing what I do everyday, so I had to delay the update.

I'll put them up one by one now. =)

Day # 7 of 365

Nature's Pink

Nature's Pink
As pretty as it can be.

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