Monday, May 18, 2009

New-Age Tranquility

Day # 9 of 365

New-Age Tranquility
New-Age Tranquility

Instead of natural beaches or lakes, people now choose to just indulge themselves at their nearest 'massive' water source available - the swimming pool.

Lying on the wooden platform, looking up to the starry skies; listening to the sound of the idle pool water, playing with some splashes: you soon find yourself right beside Peace & Tranquility.


Oh said...

*1 sunshine* =p

super dooper love tis photograph. (fern made me come n do tis) hahahaaa joking. really really love the pic. so serene, calm, tranquil, scenic,...... running out of adjectives here.. but yeah u get wat i mean. =DDDD

Chin Fern said...

Yesh! I love you oh su lin. :D :D Thank you for the compliment. =)