Friday, May 8, 2009

Not just Money for Coffee

Yesterday, I was having a chat with someone over a governmental issue. She was going through some billing matters of a government-owned company when I was asking her.

The first thing she told me was: You know what, next time when you really have to deal governmental issues, just bribe them, and then you'll definitely get your shit done.

My heart immediately sank.

This is the kind of country that I'm leaving in? Settling things in a discreet way, the rich will get their way out by the snap of their fingers and the deprives being discriminated and treated unfairly? Is this how the way the country serve their people?

This is not my first time hearing this kind of comment. There are too many incidents where I can count that uses the power of money to put some unlawful things into the black hidden cave. No one knows what has happened, no one knows the truth. It's been talked about and spread around, but the truth? Tell me why.

I'm an anti-bribery. I really don't like the idea of using money to cover up the wrong things you have done. If so, then tell me, when are you going to stop doing the unlawful, and learn your lesson and make our own country a peaceful place to live, where things will take its pace through the lawful way, and no poor fellows will be left behind?

I have my reasoning by saying I'm an anti-bribery. I remembered there's once where I was caught talking on the phone while I was driving. I actually just answered the phone call to tell the person: Hey, I'm now driving, I'll call you back later. And who knows, in that split seconds, a police car passed by me and signaled to stop by the side.

A young policeman in his early 20s walked towards my car. As usual, the police will first ask for my Identity card and my driving license, and then the very first thing he told me, in Malay was: So how you want to settle?

I immediately fall into an utter disappointment. My country's policeman? Aspiring young man? The country's future? Bribery?

I didn't give in. I'm certain I'm not going to give any 'duit kopi' to the young policeman. I was trying as hard to ask for a first-time grant from him. He ignored what I say and asked me for 'settlement' and I went straightforward, "I definitely won't give you 'duit kopi', is either you issue me a ticket or you please give me a chance, and really can you please give me a chance?" And he kept telling me: You are still holding your 'Probation' tag, if you are fined for this your marks will be deducted and it's RM 300 you know. And all his might to persuade me for some coffee money.

I was still asking for forgiveness. Until at a point of time, I was really disappointed. All that filled his eyes was $ from me. In the end, I gave up, I said: I won't give you duit kopi, is either you give me a ticket or please give me a chance.

When he as deciding between the two options, he saw some shimmering in my eyes. He told me: "Don't cry la, aiyo, don't cry. Okla, I give you a chance, don't cry la, aiyo. Next time don't do it again ok." I thank him and we went off.

I did not cry. In actual fact, it was my eye makeup. I was wearing a glittery eyeliner that night and thank god, it managed to deceive the policeman and save me from forking out RM 300 for a pointless talk on the phone. =))

Haha. Actually it diverted too far from the serious point I'm trying to make here. Hahah. The country now stands in hand with bribery. The rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer - poorer of fairness and unbiasness.

I really want our country to change one day, really change - a fair, even, equal advantage, honest, upright and honourable Malaysia. A country that I can treasure, love and respect from the bottom of my heart.

My single effort contributes, but if you, you and you do your part, imagine the outcome that it brings - unmeasurably resultful. =)

OMG. I don't know why I suddenly become so patriotic.

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