Sunday, August 31, 2008

KDU Ball 2008 - Silver Memoirs / KDU Idol Finale

Now, finally it's up.

I did mention the Ball nite of KDU is also the finals of KDU Idol. (which I already won the title XD)

On that day, stage crews, performers and finalists have to reached 3 hours earlier for all the preparation, basically for: hair-do by Hair Impression Academy and make-up by Mary Kate.

Nothing much was being done onto my hair. The hairstylist after seeing our rehersal on the day before said that if I let my hair down, I'll look better for the whole image. Sexier, in another words, because i can fling my hair.

So, what he did was: straightened my hair and sprayed some excessive amount of gold and silver colour onto my thick black hair.

The end-result.

When the clock nearly strucked 8 at night, the event started with a blasting opening dance from our very own KDU Dance Club.

I didnt really know how everything went on as I was at backstage most of the time to get myself prepared.

(And to take some pictures)

KDU Idol finalists.
From left, Jeffrey, MC, Ben Kwang Lin, Kid, Fern and Joyce

Cheerie. 'Sexy-ness' steaming inside out, outside in. Till I can't resist. XD

Joe. Opening dance Mastermind. Young & Talented. =)

But I'm sure there are speeches all around before the dinner was officially served.

Then, it was the band, 5 months to December, to perform some English popular hits.

I like their band name. 5 months to December. They crowd certainly like their performance too.

And before I realised, the competition started. It was Jeffrey's turn to sing his choice of a Malay song. He was the first one to go.

Next up, Kwang Lin. Belting out David Tao's "ai hen jian dan" with his impressive fancy falsetto.

The 3rd to go, was my new-found good friend, Mr Kid. He danced his way to make the crowd screamed with his dance fusion of poppin', hip hop and some other styles which I don't know.

He's a very good self-learnt dancer. When I first saw him during rehersals, my jaw dropped terribly. I swear I was intimidated and I had the thought of quitting KDU Idol competition. Haha.

But in the end...I....W.....*ahem* ahem* Yes, anyway, Next up!

Benignus Cheah who connected well with his audience with 'When you say nothing at all' with his story of when you first, met your love...fuyoh!

Now let's welcome the next contestant, none other than,

Tan Chin Fern aka Fern =)

"Other dancers maybe on the floor, Dear but my eyes will see only You. Only You have that magic technique, when we sway I go weak.."

~ Sway ~
by the Pussycat Dolls.

I did also say it was going to a breakthrough for me this time. My very first time doing something I have never tired before.

A partner dance.

And it was fun!

And awesomely done. I love it!

My dance partner, Jerry.
Thank you very much.
Without that partner dance, I don't think my performance will stand out that much. =)
I really appreciate it. Really do.

Continuing with some endless goodness is the next dancer, MC.

He did some outrageous Michael Jackson's signature move. (as shown above. Haha)

He also added spices in his performance with a spoof version of a lady and another real version of a hot lady. He was the night's crowd favourite with loudest cheers and the euphoria. Good job done indeed.

The last to impress the audience was Joyce, the other only female contestant beside myself.

She sang out a 'hard-core' vocal challeging chinese song, 'hui jia' and Well done. =)

All contestants had struted their stuff and done their very best.

Before results were out, all finalists and performers thank everybody's attendance with a closing dance together, which we have practised for sometime.
And then, it was up for the moment of truth. The announcement of results.

Yes, you know I won. No more further elaboration.

But if you want to see my prizes.
A Guess watch

I tried on...

And although I like it, I thought it suits my dad more.
So I presented it to him since his was taken away when my house was burglared.

And RM100 coffee bean voucher.

And of course they main attraction, the crystal trophy.

Let me introduce you the other final two. They ought to receive some credits for their awesome-ness on stage. =)


Then the rest to be acknowledged are: stage crews, performers, coordinators and planners.
Splendid night by their splendid effort.

And some other incidents that happened aftermath.

I kissed my trophy too hard whenever I see it.

Kid, actually attempted to snatch away my trophy from me.

And I realised he was way stronger than me that I had to succumb to his request. NOT.

Ok, stop being so nice Jeffrey. I'm not going to give up my trophy just because you want to take photo with me to make me feel like a star.

Ok. enough. Haha.
Sorry people, no video yet for now. It needs some processing before I can show you and it might actually take 'some' time. I can't wait to post it up, but circumstances doesnt allow. My sincerest apologies.
And, video, I hope to see you soon!
Photo credits to JessT. Sorry for taking it before asking! =S

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Tribute to KDU Idol's *ahem* supporters

Ok, no harm calling myself KDU Idol since I already am, rite? and the whole world is calling me this. They have forgotten my name. =(

(Ok, not the whole world, I have a strong tendency in exaggerating)

But this post is specially dedicated to those who strongly supported me, be at my side and believe in me.

This is for my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. =)

Many know that there was a commotion in my blog after the post announcing I have been crowned the title last Saturday. KDU Idol, to these people's opinion, was supposed to be won by their 'beloved' contestant, not me, they thought I wasn't worthy for it. But too bad, they have been disagreed. Many stood up for me. They supported me strongly. They were by my side. Even those that I am not close with, gave them a peace of mind. They believed in me.

Most importantly, I believed in myself.

I feel warmth, grateful and loved for all the support and back-ups from everyone of you. My sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

No one let me handle this all by myself. =)

When I told Ben about this (Ben as in Benjamin Singh), he went to see the comments and responded like nothing provocative actually happended. He calmly told me:

"You won already. That's what important. Tell me, if they say you are unhot and dumb, are you?"

"See you also know the answer!"

Thanks, Ben!

Kid, was in the Final Three. Equally good, but I ended up beating him in getting the trophy. He said, "everyone wants that trophy..but only you can get are the one! woohoo!"

Thanks KDU Idol no.2! Haha.

Jeffrey, one of the finalist, was also on my side. I'm really glad and flattered that he said: she had done was way more impressive than others, she had presence and she sang well rather than plain dancing. she is indeed a talented person." =)

Thanks Jeffrey. You, Way to go too!

Manson, one of the semi-finalists who didnt make it through the finals, but who I think was actually really good, told me, "You deserved the title, really."

Cindy gave me another confirmation that, I really do deserved the title.

Thanks Manson. Thanks Cindy. =)

ShiYing aka Sai Sai Sai wasn't in the Ball. But her wish of being there and shout for me, makes me feel touched. She did not comment anything on my performance as she wasn't there, and that was fair. However, she was telling me, "your braveness and creativity to shrug your shoulders and laugh the 'crisis' off really impress me!"

Joan wasn't there either. But she did stand up for me against those "faceless-chickens-broken-hearted" anoymous.

Thanks Sai Sai Sai. Thanks Joan. I shall remain my head up high. =)

Veen Dee gave back a very humorous counterback that made me laughed hard. Thanks Veen Dee Tan Veen Dee!

Jelly Ooi become very sentimental all of a sudden. (The power of Fern, I reckon) She gave me something good: 'I thank those who hurt me, they brought me those who love me'.

I agreed. All these people actually brought me love. Didnt you realise what a sudden increase of comments of this particular posts?! It broke the record in my blog. I never have such a number of comments. Hah!

Thanks Jelly yum yum! Yes, love me or hate me, I'm Tan Chin Fern. =)

Jacky also put in a supporting effort. "Honestly speaking, I've heard ur voice, I've seen ur style, and you deserve it." Of course, he also asked me not to waste my energy bothering all the childishness, save it for something worthing like win more singing competitions to shut their mouth up. Haha!

Yes, I will Jacky! Thanks!

And Cherrie, You gave one of most remarkable comments. Thanks a lot, sexy girl!
"You were the one who had the courage to challenge urself and be the best among all of us. Everybody deserves to win in that competition as all of them strike for the best! You are the one ending up with the trophy because you are the of luck & keep being the best....!"

Thanks, Cherrie. You, keep being sexy ok! Don't deny please!

Hui Theng aka Hui Ting, you know me well. "u all chose the wrong person, ms TAN CHIN FERN is not easily defeated by those immature, meaningless stuff.." Haha.

Thanks, Hui Theng. =)

Alex, although you said you wanted to remain neutral in this issue, as you didnt actually see me perform, but thanks for putting in some words. I really appreciate it. =)

Thanks, Alex.

Not forgetting Esther Tee! Thanks for all the support and encouragement eventhough you 'forget' to put in your comment. Haha.

There are also people putting in wishes and congratulate me in the chatbox, comment box and some other places. Christopher, Andrea, Liow Ying Tian, Jie Xun, Peiying, Samantha, UFat, Lee phey Chien, Jess, Melody, Zi Qin, Kwang Lin, Sharon, Momen and more. Sorry if I missed out your name, but Thanks a lot. I sincerely thank you and I felt deeply grateful.

Thanks for the support, thanks for being by my side, thanks for standing up for me, thanks for believing in me and thanks for being PROUD of ME as the KDU IDOL.

Ask me what is one of the greatest thing that happened in my life?

Having all of you. =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

KDU Idol Craze # 5 - The Finale

The KDU Penang Prom, Silver Memoirs 2008 ended with a glamorous blast.

KDU Idol talent search competition finally made it to the fullstop after 3 months.

The title was crowned.

"KDU Idol 2008" finally has its owner.

Who won?

As humbly enough as I could be, I would like to say:

Thank you for crowning me as the KDU Idol 2008!

Yes, your blogger over here, is the winner of the KDU Idol 2008.

Sorry if you don't like the results, but I LOVE IT! Hah!

I'm too thrilled that until now I can't believe that I actually won the competition!

I mean it was really a tight battle. There was even one who was more of a crowd-favourite than I am.

And one of his supporter 'boo-ed' me when I took over the mic to give the convention 'Thank-You my father & mother speech'.

And I really have to thank my lovely Mum for this. Without her, I'll not be as good as I was on-stage. Thanks Mum Mum! I LOVIE YOU!

Thank you everyone else that gave me their fullest support for this competition. And i mean every single person. =D I LOVIE ALL OF YOU! And in the midst of watching the rest performed, I actually lost all my confidence and no one knows, except Esther, that I broke down. Thanks for being there, if not I think I will pull my hair. Hahahaha.

I had a crystal trophy, a Guess watch and RM 100 Coffee Bean cash voucher as my award.

I love my crystal trophy so super duper much.

More stories and photos up on next posts. Video will be up as well when my friend pass it to me.

Again, stay tune. =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

KDU Idol Craze # 4

The Day has came. The Day is today.

Or better to be know as KDU Prom. Easier. Hah.

At the same time, it's the final stand for the KDU Idol.

The finale after a long month since its audition.

All the finalists went through some hard work.

From the audition to semi-final, went through some photoshoots, our twice-weekly dance practices, until now the Final.

Besides that, I'm sure we went through some hectic time, balancing our own schdule with KDU Idol's routine. Also, spending lots of time searching for the most suitable 'battle song' and scouting for the best dress on-stage.

I don't know about others, but, I myself went through all that to come to today, all-prepared.

Rehersal was yesterday.

I realised the competition was tight. Very tight indeed. Everybody was equally excellent in their own ways.

I am going to sing Sway by the Pussycat Dolls. (Sexy sizzling hot eh?) And I added something special in it. Not anymore a one-man show. Something which I think definitely stir up the crowd. Something I do for the very first time.

Not gonna reveal now. Shall remain a suspense till I show you my performance video after tonight. =)

I'm not sure about my standing in the competition. Judges sometimes practise favouritism, no doubt about it. They might not like me. But I personally give myself a 100% for my breakthrough performance.

I was really Confident of my thing before rehersals yesterday. But witnessing how good others are, portray a threat.

Yet, I stay positive. I know I am going to do my best of very best. I'm gonna give a 101% in this very show.

So..people wish me luck. For those who are gonna see me tonight, keep yourself anticipated. For those who can't make it for tonight, I say sorry for missing out a good show XD but don't worry, watch my video that I would be recording. And for my competitors, Watch Out!!

All the best Fern!

Stay tune. =)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Night Knight

I have to admit, I sleep very late almost every night.

My parents are mad at me. My friends are mad at me.

I am a Night Knight. Trying to fight the late night clock and see who's the winner.

Obviously I'm always defeated.

The next morning, I'll be looking like a dead piece of shit..(fen...My name. Oops!) I'll walk everywhere in the college, with a lethargic face. Like I have gone through some 'nights', E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. XD

Some of my friends will ask me: 'What did you do yesterday?' 'What happened to you?' 'Why do you look so tired?'

The only answer I have is always: I slept very late yesteday night. Lacking some good hours of sleep.

I should slap myself for that.

Everyday when I go to college, I always see people looking fresh and good and pretty everyday. Not that I say I'm not pretty (here I go again...) But behind my beauty, there's always some visible tiredness. Like a layer of something covering my youthfulness.


Zits. Blemishes. Eye bags. Dark Circles. Invaded my piece of face. Some uninvited guest merely stay for 'fun' and don't want to leave.

I must change. NOW.

I'm making a vow and new possiblilty here. I must sleep early starting from tonight.

1.00am is the limit. The latest will be 1.01am. If anyone sees me online at the point of time, thou shall not reply my messages unless I say it's too important.

If my blog posts' time shows anything later than 1.00am, thou shall not read my posts. As I would say, most of the time I stay up late for my blog. I swear I do.

So anything later than 1.00am I should be already on bed. I'm serious, this time.

Do me a favour, if my blog posts show 1.00am or later, drop me a comment. Tell me: Fern, I'm no reading it. You wasted your energy.

I hate it when I know I wasted my energy. HAH.

Tell me no joke, as I'm no joker. -.-

The time is approaching 1.00am, I shall not stay any longer, just in case no one read my hard & heart-written blog posts.

Sweet dreams I shall make. Good night. =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Langkawi-ing!

That was some breezy and hop-py, of course, pleasurable 2 days 2 nights Langkawi jaunt.


Hop-py, because we hopped all around the island, with a rent car. I was super proud to be the driver. (Although stereotypically and conventionally, guys should be the ones driving, but I insisted on me driving cos I thought the guy drove too uncomfortably. and I DON'T LIKE)

We really did went all around the island. The famous tourist spots are so fffffar away from the Kuah Town, the place we stayed. Going to one spot to another takes about 30mins, even the beaches are far. -.-


After some thorough research, Veen Dee managed to find us a decent hotel, the Eagle Bay, which costs us only a dirt cheap of 33 bucks for 2 nights+breakfast, for 3 pax in a room!

We reached late in the noon one our first day, so after grabbing some liquor, and I bought my apple juice, we went to the very-far-away beach at night.

I can't drink alcohol, so I bought apple juice as a substitute so that I can indulge in my 'beer', while my mates enjoyed theirs. I mean, they both have the same liquid colour, do you realise?


The next morning, we went for 'island hopping'. A guided boat-trip to visit the other islands around Langkawi.



Our first destination:

Welcome to Beras Basah Island!

I did feel on the sand and nope, not 'wet'.

In fact soft and fine. I likey!

But with too many coral bits and sea shells, that makes you 'Ouch!' 'Ouch!' 'Ouch!' when you walk along the beach.

What more when I jump??! Especially so many times to get the best shot. Ooouuuccchh!

The hammock, half a size too small for me.

Someone left a straw for us the drink the rest of the sea water. They drank half already.
Veen Dee told me. -.-

We were given only 1 hour at the beach.

How I wish I could stay much longer..

See how mesmerising, how beautiful, how breath-taking, it is?
Photo credits to Esther Tee.

Next destination:


And I innocently thought, hey, interesting, the eagles are so tame that they can actually tap the
food from your palms?

I want to feed! =D

Alas! I was too innocent!

The eagles are fed by our boat driver by throwing some animal meat onto the waters. Then our boat had to be driven some distance away from the food, so that the eagles won't harm us. They landed sharply, swift and 'drift' over the surface and 'whoosh' scoop up the meat, handsomely.

Third stop:

Dayang Bunting Lake

The lake was as hidden as it could be. It is an independant lake that is seperated from the waters we travelled in just now. We had to walk through a short hilly path to witness the wonderful creation.

On the way there, some unique 'creatures' disrupted our journey..

Aliens invaded Langkawi?!
I wonder how they twisted the piece of towel to make them look funny.

The lake was just beautiful. Blissful and tranquil...Back to the nature.

Esther and I got on a solar paddle boat to get a better feel of the lake.

'Leg in the Lake'
quoted from Esther Tee

Awesome ride. Awesome companion. =)

Last destination:

Gunung Dayang Bunting

Our boat driver stopped us in the middle of the sea and 'describe' the shape to us..huhu.

Dayang Bunting means Pregnant 'someone'. I don't know what's dayang and I don't know where have I put my dictionary. But for a wrong translation with a similar meaning is Pregnant Lady la.

When I came up on shore, to my suprise I saw myself..

on a plate. On-sale.

Thats why la, when I was on the bridge, before hopping on the boat, someone holding a camera, kept snapping and said: "look into the camera"

And I thought I was too pretty or maybe too popular that people want to take my photo. -.-

Huhu. This could be a good plate to eat my favourite dish of nasi lemak.

Of course, going to Langkawi, the renowed one and only Underwater World Langkawi shouldn't be missed. I mean, 'I thought' it shouldn't be missed. (Wait..Am I rite? Is it really the one and only Underwater World in M'sia?)

But after going in, aiya, miss also nevermind. It wasn't really a dissapointment but is just that I've seen something greater than this. So I don't need something not better than that rite?

And then the next morning, we bid farewell to..


I enjoyed my holiday. =)