Monday, August 18, 2008

Night Knight

I have to admit, I sleep very late almost every night.

My parents are mad at me. My friends are mad at me.

I am a Night Knight. Trying to fight the late night clock and see who's the winner.

Obviously I'm always defeated.

The next morning, I'll be looking like a dead piece of shit..(fen...My name. Oops!) I'll walk everywhere in the college, with a lethargic face. Like I have gone through some 'nights', E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. XD

Some of my friends will ask me: 'What did you do yesterday?' 'What happened to you?' 'Why do you look so tired?'

The only answer I have is always: I slept very late yesteday night. Lacking some good hours of sleep.

I should slap myself for that.

Everyday when I go to college, I always see people looking fresh and good and pretty everyday. Not that I say I'm not pretty (here I go again...) But behind my beauty, there's always some visible tiredness. Like a layer of something covering my youthfulness.


Zits. Blemishes. Eye bags. Dark Circles. Invaded my piece of face. Some uninvited guest merely stay for 'fun' and don't want to leave.

I must change. NOW.

I'm making a vow and new possiblilty here. I must sleep early starting from tonight.

1.00am is the limit. The latest will be 1.01am. If anyone sees me online at the point of time, thou shall not reply my messages unless I say it's too important.

If my blog posts' time shows anything later than 1.00am, thou shall not read my posts. As I would say, most of the time I stay up late for my blog. I swear I do.

So anything later than 1.00am I should be already on bed. I'm serious, this time.

Do me a favour, if my blog posts show 1.00am or later, drop me a comment. Tell me: Fern, I'm no reading it. You wasted your energy.

I hate it when I know I wasted my energy. HAH.

Tell me no joke, as I'm no joker. -.-

The time is approaching 1.00am, I shall not stay any longer, just in case no one read my hard & heart-written blog posts.

Sweet dreams I shall make. Good night. =)

1 comment:

Ying Tian Liow said...

why u so busy then? sleep earlier la, i tell u ar u everyday sleep late will get not beautiful, scared or not? =p

sleep earlier fen XD