Sunday, August 24, 2008

KDU Idol Craze # 5 - The Finale

The KDU Penang Prom, Silver Memoirs 2008 ended with a glamorous blast.

KDU Idol talent search competition finally made it to the fullstop after 3 months.

The title was crowned.

"KDU Idol 2008" finally has its owner.

Who won?

As humbly enough as I could be, I would like to say:

Thank you for crowning me as the KDU Idol 2008!

Yes, your blogger over here, is the winner of the KDU Idol 2008.

Sorry if you don't like the results, but I LOVE IT! Hah!

I'm too thrilled that until now I can't believe that I actually won the competition!

I mean it was really a tight battle. There was even one who was more of a crowd-favourite than I am.

And one of his supporter 'boo-ed' me when I took over the mic to give the convention 'Thank-You my father & mother speech'.

And I really have to thank my lovely Mum for this. Without her, I'll not be as good as I was on-stage. Thanks Mum Mum! I LOVIE YOU!

Thank you everyone else that gave me their fullest support for this competition. And i mean every single person. =D I LOVIE ALL OF YOU! And in the midst of watching the rest performed, I actually lost all my confidence and no one knows, except Esther, that I broke down. Thanks for being there, if not I think I will pull my hair. Hahahaha.

I had a crystal trophy, a Guess watch and RM 100 Coffee Bean cash voucher as my award.

I love my crystal trophy so super duper much.

More stories and photos up on next posts. Video will be up as well when my friend pass it to me.

Again, stay tune. =)


chrishuang said...

Once again,Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how the hell did you win? You slept with the judges is it??? Since everyone boo-ed you, naturally you should know la that you suck! =D

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you won. How many ppl did you sleep with? You suck balls.

Anonymous said...

I cannot accept the fact that you won the title. I thought it was a gag! For your information you look like a rejected playmate wannabe. You look horrible in fish-net stockings!

Anonymous said...

Not only your jaws dropped. Our jaws also dropped

Chin Fern said...

Mr or Ms Anonymous, For your info, all the three judges are females, so even if I slept with them, which I didnt, they will not even enjoy.
One person boo-ed me out of the 400, so who's judgemnet is better now?
The stocking I was wearing wasn't fish-net. You are obviously blind to think that it was fish-net and that I suck. Cos if you are blind, how can you know that I actually performed well? Blind can't see!
Of course your jaw-dropped. Cos you were impressed, not visually of course, because you are blind, but audioly. =D
How coward are you not to put your name in the comment? But at the end of the day, I GOT the trophy that you hungry for, not you.
So..I don't care what you said.
Thank you for caring to drop by my page though. XD MUAHAHAH.

Chin Fern said...

Christopher, thanks! =D

Andrea said...

hey girl, congrats on ur victory!

your senior said...

Firstly your English is horrible just like your performance. thank you for wasting five minutes of my life which i will never be able to get back . for that alone you should win a trophy . you should be crowned "Miss Total Waste of Sperm. when you look at your birth cert you will see an apology from durex . your parents must have gotten a large settlement because the condom tore when you were conceived. your performance was like masturbation only you enjoyed and you should be arrested for doing it in public. Adolf Hitler is more popular than you. Ghandhi would have advocated violence if he had seen your performance . the only ppl who were happy with your performance were the deaf and the dumb . because they didnt get the chance to see it . you look like a horse , if you look any more like a horse i might have placed ten thousand dollars on you and i would lose. the english dictionary does not contain a word to describe how terrible you were. even Paula Abdul would have told you to stop singing. hell would be a reward for you after that performance. a rapist with AIDS wouldnt even FUCK YOU. oh by the way congratulations on winning KDU idol . i have no idea wat i am doing here and have no idea what KDU idol is but i just think u suck . FYI i didnt wanna waste anymore time reading your blog, im just commenting you!

table 26, 27 & 15 said...

My dear KDU idol Winner,

You must be deaf as well as a terrible singer. Im not suprised you're tone deaf. Not only ONE person boo-ed you, there were at LEAST 3 tables, which totals up to 30 people boo-ed you. I know, i was there. and the others were just too polite to boo you.

PS. you should be thankful the person you ADMIRE wasnt there. Otherwise he would've been too embarrassed to know you.

Chin Fern said...

OH..Thank you! I mean getting a hater always equals to getting a lover. I love this kind of opportunity.
You are here because YOU CARE! Hello. Why would you even want to drop at my page or even search in the net that my blog actually existed? English dictionary doesnt have a word to describe how terrible I am because I am too good to be described.
Alamak. Please la if you don't even care, you would not be coming back to see how you are countered back and give back a ridiculously wrong comment to contaminate in my blog AGAIN. Think! So now who's wasting their own prescious time?!
Please don't say 'your senior'. Because I feel so ashame having to be 'your' junior. Because usually, seniors have higher mentality than the juniors. But..YOU, i'm sorry to say, do not. I don't want to be dumb, so go far far away from me, PLEASE, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!

manson_loh said...

Oh my god..!!! Why are those ppl reacting like that...? Are they jealous or what..>>>?? Why so kek tong leh..???LOL!! Anyway, you really deserved the title la, really...!! Just ignore them..they are so not irrational, if they are that good, why arent they the KDU IDOL right..? Shouldn't comment ppl like that..It's an open competition and the judges decission will be the final of the talk right..? Really ppl, just face the truth..She really sings well, really, i meant it..Just because the results was not you expected, it's really not her fault what..!!!

Chin Fern said...

Thanks Andrea!!! =D thank you very much.

Chin Fern said...

Thank you Manson too! Thanks for your support. =)

saix_ysy said...

I miss the chance to see your performance, chin piangg!! but I bet it surely was a super duper cool competition. How wish I could be there to shout for u? People.. think about how GOOD you are before insulting somebody. Censuring people is a GOOD act? Sarcasm makes you feel GOOD? Just pay some respect! Chin Piangg! your braveness and creativity to shrug your shoulders and laugh it off really impress me!

one of the finalist who lost to you.. said...

Chin Fern!KDU Idol~you are the one who won the KDU Idol!dont bother what those people said to are the best!I support you!everyone wants that trophy..but only you can get are the one!woohoo!

Cindy said...

aiyoh...y those ppl so pien tai wan?/fern...really sia sui to have uncles or aunties lidat in KDU lah...Don't mind about them..Trust me.. I learn music, and I know u deserved it ;) never stop trying alright ? ^^ Have a great day..

Anonymous said...

hi fern fern, u know who am i right? ^^ don care abt others opinion. u know how much effort u hav put in n u 'urself' should know u deserve it or not:D so we r proud tat u get the title~~~:)
Keep up the good work...

Joan said...

chin fern..congrats girl.

anyway, don't bother with those anonymous people who give remarks like that to you.

those are faceless-chickens-broken-hearted-people that have no other place to vent out their anger. haha.

I guess those people like that should get a life, or try any other competition so as to prove that they are better

personal attack is a coward act, plus the anonymity signifies that they are very much retarded. haha

so, fern, keep your head up high girl

d said...

oh god. so what u r a senior, put ur damn name there la. fern, not worth reading those comment from them, there are always people who love to pull u down when u reach victory. i am so sad that i have them as seniors. may be they are the sperm waster instead. gee. believe me, they will check out ur page everyday just to c what we reply them. hahahaha. damn funny man.

so sad to have them as senios. geeez!!

F ur own ass la. against the wal. hahaha. wtf..

Chin Fern said...

SAi sai sai - Yeay! Thanks! they don't respect themselves, therefore, they couldn't manage to respect others. Pathetic, arent it? Wee..! Let's just rejoice that we are wise. =)
One of the finalists - Thank you very much. I actually think everyone else was great, thats why I was so scared when seeing others performed so wonderfully. Is just that, yes, the judges thought that I would be the ONE! Thanks Thanks!
Cindy - thank you for your support! My journey never stops. =)
Anonymous - Yes, I know who you are. Thank you for the commenting effort. Haha. And Terima kasih for being proud of me. =)
Joan - thanks so much! Now my head so high up because of the support. Haha. I feel so fortunate having wonderful people around me. thanks a lot! And yes, I agree, they SHOULD get their life.
Dee - Grr..! Your comment make me laugh la. alamak! you so funny. Grrr..! Geram! Hahaha. thanks a lot my dear!

jiexun said...

Hello, this is LIOW YING TIAN here yes? =p using my other half's name also, alright lah hah? haha. Congrats congrats! post the video lar. i wanna see la. U go girl. KDU IDOL

Jy said...

aiyor this liow ying tian takut ppl dunno her other half is jiexun =.=
FERN! skype banyak lag, no good. we gotta find another way to contact each other heh. wait for me, im coming backkkkkkk! =) who needs haters when you have begitu banyak orang yang cinta you. hor fern hor? just tell them, love me or hate me im tan chin fern. my housemate told me smth really nice : 'I thank those who hurt me they brought me those who love me'

walao i sudd so gan xing, aiyer. byebye la =)

ps : plans! sat gurney haagen daaz finner jemputree ;)


Sharpwave said...

Wow, ur blog is popular right now eh~?? haha
Well, I'm proud to say congratz for ur winning streak
honestly speaking, I've heard ur voice, I've seen ur style, n you deserve it
I'm sad to see u having a "senior" acting so childish, and some of them who can't accept the fact that u won
Well, as long as you are doing wat is right, their words are meaningless to u, dun even bother entertain their childishness...
It'll only waste ur energy, save it for something worthing like win more singing competitions to shut their mouth up, wakaka

K-Ng said...

mr/mrs anonymous,
my message to you:
why dare not post comments with your name?
i am sad for your parents that they couldnt give you a name for the past 18 years i suppose. or maybe you are not even an animal as animals do have names at times. And don't try to show off your general knowledge. Dont think that others do not know.If you are NOT happy with me, drop a message in my blog. I DONT mind to serve you more by helping you to contact Children Protection Society or Salvation Army.

Peiying said...

Rock on! I know you will =)

jiexun said...

haha well done zi qin!
i hormat you! =D

jeffrey a.k.a dream said...

i was one of the finalists, and i am jeffrey, i over heard this blog when i was in college so tot of coming to clarify that fern was not the most fancied contestant there but what she had done was way more impressive than others, she had presence and she sang well rather than plain dancing. she is indeed a talented person, so dont fight over the results as differ people have differ taste level. so bet the judges fancied her performance. i would agree that her dress on that day was suitable for her prom and it was not so proper for the prom that night, as i already told fern so. anyway well done fern , its a job well done.......

Ying Tian Liow said...

Well done la =D
saturday weii, u treatla, u win, u treat us hohoho =D

dont bother la, aiyo these people. lame assses.

tan chin fern tan chin fern!


cherrieblossom said...

hell with those jealous ppl... chin fern... u go gurl!.. u deserve it! u know ur abilities, u were beautiful and entertaining, u chose the right song, u did ur best to entertain all of us, ur a born entertainer... ignore those jealous ppl, they have the guts to trash u when u were the one who had the courage to challenge urself and be the best among all of us... everybody deserves to win in tht competition as all of them strike 4 the bez! Ur the one ending up with the trophy becoz ur the one.... diff ppl have diff opinions.. so those jealous ppl hv to learn to respect other ppl's choice while we respect theirs.... best of luck and keep being the best....!

HuiTing said...

there's no way that we are deaf*ahem*..i've seen the way fern swayed on the stage many many times's sad when someone out there try to show their jealousy by using those mean words..and it's a big shock that there are someone from kdu, worst of all, seniors trying to insult their newly crowned kdu idol..but hey, u all chose the wrong person, ms TAN CHIN FERN is not easily defeated by those immature, meaningless stuff..

Alex said...

mr n mrs anonymous
i feel pathetic for you deep in my heart
your parents could not even make up a name for you
perhaps they also agree that you deserve no human's name
see? you are barking at people's blog, you are carving a stain on their face too.
if ur so pro, why didn't you participate, obviously, u gt ntg except jealousy, nt even a name lol
k la fern, dont angry for those nameless ones la
what a waste of time n energy...
be happy since your parents grant you a good name, yet you make them proud =) congratx ya

leaf, so good.
you get what i mean la=P

All the Best!

Anonymous said...

first of all congratulations to u! You sing really well that I have to admit and your courage and efforts are the one that placed the trophy on your hands. You deserved it. I say it because this is what I felt. I don't know you but I do see u around college. I sure do hope that u dont hold any grudges against all those that critize u cause it will only bring them more joy.

You're young and talented...enjoy it and flaunt it.

*an anonymous frm college*

shi lir-ang said...


~无谓的留言 无聊的感言 幼稚的举止 让它们随风而去~

周 曾说过:
不用问 一定有人向你挑战
不用怕 告诉他们谁是男子汉!!!

chien fieng!!!
congratulation again haha
i said 不用怕 告诉他们谁是tan chien fieng!

Anonymous said...

hey fern !!
sorry i'm kinda late...BUT...CONGRATS !!
i doubt u will kno who am i....a hint: i sms-ed u a belated congrats too !!
i'm sure u performed well so dont bother what the others say...they dont even hv the guts to put their names there...ish