Friday, July 31, 2009

Torn between two lovers

Holiday has been greeeat! Not like I have been any for an adventurous 'runaway' nor am I planning one. At least, I am not living life out of boredom and I seem to have quite some things to do.

Anyway, I am still running kinda often. I still love running very much. But I have one worry.

A worry that I think most females are very concern and critical about.

My thighs! I think my thighs are seriously getting chunkier because of that, as in because I run kinda too much.

I don't want have such chunky muscular thighs, at the same time, I can't quit running. I love both of them: I love having sleeky legs (which is a bit impossible, but at least not so chunky) and I love running.

BUT, if I run so frequently, I would not have my 'sleeky' legs; and if I want to have the sleeky legs, I would miss running badly. ARGH. Seriously, why am I born with slightly bigger thighs in the first place.


I think I will just continue to run and pray hard everyday that my thighs will not grow any bigger and at the same time, tone and shape up.

Please please please dear God please help me. You've made it possible for other female athletes, to have that hot pair of legs, why not me? :)

Anyway, I was at a Nike store few days ago and I found this super duper cool T-shirt that i'm so 'connected' with! So I wanna share my joy and excitement of the T-shirt here.

The T-shirt from Nike

I haven't met a boy I couldn't beat.

Not that I really mean it. Haha. I'm not that yeng yet. Hoho.

But I really really like this T-shirt! Seriously crazily and I'm not exaggerating. But due to the 'over-pricing' of all Nike's products, I decided not to splurge on this. But then I SERIOUSLY LIKE IT.

Buy for me if you want to make my day. hahahhahahahahhaha.

Okay. Insanity strikes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Places, People, Structure and a Beautiful Reward

My first individual assignment for Photo Communication class.

We were supposed to go as a class, but I couldn't make it for the trip (must be because of seminar, haha), therefore, I went alone for this shoot and it was definitely interesting setting out on my maiden photo shooting trip, solo.

Theme: Places, People, Structure
Location: Campbell Street

Places People Structure cover

Enjoy! :)

Chinese Vintage
Chinese Vintage

The classic-oriental before-war architecture with an accidental mixed up of Western cowboy saloon bar flipping door.

Where'd you go? I miss you so.
I have lost count of the years you’d left.
Where’d you go? I miss you so.


I saw an old building concealed to a height that is beyond me. I tipped toe to peep through the eyehole and all I saw was merely another ugly side of the society; burnt, ignorance and abandonment.

And my favourite photo of all.

The yellow lamp
The yellow lamp

Under the lamp is where the mahjong snaps; under the lamp is where our old times click.

This last photo actually took me a lot of courage to take it. My first attempt of gathering the courage to ask for the permission to take their photo didn't work out, I walk to and fro in front of the wooden house and didn't dare to do it because I think one of the man looked too fierce and I decided I should go home now because I have enough of good photos already. One additional photo will not make a difference, it would be tougher during photo selection.

On the way walking back to my car, I knew so well that I would go home in regrets and I would think about the failed attempt all day long, even after I have submitted my assignment.

I didn't want that. Therefore, I decided to drive my car to that house, gather my courage, took a very deep breath.....

and Immediately 'stomp' out of my car, went directly to the group of friends and ask for my permission. I did everything in a continuous flow of chain, not allowing any room in my mind to form my negative thoughts.

And...I did it! And that's how you could see that beautiful photo.

At least, it's very beautiful to me. :))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello Holiday!

Of course you've guess right that I finished my exam since long ago, and wondering why have i not updated my blog

Or maybe, you are used to it and don't even care. haha.

I finished my exam on Wednesday morning and I felt as happy as I could. haha. Another semester has ended, my 3-week holiday is starting from that very moment. Free-time sounds extra sexy suddenly. :)

The semester have been great! Super duper awesome in fact. We had Photo Communication, Radio Production, Organisational Communication and Copywriting. I couldn't enjoy myself more and I reckon that would be the best ever semester I would have had for my entire course. :)

But the exams havn't been so great. Haha. Not like it's very tough but I think I didn't not put in enough effort and I took them too easy, since I got some fairly 'presentable' marks for my practical.

The second day of my exam, I had two subjects inline. Two of my favourite subjects, Photo Communication and Radio Production. It was definitely not an easy task, since, I always study the night before. (I know it's super bad, but ARGH! I tried getting rid of it, it only worked for a while)

Of course a lack of sleep serve me well.

I fell asleep in my test. I was writing and writing and I started to rest my head on my arm and I continued writing and writing and w..r...i..t...i..........n.....

Luckily I managed to wake up in a few minutes time and of course I managed to finish my paper in a rush.

I immediately headed to the library right after and start studying for my next subject. The information all got twist-and-turned and criss-and-cross I can't even properly identify the right answer that I should right for my next paper.

Project 365



That photo shows exact how my brain went when I was transmitting every words on my notes to my brain.

Wah, I think as I am writing this blog post, my mind also a bit haywired. Gees. I feel like I'm writing all over the place and some boring irrelevant stuff but at least I add one more photo to my rusty and dusty Project 365.

I have plans to do some ammendment to my blog this holiday. (omg. 3 weeks. please bring me somewhere to do something, now that I'm on holiday, so super free, I don't have any seminar to attend. =S )

  • I want to change my blog template or blogskin or whatever you may call it.
  • I want to make sure my Project 365 is up to date
Ok, those two major things would probably take me ages to even start doing it already.

Woohooo. Wish me luck. I'll update more soon! =D

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shop-shop Singapore

I'm now in Singapore!! :D

(when actually my exam starts next Monday at 3.30pm and I'm just gonna reach Penang by 12 noon. I think I am mad)

I'm alone in my nice, small yet cozy hostel cos my mum and her friends went out for some happy joyful fun and yummy dinner in town while I stayed back to study for my copywriting exam on Monday.

I'm still a good kid. :)
But, Argh exam.

But but, for the entire afternoon, we have been out shopping in the city and I guiltily and happily bought two dresses and two pairs of shoes.(And my dad shouldn't be let known okay! ) Before I came to Singapore, I have already told myself NOT TO BUY anything. The most I can go is WINDOW SHOP and that's it.

The little voice in me turning upside down.

Mixed emotions and I'm in a dilemma in picking only one cos I love my purchases but I doubt I have space in my wardrobe anymore.


P.S My dad SHALL NOT be let known of the truth that I bought things in Singapore, moreover TWO FRICKIN' pairs of shoes, cos like I said congested wardrobe. He wouldn't know if I wear it later on and act as if that's my old pair of shoes. So, shhh....keep quiet!

Now back to studying.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little India, through the lens

The week where we learnt about photojournalism in our photo communication class, we had an assignment on the photo shoot field trip to Penang's very own Little India @ King Street.

The day started off a bit cloudy. I feared that the photo shoot might not work out too well as planned. Anyhow, we set out taking photographs right after we reached the amusingly colourful streets of Little India.

As I walk along, my mind kept twisting around, while my hands were holding my camera stably. At that instant, my ‘perfectionist’ character came back to play, trying to figure out the perfect shot I can capture along the narrow streets. But that’s where the problem sank in, the more perfect I wanted to be, the less perfect my photos turned out to be. I kept questioning myself why are my photos so ordinary?

Culturally sexy

Culturally sexy

Suddenly, the weather turned gloomy and gradually droplets of rain started falling. I was still trying to search for the ‘inspiration’, through the drizzles. I looked around and I realized, as the day become darker due to the rainy weather, the colour at Little India never changes. It still remained so flamboyant and cheerful, the culture of Indian still held on so strongly, despite they unwelcoming weather. It is something like the scene in Malaysia. As far as we do not want to admit openly, the privilege of the Indian community is really marginalized in the society. But they still hold on to their principles and culture strongly, they still fight for the right to be in this very nation. The signs and traces of colourful bangles and beautiful saress never leave.

Golden Traces

Golden Traces

Then I continued strolling, I was walking passed a T-junction and I casually turned back to see whether I missed anything interesting. My eyes were browsing through the place and they stopped at a Chinese handicapped beggar at the corner of the road. I stopped to observe. Many passerby walked passed him, did not bother showing any mercy while he looked towards their directions. Occasionally, some soft-hearted people will take out a few sens to give it to him, but most of the time, people just walked through his shadows. Somehow I felt his helplessness in the eyes behind his old pair of spectacles.

Shattered Heart

Shattered Heart

In Little India, beside the ubiquitous saree and jewellery shops, are the food stalls, selling nuts, peas and candies.

Of peas and nuts

The whole group of us were standing and hanging around his nutty-pea-ty-candy-y stall, and I find it really hard to detect this slightest smile. I tried giving it to him first and he gave me a little nod and a teeny weeny bit of smile, still learning how to smile.

However, besides the nutty guy, the one most beautiful thing about Little India is the people wear a contented happy smile on their face most of the time. They might just have a pathetic number of customers to their stalls, but they serve with a grateful heart. They welcome the visitors into their shop open-heartedly. You might just be someone who just happened to walk passed their stalls finding out what are they selling or offering, but to them, you are the person who has lighted up their rainy day with the slightest glimpse of sunray. They have adapted to the ‘no-sales-today’ kind of life, as long as they receive a smile from you, they have actually made the sales for the day. Easy, simple and happy.

Generation’s Determination
Happy Smile

As we were leaving the place, Veen Dee and Esther walked passed a Indian florist stall. They stopped to choose and buy the flowers, while I was taking photos of the beautiful flowers on sale. After they paid for the flowers, I was still snapping the photos of the flowers. Then suddenly, the Indian florist handed me a loose bouquet of red carnation.

Day # 31 of Project 365

The Modelling Flowers
The Modelling Flower

As I blankly looked at him, he hand signaled me a 'camera snapping' action, telling me to take photos with these bunch of flowers that he just passed to me.

The flowers were given intentionally for a photo, so, tell me, how can this not be the photo of the day? :)

He took back the bouquet of flower after the snap, headed over to an old refrigerator and took out a flower bit (i called it flower bit cos i don't know what's it's called, i asked people, i searched in the internet, and no attempt were successful) for me.

I show you want I meant by flower bit.


As in just the 'head' of a stalk of flower. Hehe.

Anyway, so Esther was asking: 'Yer, why we don't have one? Why only she have?'

He didn't know what to respond and was scratching his head, smiling diffidently not knowing what to do.

Haha, such cute Indian florist. First is the carnation then is the 'flower bit'.

He just made my day when I was dreading the fact that I havn't took enough good photos.

Wonderful. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The past week was crazzzzily hectic.

Monday and Tuesday: Live Radio Show (Oh! It was fun. I'll blog about it one day, hopefully I can allocate time soon!)

Tuesday: Submission for Copywriting project (plus lots of last minute work, advertisement design wasn't even done yet.)

Thursday: Photography project submission, vocal class, piano class then dance class. (3 classes in one day, crazy shit)

Friday: Copywriting presentation in the morning. Off to KL by bus right after for a seminar.

(Oh, Yes, AGAIN, me and my seminar-ssss. Ask my mum why I go to so many seminars. I have one more actually lining up this weekend in Singapore and I'll reach Penang only a few hours before my final exam time. I will take it if you are gonna give me your salutation cos I was planning to give myself a salutation too.)

Friday and Saturday: Options Trading seminar in KL (and major information overload till the information spilt and flow away from me already. =S )

Sunday: Reached Penang 12.15am and can finally take a rest, to chill, to take a breathe, to walk around Gurney with my awesome family and to write a blog post.

Seriously, it was some insane piece of timetable.

I was so so so tired on my first day of the seminar that I spent half of my time struggling to stay awake and look as if I was attentively listening to the speaker while staring downwards my note pad.



Sleepy scribbles. Tell me if you know what I wrote, cos I don't. =S

As I said, major information overload, I probably forgot or don't understand like 50% of the things I learned. Gees. Plus I was lethargic and did not have enough sleep for the entire week, how do you expect me to stay wide awake? Grrr.

And for that I feel very embarrassed everytime I had to meet eye-to-eye with the speaker. I mean I know I am not the only sleepy person in the room, nor the person he would remember who fell asleep, but I just feel so bad that I tried to avoid looking at the speakers and facilitators everytime I was moving around.

Silly shit.

Before I went back on Saturday night, I went to eat my favourite tai lok mee over at Chi Cheong Kai/Petaling Street.

Last time when I was younger and had shorter hair, as I was bulldozing my way between the crowded crampy goodies stalls, I would hear people touting: xiao jie, yao mai yi fu/bag/shou piao ma? (Miss, do you want to buy clothes/bags/ watches?)

Sometimes, I would even get like: mei nv/leng lui, lai kan kan yi fu/bag/shou piao. (Hey pretty, come take a look at the clothes/bags/watches.)

But this time around, I heard people saying: Jeje, yao mai yi fu ma? (Sister, do you want to buy some clothes?) [Sister here is not as the sister you think. Hard to explain.]

Jeje? Argh. Hello! Where did the xiao jie, mei nv, leng lui go? Damm it.

Or probably the signs of ageing. Argh.

P.S I'm supposed to take some photos to go along with this post so it doesn't look all wordy and mundane. But it's either I was in a rush or I didn't remember to take at that time. Gees. Sorry. Forgive me. Bare with the wordy post a bit la hah.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My inedible biscuit!

If you did see my facebook status on that Sunday, you would know this:

Rounded Pride

I have won myself a medal from the Penang Hill Climb last Sunday! =D

I turned out to be the 9th person of 18 and Above Female Open Category to reach Penang Hill peak with some crazy hard pant and wet sweaty outfit and messy hair.

The journey wasn't easy AT ALL, seeing I have only trained ONCE uphill few days before the race day. That wasn't my debut hike up the Penang Hill peak, but the trainings one and a half year ago doesn't count, does it?

I was pushing myself hard during my entire trail. Very hard. Firstly due to I am better off in distance running than hiking and secondly, my legs weren't in my favour on that day. I was experiencing some minor quadriceps strain, as in my thigh muscles were really tight and I wasn't able to move faster, eventhough I wanted to.

At that time, I was telling myself: ahh. Whatever already lah. Doesn't matter if I get a medal or not, as long as I complete my race it would be good enough, afterall, this is only my second time after 1 and a half years hiking up. What do I expect right.

But, another voice of mine was combating the dampening spirit: No matter what, I must at least get a 10th. No wait, cannot. 10th is the last of the best, I must get 9th. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9 would be enough. Number 9. Number 9.

So, along the way I was telling myself: Number 9. Then I picked my energy up and race through the end...and...I made it. :)

And indeed, I won the 9th placing. Crazy shit right. So accurate. And I found out that the last placing is 13th not 10th. Haha. So I am actually..not..that..bad. Woot.

Actually, I am with a group of other amazing runners/hikers/sportsmen/or whatever you would call them in the race this time. My frequent trainings at the Botanical Gardens brought me to a group of running enthusiast comrades! (Like finally, runner friends!) But of course they are like some super runners and I am the one of the slowest among them. =S

Check out their blog:

So, someone from the group actually challenged me. He was not convinced that I would be able to win a medal and advised me to just take it as an experience. I was even more unconvinced that I would not be able to grab a medal, so the deal is a week's treat of fresh fruit juice if I get a placing.

Hola! I just got two cups of fresh fruit juices from the juice bar not far from Botanical Gardens this evening. Slurp.

Oh! While I was surfing the net and writing this entry simultaneously, I found out this exciting site about a teamed race, which would be held in Genting Highlands on the 1st of Nov 2009.

Crazy shit. I love this kind of crazy shit.

Now who wants to be my partner in this race?

Come register. Needs audition. Date enquire privately. :D

Hah. Joking lah.

But, argh, seriously, find me a partner man.

Project 365 is back!

Day # (lost track) of Project 365

Rounded Pride

My Inedible Biscuit

Regained my joy and pride in sports. =D

Too hard not be photo of the day.


Gees. After all the wait.

I have even forgotten my 'format' of posting up a photo of Project 365 that I have to check back. Gees. And I realise I really miss how I would compose some short paragraphs for my photos everytime I post one. I need to get ass back off my Project 365 again!


P.S I promise I'll check back and tell you the number of day of this photo. Haha.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday is a no-plastic-bags Day!

I went to Tesco to buy some items needed for my Radio Show tomorrow. When I was checking out, the cashier asked me whether I brought plastic bags or any reusable bags with me.

Then I recalled an article I read on the newspaper: 1st of July and onwards, all participating supermarkets in Penang will not give out plastic bags every Mondays to their customers as a move towards saving the environment. Those who wants fresh plastic bags, will have to buy for RM 0.20 per bag.

Penang is the first state in Malaysia to implement this 'I Love Mother Earth' move.

I suddenly feel extra proud being a Penangnite. :)

You may think: Hey, it is just one day per week, how much can we save? Does it even contribute in anyway? Gosh.


Do you know? (HAH. Cliche line)

Just by using one reusable bag per week can save the following:

- 6 plastic bags per week

- that’s 24 in one month

- that’s 288 plastic bags per year

- that’s more than 21, 600 plastic bags saved in a lifetime!

Every great success starts with the first step. Now for saving mother earth, this is the first baby step, it soon will lead us towards great success and we will have the awareness of reducing the use of plastic bags! :)

So next time when you are planning for your grocery shopping on Monday, remember to bring your reusable bag with you.


Don't be out of the place not bringing it, you are losing out of the game if you do.

Also, in some other instances, tell the cashier or whoever 'plastic bags givers', "I don't need a plastic bag" before they give you a bag for your purchased item, when you realise, Oh, I can fit this in my beautiful handbag!

You will see them smiling to you for helping them save some money. Hehe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Update

I know how you might dislike the small little updates that I'm frequently feeding you with, without a proper composition to read.

Or a proper photo to enjoy. (Project 365 *coughs coughs*)

Truth is, I'm as busy as....erm...I don't busy as I can be! I have my (last minute) rush for assignments, projects and reports.

This weekend will be filled with lots of photo shoot appointments, for both my copywriting final project and my photography project. I sounding like a photographer, so much if I really do own a DSLR.

I'm so desperate for a DSLR. A lot of my friends, who said wanted a DSLR, got it. Sai sai got it, Christyna got it, and now Sharon got it already too. ARGH. If anyone would buy me one good one, maybe I'll consider marrying him. Hahaha.

I mean, consider. Doesn't mean I will.

Argh. DSLR.
Christyna's DSLR. Argh. I WANT MINE. (but don't want Sony)

So ya, back to my coursework, when I am done with it, I will show it here. Haha. I can't wait to see the end result. I will have sleepless nights and midnight oil production again. Welcome back to Zombie's life.

Tomorrow morning, I'll going to a Talent Search competition, organized by Jazzada Solution, one of the sub-projects under Penang Largest Mardeka Youth Carnival 2009 which would be held at Penang Times Square, on Merdeka Eve. I am so not prepared for it. I just asked my friends just now, what song should I sing. I think I practise it tomorrow morning lah. Gees.

The reason of me being so half-hearted is also because I know I won't be able to make it on the final cos I will be in KL, attending seminar (YES, AGAIN. Me and my endless seminars). So I'll just have fun, sing from my heart and
give my best show tomorrow! :) (With the very lack of practice kinda standard of course)

Sunday morning I'll be participating the Penang Hill Hiking Competition organized by the Kwong Wah. I rarely hike, it was since one and half year ago since I last hiked, but I still hope I can not lose so uglily, with the 'fundamentals' I have for running.

Oh, I remember I need to elaborate more why I would be willing to forgo the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 and went for the seminar in Singapore last week. It's actually because I still have this hiking competiton as a 'consolation' for me. At least, my trainings won't go to waste after all the 'kinda' hard work. At least I still have a competition to join; and at least, my mum won't be mad at me, for deciding not to go for the seminar.

And oh, about my nails (if you even bother to know. Refer two-post below if you don't know what I mean. Hoho.). I just have the habit to MUST paint my nails when I go for a holiday or a longer trip outside Penang or something like that. It isn't a habit I cultivated since young la. Haha. Not so weird one. I just recently HAVE TO paint my nails when I go for any kind or any form of Penang-island-runaway.

Usually I love them red. But most of the time, it requires a lot of work for it to look nice. Morever I'm not a professional manicurist, nor an avid nail polisher or what not. For the very recent Singapore trip, I didn't have time for my 'lovely' nails, so I brought along an easier-to-paint-and-manage nail colour, so that I can paint during my pre-boarding time. Super duper uber vain vainpot. I was too confident that this plan would work, hehe, it didn't.

I also forgot to bring my camera to Singapore this trip around. I brought the charger along, but left the camera at home. Damm smart right. I remember there's once I brought the camera and forgot the charger, plus mine is a no-one-would-use-this-brand-which-is-Samsung camera, so I couldn't manage to borrow a charger.

Oh, actually the whole point of saying this is: no Singapore trip update in blog will be done. So don't bother waiting for it.

But overall: the seminar was great, there were some new nice people that I got to know, managed to catch up with my other old friends, reminded some friendships (those situation where you are darn sure you know that person, but the person can't figure out who you are), had some great laughs, great understanding and great realisation. :)

Oh, OH OHHHHHHH, not forgetting GREAT FOOD. munch munch yum yum bite bite *burp*
- Over hundred types of food to indulge in
- Heavenly delicious
- Super fulfilling and satisfying

Luckily I didn't have any photos, if not your keyboard will be wet, thanks to your saliva; The music you play will be interrupted, thanks to the loud growling of your stomach.

munch munch yum yum bite bite *burp*

It's too hard to forget how awesome eating the food was.

Then they also have the a Robinson Sale over at another huge hall, oh I would say almost equivalent to our Penang's PC Fair. omg. shoppaholic striked! I was so eager to buy, but luckily the queue was too long and the next session of our seminar is gonna start soon. Espirit T-shirt only SGD 9.90, even if you convert it, it's only RM 24. ARGH. whatever shit la. It's so cheap. argh argh argh, but I didn't buy. Because I didn't have time! Shoes and bags and accessories and dresses and every other thing there!

Wait..I thought I say it won't be updating anything of Singapore? Haha. whatever shit la. Singapore is just too awesome! Haha.

Tomorrow singing competition MUST SLEEP NOW.


(I realise it's not actually a 'quick' update. The post is soooo long. Haha. Quick what shit. LOL.)