Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Places, People, Structure and a Beautiful Reward

My first individual assignment for Photo Communication class.

We were supposed to go as a class, but I couldn't make it for the trip (must be because of seminar, haha), therefore, I went alone for this shoot and it was definitely interesting setting out on my maiden photo shooting trip, solo.

Theme: Places, People, Structure
Location: Campbell Street

Places People Structure cover

Enjoy! :)

Chinese Vintage
Chinese Vintage

The classic-oriental before-war architecture with an accidental mixed up of Western cowboy saloon bar flipping door.

Where'd you go? I miss you so.
I have lost count of the years you’d left.
Where’d you go? I miss you so.


I saw an old building concealed to a height that is beyond me. I tipped toe to peep through the eyehole and all I saw was merely another ugly side of the society; burnt, ignorance and abandonment.

And my favourite photo of all.

The yellow lamp
The yellow lamp

Under the lamp is where the mahjong snaps; under the lamp is where our old times click.

This last photo actually took me a lot of courage to take it. My first attempt of gathering the courage to ask for the permission to take their photo didn't work out, I walk to and fro in front of the wooden house and didn't dare to do it because I think one of the man looked too fierce and I decided I should go home now because I have enough of good photos already. One additional photo will not make a difference, it would be tougher during photo selection.

On the way walking back to my car, I knew so well that I would go home in regrets and I would think about the failed attempt all day long, even after I have submitted my assignment.

I didn't want that. Therefore, I decided to drive my car to that house, gather my courage, took a very deep breath.....

and Immediately 'stomp' out of my car, went directly to the group of friends and ask for my permission. I did everything in a continuous flow of chain, not allowing any room in my mind to form my negative thoughts.

And...I did it! And that's how you could see that beautiful photo.

At least, it's very beautiful to me. :))


Joie said...

That's the spirit of taking a memorable photo my dear! ^__^d

Chin Fern said...

=)) Thanks Joie. I'm so glad I did it too.

liow yingtian said...

i like the last photo. really!


EsTee said...

yea it is beautiful, I love it .. KEEP IT UP man