Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday is a no-plastic-bags Day!

I went to Tesco to buy some items needed for my Radio Show tomorrow. When I was checking out, the cashier asked me whether I brought plastic bags or any reusable bags with me.

Then I recalled an article I read on the newspaper: 1st of July and onwards, all participating supermarkets in Penang will not give out plastic bags every Mondays to their customers as a move towards saving the environment. Those who wants fresh plastic bags, will have to buy for RM 0.20 per bag.

Penang is the first state in Malaysia to implement this 'I Love Mother Earth' move.

I suddenly feel extra proud being a Penangnite. :)

You may think: Hey, it is just one day per week, how much can we save? Does it even contribute in anyway? Gosh.


Do you know? (HAH. Cliche line)

Just by using one reusable bag per week can save the following:

- 6 plastic bags per week

- that’s 24 in one month

- that’s 288 plastic bags per year

- that’s more than 21, 600 plastic bags saved in a lifetime!

Every great success starts with the first step. Now for saving mother earth, this is the first baby step, it soon will lead us towards great success and we will have the awareness of reducing the use of plastic bags! :)

So next time when you are planning for your grocery shopping on Monday, remember to bring your reusable bag with you.


Don't be out of the place not bringing it, you are losing out of the game if you do.

Also, in some other instances, tell the cashier or whoever 'plastic bags givers', "I don't need a plastic bag" before they give you a bag for your purchased item, when you realise, Oh, I can fit this in my beautiful handbag!

You will see them smiling to you for helping them save some money. Hehe.


liow yingtian said...

yay i am a very green person too. hahhaha.

Chin Fern said...

=D yes, HIGH-FIVE. For the mother earth!