Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Update

I know how you might dislike the small little updates that I'm frequently feeding you with, without a proper composition to read.

Or a proper photo to enjoy. (Project 365 *coughs coughs*)

Truth is, I'm as busy as....erm...I don't busy as I can be! I have my (last minute) rush for assignments, projects and reports.

This weekend will be filled with lots of photo shoot appointments, for both my copywriting final project and my photography project. I sounding like a photographer, so much if I really do own a DSLR.

I'm so desperate for a DSLR. A lot of my friends, who said wanted a DSLR, got it. Sai sai got it, Christyna got it, and now Sharon got it already too. ARGH. If anyone would buy me one good one, maybe I'll consider marrying him. Hahaha.

I mean, consider. Doesn't mean I will.

Argh. DSLR.
Christyna's DSLR. Argh. I WANT MINE. (but don't want Sony)

So ya, back to my coursework, when I am done with it, I will show it here. Haha. I can't wait to see the end result. I will have sleepless nights and midnight oil production again. Welcome back to Zombie's life.

Tomorrow morning, I'll going to a Talent Search competition, organized by Jazzada Solution, one of the sub-projects under Penang Largest Mardeka Youth Carnival 2009 which would be held at Penang Times Square, on Merdeka Eve. I am so not prepared for it. I just asked my friends just now, what song should I sing. I think I practise it tomorrow morning lah. Gees.

The reason of me being so half-hearted is also because I know I won't be able to make it on the final cos I will be in KL, attending seminar (YES, AGAIN. Me and my endless seminars). So I'll just have fun, sing from my heart and
give my best show tomorrow! :) (With the very lack of practice kinda standard of course)

Sunday morning I'll be participating the Penang Hill Hiking Competition organized by the Kwong Wah. I rarely hike, it was since one and half year ago since I last hiked, but I still hope I can not lose so uglily, with the 'fundamentals' I have for running.

Oh, I remember I need to elaborate more why I would be willing to forgo the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 and went for the seminar in Singapore last week. It's actually because I still have this hiking competiton as a 'consolation' for me. At least, my trainings won't go to waste after all the 'kinda' hard work. At least I still have a competition to join; and at least, my mum won't be mad at me, for deciding not to go for the seminar.

And oh, about my nails (if you even bother to know. Refer two-post below if you don't know what I mean. Hoho.). I just have the habit to MUST paint my nails when I go for a holiday or a longer trip outside Penang or something like that. It isn't a habit I cultivated since young la. Haha. Not so weird one. I just recently HAVE TO paint my nails when I go for any kind or any form of Penang-island-runaway.

Usually I love them red. But most of the time, it requires a lot of work for it to look nice. Morever I'm not a professional manicurist, nor an avid nail polisher or what not. For the very recent Singapore trip, I didn't have time for my 'lovely' nails, so I brought along an easier-to-paint-and-manage nail colour, so that I can paint during my pre-boarding time. Super duper uber vain vainpot. I was too confident that this plan would work, hehe, it didn't.

I also forgot to bring my camera to Singapore this trip around. I brought the charger along, but left the camera at home. Damm smart right. I remember there's once I brought the camera and forgot the charger, plus mine is a no-one-would-use-this-brand-which-is-Samsung camera, so I couldn't manage to borrow a charger.

Oh, actually the whole point of saying this is: no Singapore trip update in blog will be done. So don't bother waiting for it.

But overall: the seminar was great, there were some new nice people that I got to know, managed to catch up with my other old friends, reminded some friendships (those situation where you are darn sure you know that person, but the person can't figure out who you are), had some great laughs, great understanding and great realisation. :)

Oh, OH OHHHHHHH, not forgetting GREAT FOOD. munch munch yum yum bite bite *burp*
- Over hundred types of food to indulge in
- Heavenly delicious
- Super fulfilling and satisfying

Luckily I didn't have any photos, if not your keyboard will be wet, thanks to your saliva; The music you play will be interrupted, thanks to the loud growling of your stomach.

munch munch yum yum bite bite *burp*

It's too hard to forget how awesome eating the food was.

Then they also have the a Robinson Sale over at another huge hall, oh I would say almost equivalent to our Penang's PC Fair. omg. shoppaholic striked! I was so eager to buy, but luckily the queue was too long and the next session of our seminar is gonna start soon. Espirit T-shirt only SGD 9.90, even if you convert it, it's only RM 24. ARGH. whatever shit la. It's so cheap. argh argh argh, but I didn't buy. Because I didn't have time! Shoes and bags and accessories and dresses and every other thing there!

Wait..I thought I say it won't be updating anything of Singapore? Haha. whatever shit la. Singapore is just too awesome! Haha.

Tomorrow singing competition MUST SLEEP NOW.


(I realise it's not actually a 'quick' update. The post is soooo long. Haha. Quick what shit. LOL.)


Gallivanter said...

Yeah, don't buy Sony. Canon's the best. :-)

Joie said...

GO!! GO!! DSLR!! Canon!! Nikon!! Or even a Olympus E-P1!! :P

Chin Fern said...

oh yeah! Canon or Nikon. DSLR Rocks! Haha.