Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My inedible biscuit!

If you did see my facebook status on that Sunday, you would know this:

Rounded Pride

I have won myself a medal from the Penang Hill Climb last Sunday! =D

I turned out to be the 9th person of 18 and Above Female Open Category to reach Penang Hill peak with some crazy hard pant and wet sweaty outfit and messy hair.

The journey wasn't easy AT ALL, seeing I have only trained ONCE uphill few days before the race day. That wasn't my debut hike up the Penang Hill peak, but the trainings one and a half year ago doesn't count, does it?

I was pushing myself hard during my entire trail. Very hard. Firstly due to I am better off in distance running than hiking and secondly, my legs weren't in my favour on that day. I was experiencing some minor quadriceps strain, as in my thigh muscles were really tight and I wasn't able to move faster, eventhough I wanted to.

At that time, I was telling myself: ahh. Whatever already lah. Doesn't matter if I get a medal or not, as long as I complete my race it would be good enough, afterall, this is only my second time after 1 and a half years hiking up. What do I expect right.

But, another voice of mine was combating the dampening spirit: No matter what, I must at least get a 10th. No wait, cannot. 10th is the last of the best, I must get 9th. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9 would be enough. Number 9. Number 9.

So, along the way I was telling myself: Number 9. Then I picked my energy up and race through the end...and...I made it. :)

And indeed, I won the 9th placing. Crazy shit right. So accurate. And I found out that the last placing is 13th not 10th. Haha. So I am actually..not..that..bad. Woot.

Actually, I am with a group of other amazing runners/hikers/sportsmen/or whatever you would call them in the race this time. My frequent trainings at the Botanical Gardens brought me to a group of running enthusiast comrades! (Like finally, runner friends!) But of course they are like some super runners and I am the one of the slowest among them. =S

Check out their blog:

So, someone from the group actually challenged me. He was not convinced that I would be able to win a medal and advised me to just take it as an experience. I was even more unconvinced that I would not be able to grab a medal, so the deal is a week's treat of fresh fruit juice if I get a placing.

Hola! I just got two cups of fresh fruit juices from the juice bar not far from Botanical Gardens this evening. Slurp.

Oh! While I was surfing the net and writing this entry simultaneously, I found out this exciting site about a teamed race, which would be held in Genting Highlands on the 1st of Nov 2009.

Crazy shit. I love this kind of crazy shit.

Now who wants to be my partner in this race?

Come register. Needs audition. Date enquire privately. :D

Hah. Joking lah.

But, argh, seriously, find me a partner man.


liow yingtian said...

Stop the man, woMAN!

Chin Fern said...

Grrr. I know right! Argh. I hate it too. make me sound like a pilipala person. damm it. LOL.