Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello Holiday!

Of course you've guess right that I finished my exam since long ago, and wondering why have i not updated my blog

Or maybe, you are used to it and don't even care. haha.

I finished my exam on Wednesday morning and I felt as happy as I could. haha. Another semester has ended, my 3-week holiday is starting from that very moment. Free-time sounds extra sexy suddenly. :)

The semester have been great! Super duper awesome in fact. We had Photo Communication, Radio Production, Organisational Communication and Copywriting. I couldn't enjoy myself more and I reckon that would be the best ever semester I would have had for my entire course. :)

But the exams havn't been so great. Haha. Not like it's very tough but I think I didn't not put in enough effort and I took them too easy, since I got some fairly 'presentable' marks for my practical.

The second day of my exam, I had two subjects inline. Two of my favourite subjects, Photo Communication and Radio Production. It was definitely not an easy task, since, I always study the night before. (I know it's super bad, but ARGH! I tried getting rid of it, it only worked for a while)

Of course a lack of sleep serve me well.

I fell asleep in my test. I was writing and writing and I started to rest my head on my arm and I continued writing and writing and w..r...i..t...i..........n.....

Luckily I managed to wake up in a few minutes time and of course I managed to finish my paper in a rush.

I immediately headed to the library right after and start studying for my next subject. The information all got twist-and-turned and criss-and-cross I can't even properly identify the right answer that I should right for my next paper.

Project 365



That photo shows exact how my brain went when I was transmitting every words on my notes to my brain.

Wah, I think as I am writing this blog post, my mind also a bit haywired. Gees. I feel like I'm writing all over the place and some boring irrelevant stuff but at least I add one more photo to my rusty and dusty Project 365.

I have plans to do some ammendment to my blog this holiday. (omg. 3 weeks. please bring me somewhere to do something, now that I'm on holiday, so super free, I don't have any seminar to attend. =S )

  • I want to change my blog template or blogskin or whatever you may call it.
  • I want to make sure my Project 365 is up to date
Ok, those two major things would probably take me ages to even start doing it already.

Woohooo. Wish me luck. I'll update more soon! =D

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