Friday, July 17, 2009

Shop-shop Singapore

I'm now in Singapore!! :D

(when actually my exam starts next Monday at 3.30pm and I'm just gonna reach Penang by 12 noon. I think I am mad)

I'm alone in my nice, small yet cozy hostel cos my mum and her friends went out for some happy joyful fun and yummy dinner in town while I stayed back to study for my copywriting exam on Monday.

I'm still a good kid. :)
But, Argh exam.

But but, for the entire afternoon, we have been out shopping in the city and I guiltily and happily bought two dresses and two pairs of shoes.(And my dad shouldn't be let known okay! ) Before I came to Singapore, I have already told myself NOT TO BUY anything. The most I can go is WINDOW SHOP and that's it.

The little voice in me turning upside down.

Mixed emotions and I'm in a dilemma in picking only one cos I love my purchases but I doubt I have space in my wardrobe anymore.


P.S My dad SHALL NOT be let known of the truth that I bought things in Singapore, moreover TWO FRICKIN' pairs of shoes, cos like I said congested wardrobe. He wouldn't know if I wear it later on and act as if that's my old pair of shoes. So, shhh....keep quiet!

Now back to studying.


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