Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahh..! It's Halloween Bash.

During Halloween, different people will dress differently and act peculiarly. (Sometimes stupidly)

For example,

they foolishly attempted to slash people with a small butter knife.

Visit the tomb in the middle of the night with weird make-up on her face.

Scaring her own friend and her hand bloody.

Even as silly as playing pumpkin golf with a baseball stick. Oh Gosh. Where did her mind go?!

And she even removed her eyeballs from the sockets!!!! Goodness!

Ok. This is too scary.

Haha. No, don't worry. These are just painted ping pong eyeballs-lookalike that goes ping and pong when you play with them. Bahaha. Lame.

CAPS and Mass Comm Club of KDU jointly organised a Halloween Bash 2008, -Sneak of Freak- in the campus itself.

I personally hired an amatuer make-up artist to do the make-up for me because I can't bare to disguise my beautiful face. LOL.

Introducing my make-up artist..Sai Sai Yap Shi Ying.

I let her do whatever she likes on my face. I told her: "Don't worry, don't think too much, just simply draw because it's my face not your face."


I think she really simply draw, because I look disgusting (in a Halloween way) and looked like what I was supposed to look like. And I love it. Wee.

My first participation in a Halloween Party and I costplay as (I guess you already know by the photos above)

the very very HOT Evil Nurse.

The bunch of people that went together with me.

Fern, Sunny, Ryan, Sai Sai

Fern - the very hot Evil Nurse, Sunny - doesnt know what he is, but I think he looks like the character in Nightmare before Christmas, Ryan - an old man corpse, and Sai Sai - a shitty ghost with humongous white shirt, I don't know what she is.

Oh I know. She tried to imitate me but FAILED TERRIBLY. Buahahaha.

The other four 'ghosts' that joined in came to perform catwalk modelling.

And my friends all said that she's the pretty nurse and I'm the ugly nurse.

Boohoo. what-e-ver.

As I said I was invited to sing at the event, and I was so not prepared. I chose the songs just 2 days before the event and I had a hard time finding the minus 1 of the songs, although at the end I still did and what's worst is all the 3 songs that I chose, none of them I'm familiar with.

So before the event, I was rehearsing like mad, keep holding my lyrics sheet walking to and fro, making sure I insert the lyrics word by word into my brain just like how I studied my Chinese Idiom. OMG. Haha. So last minute.

And I thought I would be doing ok, seeing how I have planned to connect the meanings of the words together.

But at the end, the moment I walked out from the backstage, my mind went...BLANK. Whatever lyrics that I memorised so hard did not appear in my brain. I can't recall a word that I have practised over and over again just now. I feel so helpless without my crumpled piece of lyrics sheet.

So what does a singer-on-stage have to do under this worst case scenario?

Hello! Just make up the damm lyrics. Haha.

It sounded so funny. And I can't help not smiling at my own sillyness.

My song list:
1. Call me When you're sober - Evanescenes
2. 眼色(Yan Se) - Yoga Lim
3. Mama Mia! - Meryl Streep

So emo

Gees. I can't sing any of the songs with precise lyrics. The KDU Idol ruin her own stage, bahaha, and I think it's really funny.

I'm not upset over it, because I really did do my best. But I learnt my lesson as well of course: never ever choose songs that you are not familiar that you don't have enough to practise. You'll be digging for your own grave. Haha.

At the end of the event, there's a Halloween Best Dress Award.

And the Award goes to....

No. Not me lah..

It's Ryan!!!! The old man corpse. He wanted to win so badly and so..he did.

He definitely deserve it, doesn't he?

But some people don't like the result and he was nearly gun-shot. Oh no!

Model Credits: - Ryan - Joe -

Although I wasn't even nominated, won any prize, or performed any good, I found my doctor!

In fact, two doctors!

But they are evil, one wanted to give a buttock injection to the poor old man,

One wanted to check my heartbeat. I don't know why.

After the event, four of us went out to eat. We didn't want to scare people since it's already nearly midnight, moreover my melted make-up seriously made me looked more like a ghost, and so we came up with a solution.

Yo!Photo credit: Sai Sai Yap Shi Ying

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Butterfly Award

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on your blogs.

I've been nominated by:

Reason being:
Because her blog is full of the Fern that everyone knows. The gao-bin-pui-ness and loudness and overwhelming emotions. People who know her will get the idea.

I nominate:

1. Esther Tee : Tie Guan Yin. She keeps her blog very simple yet in-depth. Her words on a post are very countable but they tell the meaning they should. Sometimes they hit on me and remind me how wonderful life can be.

2. Liow Ying Tian : G-clique member. Haha. She specially featured me in her blog, so I had to do something to repay. Bahaha. Her blog is full of her other half. Seriously by the meaning 'full', i do seriously mean full.

3. Lionel : The Spunky Sparrow. Just got to know his blog. But I definitely love how he expressed his thoughts in words, inspirational and interesting.

4. Peiying : My nominator. 7 years class mate since primary school. She updates her blog faster than I can eat my lunch, usually they are no crap. And I like how the suspense is always kept between her and the secret person she's mentioning.
(Haha, no, you don't have to do this again. I just have to nominte you for the 'Coolest blog I've ever seen' award)

5. Sai Sai : She always helps me in improving my Vocab. Gosh. She would make sure she used some non-common words to describe some so common action so that I can learn a new word. And she's like me, always praise herself. *roll eyes*

6. Andrea : My senior in college. I don't know why I like to read her blog, I just do.

7. Veen Dee : The funniest girl on earth. She always scold wtf wtf wtf in her blog post. She always contradicts herself. I think she's funny. Not that type of laughing funny, but......silly funny.




Bah...I don't know who else to give. =S

For those nominated blogs, eh, keep giving me reading pleasure ok! Hahah. =P

Monday, October 27, 2008

I tell you why - Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

Ahh..! So Sorry people! This blog went so so so silent for more than two weeks without leaving a note. Gees.

You might wonder where was I all these while.

I was at an 'superb duperb uberb' magnificient camp (This time I'm nowhere near exaggeration. I lie not.) over at Summerset Resort, Kuala Rompin, Pahang.

It is called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp by T Harv Ekar.

As much as I would like to share and as much as I want to show the great photos taken on site, no details are allowed to be spared. Camp rules, I have no choice and I ought to keep my integrity. =)

A lot of realisation was discovered in the camp. A lot changes going through. At the end of the day, a Warrior is being born. It was definitely life-changing.

Fellow Warriors, Thank you for the life-changing experience. You all were Magnificient and will still be because we are all now truly authentic Warriors. =D

During the short 4 and a half days, all Warrior campers had an intense bonding with each other. Our tribe, Thunder Warriors, certainly wooed the others with our victory in the only competition held in the camp.

Haha. Pandainya tribe saya.

This symbol signifies Strength. This symbol was spread down from China once upon a time by I-Ching when he made his visits around the world, if I did not hear it wrongly.

Each and every participants were presented one. Wearing it really constantly reminds me about how much I own the Warrior nature in me. So sacred, that I'm sure I'll wear it as long as I can. =)

Ok, since I can't reveal much of the camp activities, no should be, I can't reveal anything from the camp at all, let me you tell some snippets that happened to me when I was in the camp.

1. I was sent to the airport at approximately 7.30am in the morning to take my flight to KL. When I was queuing up for check-in, a terrible, horrible and vegetable thought suddenly popped in my mind. I quickly opened my luggage and alas, I BLOODY FORGOT to put in my CONTACT LENS! Gosh. How Stupid and silly! And I emo throughout the day, at the same time hoping high that I'll somehow or rather find a optical shop to buy a pair of it. Unfortunately, things don't go the way you want it to be. I spent the entire camp with my spectacles on. Woosh. Ugly, but it was a breakthrough for me.

2.Haha, I've been saying this for hundred of times during the camp. Me and my sister were allocated at a hotel room which so damm far from the event hall that it needs some five minutes walk to reach any place during the camp. So practically if we were to be nearly just on time when we stepped out of our room, we will still be reached our meeting place anyhow, late. =S And we had to run like mad through this little jungle.

But to as a reward to the walkings and runnings (especially when we were going to be late), we were serenaded visually and audioly by the beautiful sea.

At times when me and my sister are silent enough in the room, I could just close my eyes and listening to the brushing of sand bed of the waves melodiously and all of a sudden walking so far to my room worth it all. =)

3. Hearing to the name of the camp, "Enlightened Warrior Training Camp", I was so sure I'd definitely lose some serious amount of weight. But no, it didn't work because the hotel food was so delectable and at which ever angle I looked at them, they looked so tempting. I tried to resist myself with the amount of food I take onto my plate each time, but no, my portion always looked so huge compared to the others. =S But don't worry, you will still be able to recognise me, I didn't look like a fat pig, the scale on the weighing machine still remains the same cos there were some tough job to be done in camp, but still, I WAS aiming to LOSE WEIGHT!!

4. The day before the last day of camp, I nearly lost my spectacles on the beach. Oh gosh. I thought I'd definitely have to go blind for the rest camp already. Not that I have high power, but I rely too much on the spectacles or contact lens. But to me and my two other tribe mates effort and their kindest hearts, I found my spectacles in the sandy beach!!! Thank Goodness.

5. I realise a lot people from the camp are some ambitious, rich & humble people. I took them as my role model already. Haha.

6. A lot of people think that my elder sister is younger than I am. =S

7. Now that I'm already in Penang, I just realised I left my organizer in the hotel room. Gosh gonna call the hotel to send back to me.


P.S Joie, this is actually the main reason why I missed your class. XD

Sunday, October 26, 2008

H-Factor Nationwide Creative Youth Workshop '08 @ Penang

On the second Sunday of October, I was at a star-studded workshop held at G Hotel, Penang.

It's rather rare to see such a workshop where personalities of certain influence and fame all gather under one roof to talk in a workshop.

H-Factor Nationwide Creative Youth Workshop 2008 is a workshop for youths and teenagers, who are interested in the creative content industry, e.g TV Hosting, music, Radio DJ, Acting and Film, Dance, Motion Graphics, Comedy and Theater and even Magic and Mentalist. Hopefuls will get a gist or two on the out and abouts of the industry and even some tweaks and turns to get into 'their' world.

I personally think is rather informational. As much as how some people think it was commercialised as it would be, it does give some useful insights about the creative content industry, about the mass media.

First up was Serena C and Pietro from Mix fm.

( No actual on-scene photos will be featured as there are policies and regulations when it comes to all these celebrities. We are not allowed to snap any photos during the event itself.)

They talked about Radio DJ-ing and their journey before they reach where they are today. Serena C went into the field through interview while Pietro used to be a club DJ before his talent was being discovered!

Tips learnt:
Radio show - It's live. It's unpredictable! Your audience needs to be entertained! Bore them, and they will turn you off
- Be natural and be yourself when you speak into the microphone. If you are a Malaysian, speak like what Malaysians do, there's no need to fake out an American accent all of a sudden when you are holding the mic!

" You want to go, you ma go lo. No need to wait for me one la. I some more got things to do. I finish dee, I go find you la ok? "

No. That's no what they meant by 'Malaysian'. Alamak. I'm misleading.

After they wrapped up, the mastermind behind this workshop, sizzling hot Hannah Tan, came up to share a little about TV Hosting.

I super like her very sexily toned arms!

She did some interactive games to let those selected up on-stage to test on their spontaneity and creativity. After all, being a TV Host is mainly about being very spontaneous and creative, thinking out of the box, under any situation in no time.

And mind you this beautiful petite lady was once a KDU College Penang student! Nope, not from Mass Comm department as what you may think she would be, she's an IT student from my college. Unexpected? Haha. I think so too.

She is a very ambitious lady framed in small. I think she's a good example to emulate amongst the youths and teenagers. Successfully organising a workshop like this, definitely proved something of her.

Next session goes to Reymee, a member from a Malay music group Innuendo, which owns the great hit famous-amos 'Belaian Jiwa'.

He shared with us about music. To know whether you can make it through the industry, he told us a very funny first key point -Self-awareness. Haha.

Oh Yes Yes Yes, I totally agree. Please don't come out behaving like you have the most wonderful voice on earth when you actually croak like a frog. He even did a solo role-play on what happen during the reality show auditions, like what you see on American Idol or One in A Million. Hahah.

I know I look horrible. But I think he looks like a Chinese.

Most important thing, to sing well: Get a vocal teacher to train your voice! Even fantastic singer like Stevie Wonder did have a vocal coach.

Joey Khor was easily spotted among the crowd with his orange coloured hair and his tatoos on his arms. He talked to us on Motion Graphics.

He showed us some of his work done by his studio, Hue Visual Lab. Very Impressive. You have to be able to imagine the amount of sleepless nights and extensive efforts you have to undergo to be in this field, not to mention being a perfectionist at the same time.

Motion Graphics aside, even animated Power Point slides with sound effects will make my eyes pop out if i want to make it perfect.

This guy could not help making the crowd go crazy when he came out, especially the girls. Haha. Hans Issac, actor cum director, and now owns his own production company makes the crowd went wild. It was like a Meet The Fans session. Ok, I'm exaggerating. But he was really one of the crowds' favourite of the day. He gave us some pointers about Film and Acting.

As he saw the need for acting demonstration, he picked a 14-year-old girl to act with him, a romantic scene. Haha. It was a bit hilarious seeing the age gap between them, but somehow or rather he was impressed with her acting. And that LUCKY GIRL was invited by him to cast in one of his up-coming theater production!!! Just because he said the girl was brave enough to act with him, but hello, you actually picked her, remember?

Gosh. I should have just stormed up on stage and insist I wanted to act with him. XD What an opportunity!!! Boohoo.

Here comes my favourite!
Rounded-Bubbly-Funny Harith Iskander!

He don't have to do anything to make you laugh. Just by you looking at him makes you laugh. His rounded cute bulging stomach adds flavour to it. He's such a born-to-be comedian. He's so FUNNY!!

This is actually my first time really 'laughing my ass off' listening to stand-up comedy. (People that know me, know that I laugh at things that are not funny
. Gosh.) His actions and expressions is really amusing. I super duper like Harith Iskander! He's super good at being Funny! LOL.

Next up, this guy. OMG. Please don't play-play with him. He's scarrrryyyyy. =S

David Lai, a magician cum metalist. But he prefers to call himself a mentalist instead of a magician. And seriously, by calling himself a mentalist, he's really a mentalist.

See what he does.

He's can bend a fork without using physical strength. All he uses is his mind. I saw it with my own eyes. He's so damm scary.

He even demonstrated how he could read people's mind. He asked someone to draw a picture without telling him and he can read his mind and draw out the same type of figure the person drew. Not the exact drawing though, for example: he person drew a cat with three whiskers and the tail hanging in the air, David Lai would draw out a cat with four whiskers with no tail. But Still!!! It's a cat! He so damm scary.

Scarily impressively beyond believable, BUT it's true. =S

Closing the event was Fellest Yan, a talented dancer.

Telling us about hip hop culture and showing us some different styles and genres of dance, he did wooed the crowd well with his performance and presence.

And...End. =)

It was definitely a great workshop for those who wants some knowledge about the industry. Penang, Johor Bahru & Kota Kinabalu stop have ended and are over, some serious people who wants to catch H-Factor, the last stop would be at KL this Saturday, 2nd November!

You won't want to miss it! Check out the website here or here.

I love how they hold their H-Factor spirit on a T-shirt.

H-Factor official T-Shirt