Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahh..! It's Halloween Bash.

During Halloween, different people will dress differently and act peculiarly. (Sometimes stupidly)

For example,

they foolishly attempted to slash people with a small butter knife.

Visit the tomb in the middle of the night with weird make-up on her face.

Scaring her own friend and her hand bloody.

Even as silly as playing pumpkin golf with a baseball stick. Oh Gosh. Where did her mind go?!

And she even removed her eyeballs from the sockets!!!! Goodness!

Ok. This is too scary.

Haha. No, don't worry. These are just painted ping pong eyeballs-lookalike that goes ping and pong when you play with them. Bahaha. Lame.

CAPS and Mass Comm Club of KDU jointly organised a Halloween Bash 2008, -Sneak of Freak- in the campus itself.

I personally hired an amatuer make-up artist to do the make-up for me because I can't bare to disguise my beautiful face. LOL.

Introducing my make-up artist..Sai Sai Yap Shi Ying.

I let her do whatever she likes on my face. I told her: "Don't worry, don't think too much, just simply draw because it's my face not your face."


I think she really simply draw, because I look disgusting (in a Halloween way) and looked like what I was supposed to look like. And I love it. Wee.

My first participation in a Halloween Party and I costplay as (I guess you already know by the photos above)

the very very HOT Evil Nurse.

The bunch of people that went together with me.

Fern, Sunny, Ryan, Sai Sai

Fern - the very hot Evil Nurse, Sunny - doesnt know what he is, but I think he looks like the character in Nightmare before Christmas, Ryan - an old man corpse, and Sai Sai - a shitty ghost with humongous white shirt, I don't know what she is.

Oh I know. She tried to imitate me but FAILED TERRIBLY. Buahahaha.

The other four 'ghosts' that joined in came to perform catwalk modelling.

And my friends all said that she's the pretty nurse and I'm the ugly nurse.

Boohoo. what-e-ver.

As I said I was invited to sing at the event, and I was so not prepared. I chose the songs just 2 days before the event and I had a hard time finding the minus 1 of the songs, although at the end I still did and what's worst is all the 3 songs that I chose, none of them I'm familiar with.

So before the event, I was rehearsing like mad, keep holding my lyrics sheet walking to and fro, making sure I insert the lyrics word by word into my brain just like how I studied my Chinese Idiom. OMG. Haha. So last minute.

And I thought I would be doing ok, seeing how I have planned to connect the meanings of the words together.

But at the end, the moment I walked out from the backstage, my mind went...BLANK. Whatever lyrics that I memorised so hard did not appear in my brain. I can't recall a word that I have practised over and over again just now. I feel so helpless without my crumpled piece of lyrics sheet.

So what does a singer-on-stage have to do under this worst case scenario?

Hello! Just make up the damm lyrics. Haha.

It sounded so funny. And I can't help not smiling at my own sillyness.

My song list:
1. Call me When you're sober - Evanescenes
2. 眼色(Yan Se) - Yoga Lim
3. Mama Mia! - Meryl Streep

So emo

Gees. I can't sing any of the songs with precise lyrics. The KDU Idol ruin her own stage, bahaha, and I think it's really funny.

I'm not upset over it, because I really did do my best. But I learnt my lesson as well of course: never ever choose songs that you are not familiar that you don't have enough to practise. You'll be digging for your own grave. Haha.

At the end of the event, there's a Halloween Best Dress Award.

And the Award goes to....

No. Not me lah..

It's Ryan!!!! The old man corpse. He wanted to win so badly and so..he did.

He definitely deserve it, doesn't he?

But some people don't like the result and he was nearly gun-shot. Oh no!

Model Credits: - Ryan - Joe -

Although I wasn't even nominated, won any prize, or performed any good, I found my doctor!

In fact, two doctors!

But they are evil, one wanted to give a buttock injection to the poor old man,

One wanted to check my heartbeat. I don't know why.

After the event, four of us went out to eat. We didn't want to scare people since it's already nearly midnight, moreover my melted make-up seriously made me looked more like a ghost, and so we came up with a solution.

Yo!Photo credit: Sai Sai Yap Shi Ying

Happy Halloween!


dabizi said...

omg!u r so devil face!!!haha

saix saix....acted as ghost ar? haha
our frend can teach her ma..!
yan se!

Chin Fern said...

Haha. But nice right? LOL.
Yup, a stupid ghost that doesnt know what is she acting as. Hahahahhahahha.
Our frend can teach her? Who. I don't even know who's our frend that u mean. =S