Thursday, October 16, 2008

Screwed presentation!!!

My oh my. I had my Film Studies presentation today. It was totally screwed up.

Wait. No.

It was more than screwed up. No, it can't even manage to reach the level of 'screwed up'.

Our class started at 9am. My group were already down at cafeteria at about 8.30am, not to do the last presentation rehearsal, but to do last minute, or rather last second preparation. My powerpoint slides are not done yet, my content write-up has not been typed. The only thing I have is only the hand-written points on a piece of rough paper.

And my presentation and assignment is due in 15mins time. Shit. Am I dumb or what, why did I do my work so damm super duper uber last minute. (or better, last second!!!)

(Btw, The film that we were analyzing is '300')

I didn't not sleep at all the previous night, dealing with another assignment, therefore I had only about 3 hours left to review the film chosen, prepare powerpoint slides, compose content write-up.
What am I doing? This assignment was given way earlier, before Hari Raya. What was I doing all these while?

Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Me and my another group member were rushing through what we had to do, as fast as we could, but before we realised, we were already one hour late for class. I received a text message from my friend that my lecturer is very mad at us and she has already eliminated our turn to present.

Oh gosh. Gosh Gosh.

We rushed our way up to class. But only to hear from our lecturer: ' Girls, you don't have to present already.' (!!!!!!!)

Our heart sank.

We immediately got a big fat egg in our record.

I knew I deserved it. It served so appropriately as a punishment for me. Too smart to be too stupid.

My lecturer asked us what happen to us. She said we are not used to be like that.The only answer I got for her is : "Recently I just slacked off terribly." At the same time, feeling very bad inside.

She's a good lecturer. I just let her down. =(

Photo credit: Esther Tee

I'm changing to a better self. Now. This very moment.

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