Saturday, October 11, 2008

G-Clique's Day Out.


They are MY bunch of 6 lovely buddies since high school, yet they are hardly featured in my blog.

We talk and we laugh and we scream at each other like we knew for ages, but the actual counting of years of us being together as close friends shocked beholders. We felt like we have known each other for 10 years.

Although we are already out from high school, and each of us going towards different direction, different place to study and besides the hectic college schedule, we still make it an effort that we meet up once in a while to catch up with our gossips.

Like the last Hari Raya break, one came back from Shah Alam, one came back from Nilai, 3 faithful Penangnites met up to catch up on each other's life. (The other one was trapped in England because Mat Salleh's don't celebrate Selamat Hari Raya Aidrilfitri therefore no holiday)

We started off with a movie at the GSC.

I know you have read too much about it already in blogssss. So I'm not going to further elaborate about this movie, but all in all it's definitely a very nice musical with quirky old-fashioned dance moves and some merry sound tracks. I personally fancy 'Honey Honey' and of course 'Mama Mia' the most. =)

In accordance with the hot talk about Big Apple FINALLY in Georgetown (especially Esther Tee enthusiastically offering free publicity), we went to buy half a dozen of Big Apple donuts to have a taste of it.

And trust me, they taste as good as they look. Can't wait to try them all.

We ended our day with a oily steamboat dinner at the Jin Huo Guo at Nagore road.

No, it doens't look tempting. I know.

Usually the place we step foot on, will all of a sudden become so noisy. And sometimes, it is to the extent that everybody turns around and look at us. (Ok, fine, I admit, I'm usually the source of the sound pollution - Laugh too loud, talk too loud, even smile too loud. -.- Gees.)

At the end of the meal, our stomachs were bulging -- Too Full, morever with the indulgence of Big Apple Donuts.

But it was a terrific time of reunion and chit-chatting (gossips especially).

And it was hard for me to say goodbye. I hate it when our gatherings have to come to an end. =(

We were there 2 months ago, it was without, Hui Theng.

This time, it is without, Oh Su Lin.

When can we unite as 6 once again?

♥ G-Clique ♥

Tan Ferny (Yours Truly..=) )
Lau Hui Theng (aka Lew Hui Ting)
Jelly yum yum Ooi
Liow Ying Tian
Lee Phey Chien


Ying Tian Liow said...

haha still got plenty of time of us to go out, no worries. it's only u are always the busy one ok ah? u ask jiayan or others and see, hahha. =p

EsTee ~~ said...

is great to eat the BIG APPLE with your besties !!! wohoo .. BIG APPLE .. yam yam
the best donuts ever !!!
esther tee like it

saix_ysy said...

all long hair already!

3unhps said...

I'm so jealous of friends gathering since I never really have a lot of them. Even if I wanna gather up all my best friends we actually need to buy air-tickets to go all across the country to see each other. :(

But that's the push I got to make me wanna join activities and mix around with strangers and get bunch of new friends. :)