Monday, October 27, 2008

I tell you why - Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

Ahh..! So Sorry people! This blog went so so so silent for more than two weeks without leaving a note. Gees.

You might wonder where was I all these while.

I was at an 'superb duperb uberb' magnificient camp (This time I'm nowhere near exaggeration. I lie not.) over at Summerset Resort, Kuala Rompin, Pahang.

It is called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp by T Harv Ekar.

As much as I would like to share and as much as I want to show the great photos taken on site, no details are allowed to be spared. Camp rules, I have no choice and I ought to keep my integrity. =)

A lot of realisation was discovered in the camp. A lot changes going through. At the end of the day, a Warrior is being born. It was definitely life-changing.

Fellow Warriors, Thank you for the life-changing experience. You all were Magnificient and will still be because we are all now truly authentic Warriors. =D

During the short 4 and a half days, all Warrior campers had an intense bonding with each other. Our tribe, Thunder Warriors, certainly wooed the others with our victory in the only competition held in the camp.

Haha. Pandainya tribe saya.

This symbol signifies Strength. This symbol was spread down from China once upon a time by I-Ching when he made his visits around the world, if I did not hear it wrongly.

Each and every participants were presented one. Wearing it really constantly reminds me about how much I own the Warrior nature in me. So sacred, that I'm sure I'll wear it as long as I can. =)

Ok, since I can't reveal much of the camp activities, no should be, I can't reveal anything from the camp at all, let me you tell some snippets that happened to me when I was in the camp.

1. I was sent to the airport at approximately 7.30am in the morning to take my flight to KL. When I was queuing up for check-in, a terrible, horrible and vegetable thought suddenly popped in my mind. I quickly opened my luggage and alas, I BLOODY FORGOT to put in my CONTACT LENS! Gosh. How Stupid and silly! And I emo throughout the day, at the same time hoping high that I'll somehow or rather find a optical shop to buy a pair of it. Unfortunately, things don't go the way you want it to be. I spent the entire camp with my spectacles on. Woosh. Ugly, but it was a breakthrough for me.

2.Haha, I've been saying this for hundred of times during the camp. Me and my sister were allocated at a hotel room which so damm far from the event hall that it needs some five minutes walk to reach any place during the camp. So practically if we were to be nearly just on time when we stepped out of our room, we will still be reached our meeting place anyhow, late. =S And we had to run like mad through this little jungle.

But to as a reward to the walkings and runnings (especially when we were going to be late), we were serenaded visually and audioly by the beautiful sea.

At times when me and my sister are silent enough in the room, I could just close my eyes and listening to the brushing of sand bed of the waves melodiously and all of a sudden walking so far to my room worth it all. =)

3. Hearing to the name of the camp, "Enlightened Warrior Training Camp", I was so sure I'd definitely lose some serious amount of weight. But no, it didn't work because the hotel food was so delectable and at which ever angle I looked at them, they looked so tempting. I tried to resist myself with the amount of food I take onto my plate each time, but no, my portion always looked so huge compared to the others. =S But don't worry, you will still be able to recognise me, I didn't look like a fat pig, the scale on the weighing machine still remains the same cos there were some tough job to be done in camp, but still, I WAS aiming to LOSE WEIGHT!!

4. The day before the last day of camp, I nearly lost my spectacles on the beach. Oh gosh. I thought I'd definitely have to go blind for the rest camp already. Not that I have high power, but I rely too much on the spectacles or contact lens. But to me and my two other tribe mates effort and their kindest hearts, I found my spectacles in the sandy beach!!! Thank Goodness.

5. I realise a lot people from the camp are some ambitious, rich & humble people. I took them as my role model already. Haha.

6. A lot of people think that my elder sister is younger than I am. =S

7. Now that I'm already in Penang, I just realised I left my organizer in the hotel room. Gosh gonna call the hotel to send back to me.


P.S Joie, this is actually the main reason why I missed your class. XD

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Raymond Chua said...

Hi warrior, Raymond here, one of the volunteers in camp 3

I miss the scenery at Summerset, the trainers, the 4 awesome activities and many more. Thanks for posting the pictures. I feel excited just by looking at them.

We are organizing an event for all Warriors Alumni Graduates and their family on 22nd January 2010 and we want you to join us.

You can check out the detail here

My mission is to gather all warriors from all over the world for this event.

If you are still keep in touch with your tribe members, or warriors from other tribes please help me to pass this message along to them.

Just bear in mind that this event is strictly for warriors and their families ONLY!

To register or to ask any question regarding this event, kindly contact me (Raymond Chua) via the contact email in the pdf

3 AHOs


Attracting the best,
Raymond Chua
(Warrior's name: Green Dragon)