Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sister, you are now Officially an adult.

Happy 21st Birthday, my one and only, dearest Jeje!

It was a celebration towards her adulthood. As a usual tradition, she 'demanded' a Key-pendant necklace as her birthday gift from my parents and a RM300 long-dreamt-for handbag.

She took a flight to come back from Johor and we had to pick her up from the airport in the morning and her big day started from there.

First was to bring her to her favourite food, then we went to do some shopping as I really don't know what to give her as a 'practical' present so might as well bring her to choose what she wants.

Actually I have prepared another suprise for her. You'll know what later.

I told her I want to take photos together with her, for my college assignment's purpose, and she agreed unquestionably.

Then we went around the mall looking for her ideal present from me.

While my mum and her were having a drink somewhere in the mall, I silently went to the photo shop to print out the photo.

At night, we went to Tao to have her birthday dinner.

Free-flow ordering ala buffet style Japanese dinner, RM48 ++ per pax. I like it there. =)

Because they have this dish

that looks like some delicious dessert;

but only to realise it is abalone when you put it into your mouth.

Most wanted dish of the night:


Too good that we ordered 3 plates and that, equals to 18 scallops altogther!

We ordered a lot of food that even my dad was very impressed with the appetite of the 3 ladies.

Then it's time for the suprise!


It was all the photos we took during the day.

It was only then dawn on my sister that : "Oh, so this is what you mean by your assignment!"

Haha! Yes, Sis. But my sister isn't that kind of a sentimental person, she is more materialistic and more to a 'practical' type of person. Of course she does appreciate what I did, but not to the extent of jaw-dropping astonishment or flowing-tears. I'm glad that she still likes it.

And next up, some treat from Tao restaurant! (requested by my mummy)

This "ice-cream cake" (literally an ice-cream cake that is made up of ONLY ice-cream) was brought in when the Happy Birthday song was played through the amplifier.

Thank you, but now we have to eat more food and finish the entire bulk of ice-cream. I don't want to be charged for food wastage. NO, I AM JUST KIDDING!!

We like the ice-cream, is was almond pistachio flavoured.

Dear Sis, may your birthday brings you wonderful returns.

Have a GREAT 21st year of age!


Ying Tian Liow said...

ooooooh really big (.)(.)
hahaha! =p

you three look so the same, especially ur teeth and ur mum's teeth. same exactly. sama sama.

i wan tao, hoho, ask jx bring me there d

happy birrthday to ur sis haha. congratulated her d also on her marriage =D

when's yours? haah


Chin Fern said...

Haha. Don't look too much in case you get jealous. LOL.

Their teeth is original, mine gone thru 'operation'. haha.

Mine marriage? Still far la. Till you marry, maybe I still couldnt find anyone yet. Buahahha.