Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philipinos Alert!

Oh Gosh. I've been receiving some hard spanking from my friends ouside Penang, being so out-of-the-internet, because I didn't update my blog. She asked me why is my blog so dead. =S

Bad sign.

Cos later all my readers don't come back and I would be the only one reading my http://chinfern.blogspot.com/

Now I have to blog A LOT more. I wanted to blog all the happenings in September that I have yet to put on in my blog, but to realise it's already 30th of September when I made this decision, I'm aghast. Time flies. It really does fly. October is reaching our door step in a day's time.

Anyway, exam ended, holiday started! Double Yay-s! But I had to say bye-bye to my new Philipino friends that came for a mission trip to Malaysia during my week of exam, without a even a proper farewell. =(

However, we did have loads of fun before they parted Penang.

We went visit some places in Penang, that even a me, as a 18-year-old alltime resident in Penang, never visited before. What a shame.

Like, the Fort Cornwallis. But we didnt manage to get in, it was near closing time when we were there. I know I will go back there one day, and one of the reasons, is just to be as authentic as a Penangnite as I can be. HAH.

(No photos though. =( I didnt have my camera with me)

And Masjid Kapitan Keling too. I do passby the building sometimes, but never bother to take a look, taking for granted that it must be just another Mosque where Muslims go. When I googled it, I only realise it is the 2nd oldest mosque in Penang, and was built by Indian Muslims in the year 1891.

Some good ol' years. A good ol' Mosque. No wonder Penang can be chosen as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

While we were walking towards our place of visits, Zhan, one of my Philipino friends were impressed with how patriotic M'sians are, flying our national flag, Jalur Gemilang, all along the streets. I explained to her: It was just 'illusions', most Malaysians are not proud of country and showed her some prominent examples, like how some would choose over Starbucks or Coffee Bean over our very own Old Town.

But I forget to tell her one simple fact: Hari Merdeka was just few weeks ago. And they havn't managed to remove the flags.

We also spent some time together at the too-famous-to-be-missed Batu Ferringhi.

After some food at the Long Beach food court, we went strolling along the night market streets.

There were lots of goodies, lots of sunnies kiosk. But I like this stall best - Ferringhi Eye Condom Centre.

What a name!

Check it out when you are at Ferringghi. They have one of the funniest sunglasses one has ever seen. HAH!

They spent about 2 weeks here. Before they left, we had a dinner party at the Henson's and the guests had the chance to indugle in some good Philipino dishes. Yum!

Aaron, Me, Rina. Having a bite at our very infamous M'sian style of Rojak.

But I had an exam on the next day, time didn't permit me to stay long. So I better get all their faces taken before they go back.

They are super hyper. Photo sessions were as fun as anything. Haha.

This photo is supposed to be me and Aaron ONLY. But the rest squeezed in before the camera shutter clicked.

We wanted to be as serious as we can be, but she smiled so widely!

And the last piece before I leave.

They are too fun. I so love them! I'm sure to go to the Philipines this holiday. =)

Btw, for those who realised, oh yes, I did dye my hair.


Ying Tian Liow said...

ei i wan go langkawi,, not phlipinies hahaha. no wonder la =p
add oil? good luck! aha. as long doesnot have one beside him there's still chance, depends on your -fern-holiao-ness! hahaha

tell me the news
nothing is impossible wei =)

Chin Fern said...

Er..Liow Ying Tian. Wrong place, wrong words. =S