Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally you can see me!

What a BIG 'finally' this is.

As promised, the video record of my performance during my KDU Idol Final.

Sorry if I made your neck long.

Note: The video didn't record the entire of my performance, but anyhow....

Enjoy! (Get your popcorns if you want. But 2 mins long only la)

That, was during my KDU Idol Final which won me the title.

Now, watch this.

This was one and half years back during my performance in high school. Yea, i know I repeated the song but my motive was to give this song a better tribute after not flaunting it well during my high school concert.

My opinion? For some part yes, I did do way better than I did in high school concert. But vocal wise, I wonder why. Haha.

Let me hear your say too. =)


Ying Tian Liow said...

wear ur whole set of clothes again, i wanna see. haha the dance is great, especially the part where he held your sexy legs XD

Chin Fern said...

Can't you just see from the photos I've posted up? Thats the whole purpose of photos ok. aiyo. Haha. My sexy legs? Please don't geli. Haha. But thanks a lot for your comment. =)

Joan said...

performance wise..the college one is better but dunno why i felt ur vocals is better in the high school vid one.could be the audio quality of the video la.. :)

anyway, you are talented

Chin Fern said...

Joan,I think so too. Haha. My vocals in high school was really better. Anyway thanks a lot. Gee. =)

Peiying said...

yea. high sch vocal better.
i prefer the performance in high sch.
i only find the couple dance better.