Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vote for TAN Chin Fern

The Ultimate Prom Nite 2008 nominees are finally up on the net!

Remember the audition I went for?

After about nearly a 2 months long wait, the shorlisted participants is finally out. 2 months just for the nominees, at some point of time, I even thought that the search is silently called off, not wanting to make a scene out of the "no-potential-talent on the list" situation.

Of course that wouldn't happen! Because I'm in their list ok!

The shortlisting are on college-based. 8 person is selected for each 'Prince' and 'Princess' category.


Did you notice my name and photo?

Yes, and since this is a online voting contest, VOTE for TAN Chin Fern.

Please make sure it's TAN that you are voting, because there's another girl with the same middle and last name as mine. And is leading the votes!

Chin Fern! Gosh. Why on earth! Two person of the same name in the same competition! I didnt know my name kinda common. Of course I don't expect no one has the same name as I do but under one same roof of KDU? Very unconvincing.

But don't confuse yourself, I'm sure people will know her better with her front name, Cecilia.

I'm TAN Chin Fern. Very easily recognisable with my million-dolar-smile. =D

So, now you have read this post, you are assigned to 3 missions:

1. Vote for TAN Chin Fern
2. Vote some more for TAN Chin Fern
3. Vote countless time for TAN Chin Fern because the voting is unlimited!!

You can vote as many as you can, from the moment you online until you offline, at this link.

Remember it's unlimited voting and Aim for: TAN Chin Fern. =)

P.S Apparently, I heard that the Prom 'King' and 'Queen' has already been shortlisted earlier on and they have gone to their photoshoot in KL. The remainders are now on the 'Prince' and 'Princess'? What on earth? What's the difference in the status by the way? I don't understand. but anyhow...

Vote for TAN Chin Fern!

Terima Kasih!


JazZ said...

Hey Hotstuffff X) i've voted for u.. hhahaha.. very CHUN

Chin Fern said...

Oh...GREAT! Awesome! Thanks a lot Jazz! =) Appreciate it.

dabizi said...

haha.. fieng , i hv voted too...
no nid to appreciate me, so just jay chou's signature can d la...wah...=.-

Chin Fern said...

Okla. Can. When I meet you, you bring a piece of paper, I sign it for you. =)
So good right? Hahaha.
But anyway, thanks a lot for your vote! Thank you very much. =)