Monday, April 28, 2008

Miss Yello Duckie.

I was on msn with Jelly Ooi.

This is a conversation between us:

Jelly: eh why you put duck as your picture leh

(I thought for a while and thought, hey, I can put this as my answer!)

Fern: Cos i'm as yellow as the duck, as orange beak as its beak and as cOck-eyEd @.@ as the cOck-eyEd duck.hehe.most importantly as eye-catching as it is.

(Sorry lah, I can't help it. I always have to self-praise when I talk to them. And they, of course won't give in, like to shoot me back.)

Jelly: errr..i think its ugly worh

Fern: mana ada ugly?

Jelly: got la pai kua ka si (as in: ugly till die. LOL. Penang Hokkien, that is.)

Kena Sh00T! gai gai.

The real reason I put this display picture on my msn,

....nah, You don't have to know. =P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've Graduated....NOT!

After 4 months and 22 days in college..I've finally GRADUATED!

I'm too glad I've finally completed my diploma. I had a great time in college learning what I have to learn about Mass Communication. Now I'm ready to take on to life's next step. I'm even finishing faster than my they-think-they-are-my-GreAT-seniors' seniors. =P

The morning was just wonderful, seeing so many people in their smart suits. Formally well-dressed, they looked like they are all energised to put a start great in the creative industry and make themselves shine like superstars. Of course, I'm part of the crowd. =)

Bullsh*T! Dream on LA!
A long 2 years more to go, Missy! =O

Our lecturer, a day before, informed us to wear formally without a reason. So conform, we shall.
The next day, we were told we are to cast in KDU Corporate Video acting as Graduates wearing black robe, mortarboard and the "coloured cloth" which I don't know what it is called. XD

So we started to prepare for ourselves...

Yoan doesnt like what she's wearing. haha.

I was rather excited. So I quickly put on my robe first...
Then the 'coloured cloth'..

Now the whole set with the mortarboard.

*Deep breath in*..YES! I'm ready!

I was taking photos around..and this guy kacau kacau!

You are not cute Ariff!

I did say u are not cute didnt I?
Esther, Veen Dee, Fern & Ariff.

+ Christyna.

My course mates & lecturer. (Trust me, my lecturer is really in there.)

There she is. Yup, she's definitely young and HOT..!

Flashing the You-can-never-ever-find-Million-Dolar-Smile. Hee..!
(Yugen, Your photography skills, make me *shakes head*)

Wei...My Beau....t......f..........Erm I mean, My Face!!!!

Getting to ready to post for the camera, to toast the mortarboards.

Spot me! (Like it's possible.-.-)

Actually, Can you?

Try looking again!

Don't give up~!

My indication seems unclear..Hehe. But there I was!

In this take, we were supposed to wave our mortarboard 'enthusiastically'. And on the cue, toast it as high as possible as we cheered with the joyous Joy. LOL.

We repeatedly did that for 10-15 times. Haha. Is like we have graduated 10-15 times. haha.

On the instance of the throw, many of us protected our head and body with our hands. Being afraid that the mortarboard hit right on our skin. Ouch!

That was our video shoot day. 2008 "Mock" Graduation specially for

P.S I guess the video would most probably be at KDU's website. But I don't think it is up yet by now. So check it out when it's up! Btw i'm also featured in another scene which we acted like we walk out frm the college after lesson. I hope the camera sees me. XD

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Myth about Smart Girls

How do you judge a Girl of her intelligence by just her look?

Do Smart Girls somehow look like this?

Don't play play. She, Ms Oh Su Lin, is just red as her handbag, her stiletto, and her necklace could be. the Top 1 student for three Top consecutive years in the Top school in the Top Penang. You want to beat her? Emm..Can try, can try..

Indeed Smart huh? So Smart girls really look like this?

Or this?

The rosie cheek Jelly. Top 3 for almost her years in Secondary. Brainy-brainy.

Oh..So this is how they really look like????!!

Could it be like that even?

Ahh...Another Smart girl. She was even our class monitor for S4A. It's the first class, so the leader of the class must be smart too right? Cant be blind leading the blind! That explains it all. =)

Hmmmm.....Or these?

They call themself Galileo Galilei. Now do u know who he is? A phenomenal physicist. A Legendary figure. This is how he looks like...

I find no rationale when they call themselves his name. when they don't even look like him a bit. But wait..Only smart people dare to name themselves after smart people, isnt it? Fine.

So Smart girls actually have that kind of looks?

But I always thought..Smart Girls actually look like THIS!!!

You know, like the way she flashes their Million Dolar Smile, their so over-the-board confidence, just make them look like...

Woah..! WOah..! WOAH! How can you just be so Smart!

I mean, at least she knew how to conduct a Biology Experiment, aim to study the growth of a plant. The cell division, cell elongation and cell differentiation.

She even knows how to do add maths in Greenlane Mcdonalds with the coffee and what's worst, the noise buzzing around. YET, she was able to concentrate fully in her calculation.

And graduated 'honourably' frm her high school, Penang Chinese Girls High School. or better to be known as 'Peng Hwa'.

She even landed on page 98 of the 'prestigiuos' PCGHS school graduation magazine 2008 with her Darlie Smile.

SO! Isn't this how Smart people look like?

Ok..Ok..Enough of my self- praising. The story that makes me bring up this goes like this....

During my IT lesson, my male friend from college was asking me questions on how to do the Miscrosoft Word assignment that was given. Now he had asked the right person. I've been helping my mum in some of her computer work, so Microsoft Word is like my friend. but besides my frequent use, I must also be smart, if not why would he want to ask me??

And of course, he was indeed very impressed with what I know.Then he started off telling me a truth...

" I didnt know you were so smart. Do you know, actually my first impression towards you were: You look Dumb! " (Dumb as in i'm not smart la)

WHAT???! Dumb?! I was grasping for air when I heard it! I experienced suffocation. LOL. In my entire life, I always think I have the brains, and now for quite a new friend like you, you are telling me that I look DUMB?!

" Because, you know, during our self- introduction in Public Speaking class, you burst Laughing out so loud, and I thought you were Dumb! "

DUMB like what?

Like this?

Or this?

Or dumb-mer like this?

I mean, how do u really judge a girl by her looks, and label them as smart or not? I know there is a saying: 奶大没脑 (translation: big boobs = brainless). But the thing is I don't have the cartoon charater, Betty Boop's droolin' body to look like I'm dumb.


Ahh...Well...I've proven to him he's wrong now. And from that onwards, he has been telling people: "Fern is a Smart Girl, you know?" whenever there's a chance.

Free publicity. =)

and you know what? he's spreading the Truth. XD

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stay or Run?

I woke up very very early that morning. (as in 6am. HAHA) My dad is leaving for China for a holiday, so I'm sending him to the airport. The night before he left, he warned me not to use his car as a very BIG thing is wrong with his car that could probably explode under any circumstances. Of course, I've a BIG life, and I want to continue my BIG years and I have my own BIG BLACK Kenari why do I need to drive his car? So not a problem at all.

But the next day, my dad casually asked me to fetch him and my uncle using HIS very-BIG-thing-has-gone-wrong-CAR. My mum wanted to follow, so off we went.

On the way, the temperature of the car keep rising....risING...riSING...and RISING! It fluctuated between above border line and nearly reached 'red light district'. Ahh..! How dangerous was that? My heart pounded faster. But *yawn* I'm sleepy...So I slept in the car..Oh oh, I wasnt driving. Haha. Half way thru, my mum saw me yawning and yawning, so we switched role. She drove, I slept. Ooooh...*Stretch* *Eye-lids dropped* *Way in my dreamland*

After my dad and uncle hopped off the car, we drove back. I was still making dreams. Somewhere 4km from my home, when my mum wants to drive off after the traffic light turned green...BOOF! Eeei..Eeei...! OH NO! HELP! Ahhhh...!

Don't worry. =) No devastation. =) =) It's just that...the car couldnt start anymore. Its temperature shooted too high up. When my mum tried to move after the green light, the car just went:

1. BOOF! -- tak boleh start.

2. Eeei...Eeei...! -- Attempts of trying to start the car, failed. Thats what the starter of the car sounds like when it's dying, isnt it?

3. OH NO! -- Was just how I slightly felt when it happened
(I was 4km near my hse ma. If thinks really screwed up, the worst thing I have to do is just to run to my house and get our saviour, my BIG BLACK Kenari. I'm a Penang Bridge Half-marathon Achiever, ok?) and the BLOCK letters are just some of my habit of exaggerating.

4. HELP! -- Was just creating a suspense in my story to see whether I'm a successful narrator.

5. Ahhhh...! -- Was just another attempt of trying to make your adrenaline rush takes place vigorously, and also to see whether I'm a million-copies-of-books-sold narrator. XD Or at least a fun blogger.

The backlights are as if ON FIRE!

I immediate called my dad to ask for 'survivor tips' since it's one hour to his boarding time.

To Survive:
1. We actually need about 20-30 mins for the engine to cool down before we can turn on the cap of the 'engine tube'. (I don't know the jargon =S)
If not, consequences would be: we would be seriously burnt. The fly-high-bubbling temperature have super active particles. Morever it is in the form of steam. The particles move and slide freely among each other and collision of the particles could cause a havoc. ( much about not liking science. XD I still love Physics though. It makes me think I'm smart.)

2. Then we need to pour in water into the engine tube to cool the system down and to regulate the whole temperature. I don't know how the whole thing works.

3. But if no water, no start. If start, no life. Cos we will die (The car would explode ok!)

Luck was always by our side. We managed to get water from a terrified uncle, that just reached his home, that thought: "who the hell are standing in front of my gate..What should I do?? What should I do??" We knew he was scare because he took a long time to get out from his car. He immediately said "no no no", when my mum was just about to open her mouth to get water from him.

Since we had to wait, my mum said: " Why not we have a jog at the park opposite?" We were in our jogging gears cos we planned to go after sending my dad to the airport. "Har? Then leave the car here?! " I asked. "Yala, we have to wait for it to cool down anyway."

So off we went jogging working ourselves out while the cars that passed our car have to make unusual turns and cuts into another lane. Ah-hahahaha.

The poor car was just there. Standing alone like a terrified kid. Hiding away from road-users furious stares. Although being afraid, it tried hard to cool itself down, hoping its owner will feed water and drive away as soon as possible.....

ALAS. Its owners were having their sweet time loosing some unwanted fats in the green green grass, in the breezy morning with the tender sunlights...

While I was running, I kept telling my mum: I think we are the yeng-est person ever found on earth.

Or Where else would you see people exercising whilst their car have broken down in the middle of the road that would get rather busy during peak hours? Ah-ha! We are so yeng!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Beautiful Soul.

My friend once gave me a link to his friend's blog. I chanced upon this amazing, soul-touching, inspiring video of a gifted girl. Enjoy!

It was so touching. The little girl was just amazing. Her little hand danced melodically on the black and white keys, playing out every notes, every tune from her heart. She is such a gifted angel. Playing the piano just by her listening skills, she wooed the crowd with her wonderful soul in a tiny petite frame.

I couldn't help it. I watched twice and cried twice. At the minute she sang, "You are born to be loved", there were goosebumps in me and tears started streamming down. How innocent can she be? She knows her mission to be here is not to look down on her disablities of sight. But to cherish and appreciate her fabulous talent. To take and share to everyone what the Universe has given her. How can she not make everyone Love her? A beautiful soul.

At times, when I met obstacles in my music journey, I do doubt whether do I really have the 'It' factor to be in music. Am I really as talented and gifted as I thought I am? This video gave me the inspiration. If Ye Eun can do it, so does Chin Fern. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

On April the 10th..

On this special morning, I specially groomed myself better since it was my day. Have to look a lil' more special than everyone else.

When I reached, my mates were greeting me with their best happy birthday wishes. Thanks folks! =) To my suprise, I received two gifts frm my college mates. A Winnie the Pooh plush toy from the unexpected Jeffrey and a music CD, Beautiful Hits Under One Umbrella, from Ian.

Beautiful Hits for Beautiful people. XD (I mean me,obviously)

Thanks Jeffrey, you gave me a great big suprise. Haha.

After having a 'group lunch' sort of celebration in my college restaurant, I went to meet Jelly in Queensbay. I called her before that to delay our appointment of 12:00pm and @ 1:34:05pm, I received a msg from her:

"Wei are you coming or not? I super duper uber hungry d la.
U're the birthday girl doesnt mean u can starve me ok"

P.S Pardon the 'super duper uber' terminology. It is a result of my once excessive usage of the term superduper chaoji shifen feichang, which equally means very very very very very superduper. XD

Oops...At that time I was still having my lunch and talking talking with my mates. So I told her will be there in 30 mins time. We went to Queensbay for her lunch @ about 3 smthg pm. Haha. I do starve my friends off.

Then Jelly brought out another box.

A Charm bracelet. I do get a lot of Music thingy this time around. Ahh. I so love them. Thanks Thanks Thanks. =)

At night, my parents treated me for a wonderful dinner @ Harwick House, Northam Tower. The whole outlook of the place wasn't very impressive. However, their service is of compliments. They really make you their guest.

My Birthday Dress. Mind you is Birthday Dress not Birthday Suit. LOL

Meal time.

First up was my Drink.

Silky Temple.
-A simple blend of Sprite and Geradine Syrup with an interesting name-

Fish and pasta. I cant remember the exact name of it. But look as nice, taste as good. Fish meat so fresh and tasty.

My camera then die on me. Luckily I have my new 2-megapixel phone. Not as high quality, but better than a sorry.


My mum handed me another suprise gift. A child-like yet ambitious gift. (HUH?) was....

a toy car from Shell V-Power Racing...ahahaha.
It's tagline: The NEW Ferrari model with dynamic engine sounds.

My mama told me: Make this YOUR real car one day.
Silently in my heart, it says: YES! *with my 'fullest' determination* I can make it!
So you now know why I said it's a child-like yet ambitiuos gift? Dare to Dream. Dream BIG.

There was also an amazing card.

My mum kept saying: This card is just meant to be for you. I was so thrilled when I saw this card. See the word 'superstar'? This card is just meant to be for you hor? ( loveliest, tian tian de mummy)

Inside, she wrote:

" You are such A Fabulous SuperStar Angel brought On Earth On 10.4.1990. You Are Such A Lovely Angel Brought To Be With ME. TQ."

"You are Funny, (with words of Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha around the heart shape as you can see on the right side of the card. Awww..CUTE!) Lovely, Cool, Fabulous, Full of Joy& Laughter"

"Sign: Mummy and Daddy"

I always screamed that Jay Chou is "so cuteeeeee..!" But actually, my mum is just as cuteeeeee...!

Back to the meal. Here comes the dessert.

Chocolate Lava with Ice-cream.

How the Chocolate oozes out from the cake and how it mesmerised my tastebud is just undescribable.

Then there was ANOTHER suprise:

Waiter: This is a cake for you in-house for your Birthday.

OMG! Thank you! How astonished I was. I was so touched with the nicely decorated cake. And do you know how delicious the cake tasted? It wasnt just an ordinary chocolate cake yang men-jilat-kan. It was ok, fine a chocolate cake,but with a soft texture and layered with a cruchy cookie beneath. Ooooo, yumyum!

Oh, before that...

My mum asked for a candle and the "One-year-older" Song was sang. Haha. and I made my wish. =) Genie oh Genie, you remembered what I asked for, don't you? *sniggers*

The cake wanted a shot with me. XD

That was my 18th birthday. Before I left, the waiters even wished me 'Happy Birthday'. That was what I meant by they really make you their guest.

Thank you Mum. Thank you Dad. A Million Million Thanks.
(Which makes it a billion times, am I right?)

Everything was just wonderful. I have lovely friends. I have lovely Family.

What more could I ask for?

Thanks. I LOVE You.