Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What so GREAT about APRIL?

Talking about this month, APRIL 2008, what so GREAT and SIGNIFICANT about it?

Let's see...

No.1 : On the 1st day of April, we have...

Happy April Fool's!

With announcing his resignation in blogging forever, shakes the world of bloggers and blog-readers. And arouse such a commotion. It's really fascinating to see how people responding to it. haha. Of course, I wasnt trapped in his prank. And his blog is definitely one of my favourite must-read.

No. 2 : Then we have the Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor (Sizzling hot!)

It's definitely one of the hottest item in Cleo this very month. 50 hunks, sexy and sizzling. (according to Cleo Readers la) Showing off their very BEST, say and do what they can, staring at you with their most alluring look from the page, to impress upon you for your very golden votes in hand. All single and definitely ready to mingle. (ahhh...) And this hot headline certainly got me buying one copy of Cleo this APRIL. Here to find out MORE..! and to look at their faces! XD

And nope, this is not pirated version of Cleo as some of you might think why it is "CEEO", thats the price tag, he-lloo! I don't know why the mamak uncle choose to put the tag there. -.-

No. 3: The more unknown one - Watsons You Awards

The Watsons YOU Awards celebrates what makes you special, whether it's your hair, eyes, or the shape of your body this APRIL! The awards are categorised into:

  • Engaging Eyes Award
  • Healthy Hair Award
  • Friendly Face Award
  • Luscious Lips Award
  • Body Beautiful Award
  • Fit Figure Award

So if you think you have what it takes to win RM 3,000.00 cash & a Hamper and also be featured in a double page spread Remaja magazine and national newspaper, why not send in your most 'drooling' photos to them? Check out more in Watsons outlets nation wide. =)

No. 4 : 15th April. Now this is something about the history...

On this day in 1912, the Titanic sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. This could be a great excuse to bring out the DVD and watch Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as we celebrate this Titanic Remembrance Day!

Wait...1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, I'm alrdy at the 15th? I think I left out a very important date...

Cant see? Let me make it BIGGER..

It's the GREAT, BIG 10th! 10th of APRIL!

And I really had a WONDERFUL GREAT BIRTHDAY this year. Thanks. =)

Firstly, a week before the 10th, I had a small but wonderful celebration with my fellow G-Cliques and the two other "Prince and Princess", Alex and Shu Hong. The advance celebration is due to their very-near-to-my-actual-day exam and so I'm considerate enough to make it earlier. (And also, I cant be inviting no one that can make it, rite? XD) The other reason is to make it before our Miss Oh Su Lin goes back to her England so she could celebrate togther with me. Which, makes me the most special G-Clique member among the rest, to have her during any of our birthday after she went to England. =)

Miss Oh Su Lin and Me.

It was at a lovely romantic place with a funny name, called Jemputree @ Jalan Chow Thye, off Jalan Burmah. It's a half open air dining place lighted up dimly with a feel in the jungle with some timber-made tables. Some background music were played alternating between some English Pop Songs and rainforest percussion music. We manage to book the one of the 3 available small hut with a Japanese-style table setting where we sit on the floor and the table is just above our lap. It really feels like you are dining in a Tropical Forest.

Alex, HuiTheng, Me, Jelly Ooi & Lee Phey Chien

But it's funny how they decorate the place. They even have some coral decorations and seashells. So do they want us to feel like dining in the sea or in the jungle? Haha.

unintended ghostly effect. Duplicating Me, HuiTheng & Oh Su Lin.

The Lot. Aiks, that bottle!

Jelly, Oh Su Lin, Phey Chien, Hui Theng, Liow Ying Tian, Jello XD

We 'rainbowed' the place.

Alex & Shu Hong. I'm the Queen! XD

Then the time clocked for presents......Unwrapping them one by one, presents by my loveliest lovely friends and family turned out to be the those of the most wonderful things on earth...

They all make me fly high, I love them all..! But there was a particular one that took my breath away....

Oh-so-pretty, and, ahh-I'm-so-Lovin'-it!

This was the earings that I wanted so much when I spotted it in the shop. I stared and stared at it, tried it on, praised myself a bit for the flatter, and then.....had to put it back. Because it was a little over-priced, I decided to wait till I have enough to jingle before I exchange my money for this. But there were only one pair left, so I really bid a sad goodbye before I left my shop just in case somebody else got it before I have enough money. (So dramatic.LOL)

A few days later, I asked my buddies whether the pair was still there, Hui Theng said to me: " Oh..I think it was bought by someone else alrdy. I didnt saw it on the rack." My heart sank at that instant. "Nevermind. The earrings was obviously not meant to be yours. You and It have no fate. I'm sure in future you would find something much better than it." Yea, she was quite right. So I decided to search of something better.

On my celebration night, Liow Ying Tian gave me an accessory box. I exclaimed in astonishment and was over-joy with what landed on my view when I opened the box. It was this pair of earrings where the ballerina is dancing gracefully along with the quavers rhythym of the melody of the piano and the singing of the violin. Ooooh.. I'm so Lovin' it.

they definitely flatter me, don't they? XD

Lovie them all.

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Liow Ying Tian.

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Jelly Ooi.

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Hui Theng.

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Lee Phey Chien.

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Oh Su Lin.

last but not least, without you without my party,

Terima Kasih superduper Banyak Banyak my Daddy and Mummy.

Thank you =)

P.S It took my life to update this post. Considering I'm quite a newbie. My back is now aching like crazy. It was like some massive construction. Ouch!


Ying Tian Liow said...

hahaha fernie improving on bloggie d. no more noob d. ahhaha. love you =) continue blogging yup Psst you will attract jay chou ok

Chin Fern said...

Haha. Liow Ying Tian. I Love you TOO! And the 'Psst you will attract jay chou ok' makes me fly high!
Love is in the air.