Saturday, April 12, 2008

On April the 10th..

On this special morning, I specially groomed myself better since it was my day. Have to look a lil' more special than everyone else.

When I reached, my mates were greeting me with their best happy birthday wishes. Thanks folks! =) To my suprise, I received two gifts frm my college mates. A Winnie the Pooh plush toy from the unexpected Jeffrey and a music CD, Beautiful Hits Under One Umbrella, from Ian.

Beautiful Hits for Beautiful people. XD (I mean me,obviously)

Thanks Jeffrey, you gave me a great big suprise. Haha.

After having a 'group lunch' sort of celebration in my college restaurant, I went to meet Jelly in Queensbay. I called her before that to delay our appointment of 12:00pm and @ 1:34:05pm, I received a msg from her:

"Wei are you coming or not? I super duper uber hungry d la.
U're the birthday girl doesnt mean u can starve me ok"

P.S Pardon the 'super duper uber' terminology. It is a result of my once excessive usage of the term superduper chaoji shifen feichang, which equally means very very very very very superduper. XD

Oops...At that time I was still having my lunch and talking talking with my mates. So I told her will be there in 30 mins time. We went to Queensbay for her lunch @ about 3 smthg pm. Haha. I do starve my friends off.

Then Jelly brought out another box.

A Charm bracelet. I do get a lot of Music thingy this time around. Ahh. I so love them. Thanks Thanks Thanks. =)

At night, my parents treated me for a wonderful dinner @ Harwick House, Northam Tower. The whole outlook of the place wasn't very impressive. However, their service is of compliments. They really make you their guest.

My Birthday Dress. Mind you is Birthday Dress not Birthday Suit. LOL

Meal time.

First up was my Drink.

Silky Temple.
-A simple blend of Sprite and Geradine Syrup with an interesting name-

Fish and pasta. I cant remember the exact name of it. But look as nice, taste as good. Fish meat so fresh and tasty.

My camera then die on me. Luckily I have my new 2-megapixel phone. Not as high quality, but better than a sorry.


My mum handed me another suprise gift. A child-like yet ambitious gift. (HUH?) was....

a toy car from Shell V-Power Racing...ahahaha.
It's tagline: The NEW Ferrari model with dynamic engine sounds.

My mama told me: Make this YOUR real car one day.
Silently in my heart, it says: YES! *with my 'fullest' determination* I can make it!
So you now know why I said it's a child-like yet ambitiuos gift? Dare to Dream. Dream BIG.

There was also an amazing card.

My mum kept saying: This card is just meant to be for you. I was so thrilled when I saw this card. See the word 'superstar'? This card is just meant to be for you hor? ( loveliest, tian tian de mummy)

Inside, she wrote:

" You are such A Fabulous SuperStar Angel brought On Earth On 10.4.1990. You Are Such A Lovely Angel Brought To Be With ME. TQ."

"You are Funny, (with words of Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha around the heart shape as you can see on the right side of the card. Awww..CUTE!) Lovely, Cool, Fabulous, Full of Joy& Laughter"

"Sign: Mummy and Daddy"

I always screamed that Jay Chou is "so cuteeeeee..!" But actually, my mum is just as cuteeeeee...!

Back to the meal. Here comes the dessert.

Chocolate Lava with Ice-cream.

How the Chocolate oozes out from the cake and how it mesmerised my tastebud is just undescribable.

Then there was ANOTHER suprise:

Waiter: This is a cake for you in-house for your Birthday.

OMG! Thank you! How astonished I was. I was so touched with the nicely decorated cake. And do you know how delicious the cake tasted? It wasnt just an ordinary chocolate cake yang men-jilat-kan. It was ok, fine a chocolate cake,but with a soft texture and layered with a cruchy cookie beneath. Ooooo, yumyum!

Oh, before that...

My mum asked for a candle and the "One-year-older" Song was sang. Haha. and I made my wish. =) Genie oh Genie, you remembered what I asked for, don't you? *sniggers*

The cake wanted a shot with me. XD

That was my 18th birthday. Before I left, the waiters even wished me 'Happy Birthday'. That was what I meant by they really make you their guest.

Thank you Mum. Thank you Dad. A Million Million Thanks.
(Which makes it a billion times, am I right?)

Everything was just wonderful. I have lovely friends. I have lovely Family.

What more could I ask for?

Thanks. I LOVE You.


EsTee ~~ said...

nice dress
and your blog kind of long
I just see the photo hehe
read next time

Chin Fern said...

Thanks a lot.
Haha. Yea..Long, I have the tendency to talk too much on things. XD
But i hope I dont bore ppl away. Wahaha.