Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can I own it please?

I sighted


OMG, isn't she gorgeous?

I didn't mean the girl beside it. And she isn't the model for the car either..=P

I was having lunch with my college mates at Old Town in New World Park. When we were heading back to the car, I saw this fabulous-looking-thing beside my fren's parked car. It was only enough for two to be in the car. so so So SO SO GORGEOUS.

I forgot to take a look at the model name cos I was too excited to have a better look of the front when I walked pass the back of it. But it has a fancy "B" letter logo, if you have a closer look onto it. I love cars but I know nothing about cars. XD Not so much of loving them huh? Tell me what car is this if u know. XD (Perhaps Jay Chou would know..? XD)

I cant help it, so I took a photo on it. The owner must be so proud that his/her awesome possession landed a page on my blog. XD

Awww...Can I own it please? Pretty please?

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