Thursday, September 30, 2010

Want more juice?

Too diplomatic a blog post, you think?


Well, things can get a little juicier if you like it that way!

Be right back, stay tune. :)

Halo Forest Concert cum Graduation cum Results Show

Now finally I’m free for my weekends!

Our concert last Thursday had put a meaningful bookmarked page to some of us, and paved a more affirmed new path for the great dream in all of us. The big bosses had had their verdict said and each of us got our own envelope of destination.

A whole lot will further their training as potential up-and-coming artists, while a whole other, will be trained as singer-songwriter. Haha. I am making this so professional and ‘macho’ sounding. But well, yes, I’m in the up-and-coming singer-songwriter group, IF the seeds sow and the fruits reaped.

The awesome composing group that I am in :) Oh, and spot me!

Initially, that wasn’t exactly my ideal choice of category. It never is. I never thought I would be put in that category as well. Never once it flashes passed my mind, but the truth proved it otherwise…… Too many stories, I think I shall put this in another post.

Since end of May this year, I have been caught up with my ‘secret’ activity every weekend till last week.

‘Secret’ because I have never bother to spend some little time to update something about it in my blog, ‘secret’ because I never blow it up in my facebook, although there are photos here and there but no full details were given, ‘secret’ because I didn’t let every single friends or family that I know about this training that I’m undergoing unless they ask. BUT, also not-so-much of a secret because this supposedly ‘secret’ activity actually made me lost my job (which I was very glad anyway, hehe).

My 'secret' group of friends that undergo the 'not-so-secretive-anymore' operation with me :)

Other stories aside, the concert we had last Thursday was a good one, indeed!

Set on a theatre hall at KL Pac, with brightly coloured cozy cushion seats, accompanied with such viewing and listening pleasure by all these hidden talents, and sometimes a few hints of humour too. There were dancing groupies, strutting their moves and grooves; those with powerful vocals played their part in wowing the crowd; some brought their acting skills alive, bringing out real life soppy story brought the audience to tears. Some jokers were too funny, the audience had stomach muscles ache laughing too hard.


I have always heard of KL Pac but been there. So when I was driving towards the place, I was all in awe on my maiden visit! Such a hidden gem, such an artistic artsy-fartsy architecture! I suddenly feel proud to be Malaysian! haha.


Yes wor. *shys* HAHA.

The first to kick-start the show was our own version of ‘Step Up 3’; with both good and evil spirit battling on stage.


It was crazy and you must see how hard they practice. Every single time, all the trainers will use them as role models to tell us about the effort needed to put in for the concert. Sometimes, they don’t even take proper meal breaks, just so that they can have extra time for that perfection of a 5-sec movement.


Commitment and burning passion, I’d say. =)

Then there was this fairy tale, with of course a happy ending where the male lead and the female lead got together at the end. The female lead, though petite in size, owns a voice which got most of the audience asking whether is she lip-singing.

One of the cute lamb lamb in the story. I admire their courage and commitment despite their role in the story. :D

She sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, and yes, that was her very own voice. That, also, brought her a well-deserved the ‘Best Female Singer’ of the night. One of youngest amongst the rest, people!

This little girl :)

Young people these days. How jealous can I get. Haha.

Then the Rock n’ Roll singers made they already colourful hall even more colourful then ever!


Bringing back Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock and the other good oldies like ‘Yesterday’ and ‘We are the Champion’!

Indeed, we are! If we really want to be!

Suddenly, there’s this very energetic and lively group of performers that brought us back to the high school days! Where we had full-fledge energy to do every single thing, our very first puppy love, had our gigantic dream to change the world and believed strongly that our dreams will come true. 我们的未来不是梦。


That was our powerful innocence that we have all forgotten.


After a short intermission, here comes our collection of talented musicians, strutting their stuff in whatever talents they might have with a live band performance.

What guitar lah, bass guitar lah, drums lah, and keyboard lah. We even incorporated violins and a Er Hu! “Don’t pray pray,” said Phua Chu Kang.


Not forgetting a lot of our amazing backup vocalists too!

I guess this is the best slot to show how good our singing and instrumental talents can be. Well, we were, very very good, if I’d say.

Then there’s MY GROUP - 遇见! HOHOHO.


Ours is a soppy drama where there’s finally such thing as a no-happy-ending, because we have had enough of happy-ever-afters in storybooks and cinemas.

There’s this guy who got to know each other and keep in touch through Msn (or some other social media la I don’t know, maybe they still play ICQ I don’t know). Then fast forward to the ending, after their first dating, the girl never appear again. She left a message before she died. Guy found out, devastated. Sing.


Haha. Oi. So short. Haha. I actually fast forward a lot of small details that will make you cry if you were to watch the drama. Our male lead has the bestest voice ever okay, woahlao. When he sang, he made so many people cried. He himself cried too. So obviously, the Best Actor award goes to him. Bravo to our team! Hehe.

I’m one of the mini singer during the play and one of the mini dancer during the play.

But I have one JUMBO photo of myself to lie to you that will make you think that I’m one of the lead actress. Haha.

Photo credits to Rock Cacing. Thanks to him, my mini role has such privilege to own such big shot. hehe.

Backstage: The 遇见 Team right after our play! :)

Closing act was a Cinderella Parody!

Everything was funny about this drama.

Funny prince that can’t sing, funny king that wants to find a wife for the prince, funny stepmother of Cinderalla, who I think should seriously win an award for her acting on stage, funny 三姑六婆in the story, funniest stepsister of Cinderella and Miss Cinderalla.


cinderella 2
The stepmother is my personal favourite. No one can be a better stepmother than her already. Hah.

This group bagged the most awards, including the Best Show award!

At the end of the concert, a lot of them teared. Our journey thus far, had brought us: joy and laughter, obstacles and challenges, improvement and growth and most importantly, the strong bond in each and every one of us. We have had our achievement, our breakthrough and of course as well, dissatisfaction.


However, all is done. Everything is over. We have reached a total whole new level.

But, that’s just the first level. Tipped toe and see how far the journey has stretched?

We are already here. There’s no turning back.

Let’s pack our bag and head to the next step! =)

Now that this first stage has ended, I have nothing else better to do besides ‘reliving’ this poor abandon http link. Now that this virtual space finally sees light AGAIN, let’s hope this light, yes, as cliché as it may sounds, will never die. Hah.

*Photo credits to especially to Rock Cacing, Alicia and the rest of the people that I steal the photos from. Hehe. The photos from you guys made my blog post a better read. hehe. :)