Friday, May 28, 2010

Car Sauna

Car sauna works awesome!

I just had it for 10mins and I sweated like I stood under the pouring rain. I was drenched in the perspiration and even my water proof eyeliner smudged. haha.

I was going out to the Youth'10 festival at PWTC with Veen Dee's car she lended me for the weekend. I went in, plucked in the car and turned on the engine and 'eeekkkk....' goes the car.

Shit. This doesn't sound good.

'eeeekkkkk....' That was already my fourth attempt.

When I went in, the car was hot like nobody-nobody-but-you's business inside cos the sun was really scorching hot. After like 2 minutes, the weather just turned gloomy. The next sec it started drizzling. The next next next next sec (that's 4 secs later), it started raining. Then now it is pouring like nobody-nobody-but-you's business when I'm writing this.

So during the whole rapid change of weather, I was in the heated car reply text, making calls, getting numbers and continuing my what seemed to be useless engine-starting attempt.

My sweat just kept dripping down from my forehead. They were crawling down from my back and was absorbed onto my nicely-dressed outfit. and like i said, my waterproof eyeline couldn't handle so much wetness and it smudges.

So much for a waterproof eyeline.

So when I walked out from the car, I was as if unsheltered from the cat-and-dog-ish rain outside me. I was so wet, in my sweat.

So, yes, Car sauna works wonders! Next time if you don't have any place for a good sauna, try this way. Stay in the car for 10mins with all your windows shut, engine off of course and walaa, F.O.C sauna in the house yo!

Oh the reason why Veen Dee lended me her is also because she went back to hometown today! I followed her to at LCCT at 3.30am in the morning and drove back to my house for the weekend. woohoo. SOHAPPYYEAYNESS! ;)

We had a good chat at Coffee Bea n before she left for the plane and we use the foam of our latte to take WE'VE GOT MILK photo! hehe.


Failed attempt though. Stupid shit.

When I was driving back, the sun was still rising and the colour of the sun is sooo beautiful! ;)


Oh, some might wonder why am I so smart that I know the roads even when I have never driven in PJ.

This, is the secret. =)


She bloody has a name called Karen. -.-

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Dear Bangkok, what has happened to you?

In my work, i do media monitoring.

and that's, just, another macho way of saying: Newspaper reading.

That's one of the most important thing i do everyday, without it I can't continue the rest of my routine.

Honestly, seriously, frankly, dengan jujur sekali, 说真的, I don't like my job.

But being under an internship, a lot of times, is not for you to like or don't like, you just have to do it, even if you are not paid for something you dislike doing it.

If you are lucky enough, you would be arranged to something you like to do, be so happy with it and it will become your very memorable stage in life.

If not, the only thing you can do is, to LEARN to like to do it.

That's how my situation is now, learn to like to do it and find thrills in my job. (Like how a radio DJ casually came into my office, gave me an undescribable happy smile, melted me at that instant and I am still trying to get over it.)

Yes, for those who has my facebook, the veryhardtoreadsomethinglikethis status is still all over the place.

Back to the topic.

After one and a half months, although there have been perks in my job, I'm still at the learning-to-like my job stage. I did learn quite something, but not exactly towards the area I would want to venture into.

So today, of course, again I was doing the 'media monitoring', I came across a chinese article about Bangkok. The title reads: My Dear Bangkok, What has happened to you? For those who read mandarin, it's 亲爱的曼谷,你怎么了?

That few words gave a punch at my beating heart.

Near to half a year ago, I was there, having my happy holiday, with few of my closes friend.


Today, it came to this stage of catastrophe.

Photo taken from Internet

Central World was burnt down. A building which once stood proud as Asia's 2nd largest complex. Now it's became into ashes that passerbys will sigh and can only reminise its glory, once.

Photo taken from Internet

I am aware that Bangkok is rather notorious with its pretty shaken and unstable politics and social safety. This could be no surprise to those that have been predicting this to happen in any near future, when the time would be right.

I recalled our after-exam holiday in this whimsical city. I was so thrilled with the interesting and cheap goods on some simplest set-up stalls by the walking streets, just at any corner of the city. But our first stop, was exactly around the area of Central World shopping complex.

It was Christmas season, everywhere was lighted up and every malls were trying to outbeat each other to be win the visitor's choice of best decorated mall; but Central World's was the show-stopper. No one could stop taking a second look at the magnificient tall Christmas tree and how the other mascots were trying to spread the joy of Christmas. Things were just so merrily happy!


VeenDee, Haan and me even stopped over at the very famous Four-Face Buddha of Erawan Shrine diagonally opposite Central World complex for some prayers and blessings. And then off we went unleashing the shopaholic soul of us, woohoo!

There were also quite a number of mini food push-cart right in front of the walkway of Central World, so many variety that you don't even know which to choose. I remembered I kept telling Esther I wanted to look for some barbequed insects to fear-factor myself! Funny enough there were only one push-cart that has that barbequd fear-factor food, and it didnt look clean enough, so I cancelled the thought. But we went on for other food hunt and got ourselves some yums-looking-funny-tasting pork balls and octupus.


THE OCTOPUS YUMMMMMMS TO THE MAX! (no photo cos too yummmms forgot to take)

But where all these now?

The once very lovely and a city where people around the world MUST and CONFIRM WILL visit at least once in their lifetime, now is badly bruised and torn apart.

This is not a beauty pageant diplomatic line but where is the love, peace and harmony?

The welcoming smile the people put on their faces has turned from a upward crescent to a downwards one. Crying grimace and bleeding images are all over the headlines. The helpless and innocent ones have to go through all the fights and calamity, just because some people's emotions has taken its toll over their rationale.

However, thank God that the leaders of the Red Shirts was finally turned in and surrender earlier this week. Thank God.

I'm definitely not a Thai although every Thai actually mistaken me as one when I was in Bangkok and spoke Thai to me and I always have to give them the lost face and some of them still never get it. But I really love Bangkok, I really want it to come to a peaceful fullstop, I want still want people from around the world to be able to experience this 'lovely' city with a peace of mind, I really want everybody to also have a share of my joy of shopping in Bangkok.


This civil war in Bangkok actually made me appreciate the lack of freedom of expression in Malaysia more. Although sometimes things can be really hard for us, this one cannot, that one cannot, lack of rights, racism and etc, but at the very least, our government comes from a point where war like this will never get to errupt. At least the lives of innocence would never be put on a balance beam and taken for a bet, and there's peace and harmony in the place we live.

Peace yo!

So My Dear Bangkok, I would not know when you'll be revamped into an original state, make no more 'bloody' news in the headlines and shine like you always do. But Get Well Soon okay! I would like to go back to Chaktuchak Market and Khao San Road again, see your congested floating market (I missed it the last trip) and (preferbably not) go through the traffic jams that you'll always have on the roads. Oh and also really make it a point to EAT FEAR-FACTOR BBQ INSECTS.

SDC16248 copy
(without forgetting about my passport ANYMORE! hoho, i'll tell you about my forgotten passport next time)


Bangkok, jiayou jiayou jiayou! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Broadband! But....

I happily went to register for a Maxis mobile broadband.

My face didn’t reflect how I felt, but you don’t know how happy I was, finally getting internet from my squarish little room after a month of disconnection from the cyber world.

After getting the broadband, I was so excited I decided to buy bread back home to munch on as dinner and start going online! ;)

Like I seriously, can’t wait! My journey back home doesn’t seem to be any shorter. I want to reach home quick and go online RIGHT AWAY.

I plug in and took a deep breath and pray hard there would be strong coverage from home. I signed up before for my home in Penang, and it was really slow especially since my house is on a higher-ground.


But so much to my dismay.


Webpage won’t load. Msn won’t sign in. The line keep getting disconnected.

I call the help centre, followed the instructions, and the problems still persist.

Like seriously? Give me a break!

I was so angry I gave a few punch on my poor thigh. Hahahaha. Self-torture funny shit. I even wanted to pull my hair already. LOL. Cos I cannot scream what, my housemates probably would think they are living with a psycho! I need to find ways to vent my anger, so I thought that’s the best and the easiest access. Hahahaha.

Then I dived onto my bed angrily and then...fell asleep. I’ve been having really bad sleeping problems recently I don’t know why. I just slept in the car when I went out for interview-photoshoot task with my colleague. I slept when I was going towards the place and slept again when we were coming back. And then I came back home, it wasn’t even near bed time, I fell asleep again.

Haha. Why do I have piggish syndrome. Geees.

Oh, wait. This is supposed to be a story about my Maxis mobile broadband!

When I woke up, things still didn’t work. T_T so then I was typing an angry sms on my phone, typed until like 3 pages somemore. Haha. Just as I want to press the send button, I HEARD THE FAMILIAR SIGNING IN TUNE OF MSN!


Then the browsers still won’t work la. But then again, at least something finally work right!

So I call the centre again. Apparently I was already connected to the High Speed network or something but it needs time to sync etc, and he said tomorrow will be a better day for my broadband! Woohoooo!

I can’t wait! ;)