Friday, May 28, 2010

Car Sauna

Car sauna works awesome!

I just had it for 10mins and I sweated like I stood under the pouring rain. I was drenched in the perspiration and even my water proof eyeliner smudged. haha.

I was going out to the Youth'10 festival at PWTC with Veen Dee's car she lended me for the weekend. I went in, plucked in the car and turned on the engine and 'eeekkkk....' goes the car.

Shit. This doesn't sound good.

'eeeekkkkk....' That was already my fourth attempt.

When I went in, the car was hot like nobody-nobody-but-you's business inside cos the sun was really scorching hot. After like 2 minutes, the weather just turned gloomy. The next sec it started drizzling. The next next next next sec (that's 4 secs later), it started raining. Then now it is pouring like nobody-nobody-but-you's business when I'm writing this.

So during the whole rapid change of weather, I was in the heated car reply text, making calls, getting numbers and continuing my what seemed to be useless engine-starting attempt.

My sweat just kept dripping down from my forehead. They were crawling down from my back and was absorbed onto my nicely-dressed outfit. and like i said, my waterproof eyeline couldn't handle so much wetness and it smudges.

So much for a waterproof eyeline.

So when I walked out from the car, I was as if unsheltered from the cat-and-dog-ish rain outside me. I was so wet, in my sweat.

So, yes, Car sauna works wonders! Next time if you don't have any place for a good sauna, try this way. Stay in the car for 10mins with all your windows shut, engine off of course and walaa, F.O.C sauna in the house yo!

Oh the reason why Veen Dee lended me her is also because she went back to hometown today! I followed her to at LCCT at 3.30am in the morning and drove back to my house for the weekend. woohoo. SOHAPPYYEAYNESS! ;)

We had a good chat at Coffee Bea n before she left for the plane and we use the foam of our latte to take WE'VE GOT MILK photo! hehe.


Failed attempt though. Stupid shit.

When I was driving back, the sun was still rising and the colour of the sun is sooo beautiful! ;)


Oh, some might wonder why am I so smart that I know the roads even when I have never driven in PJ.

This, is the secret. =)


She bloody has a name called Karen. -.-

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